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Fantasy Series: With Gargoyle!

Sorceress Awakening is only 99 cents. This is urban fantasy–with witches, gargoyles and a whole host of problems.

When Lillian finds herself facing off against vampires and other mythological impossibilities, help comes from an unlikely source—the stone gargoyle who has been sleeping in her garden for the last twelve years.

After the battle, Lillian learns the humans she thought were her family are actually a powerful coven of witches at war with the demonic Riven. Lillian is something more than human, a Sorceress and Avatar to the gods. Gregory has been her protector for many lifetimes, but when she was still a child troubles in their homeland forced him to flee with her to the human world. However, Gregory fears something from her childhood followed them to this world—he suspects Lillian is host to an infant demon, one capable of evil greater than even the Riven.

At kobo Coupons should work on this book. Check for coupons here.
at B&N too
Sorceress at War The fourth book in the series is just out today.

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Urban Fantasy Sale – Includes Unicorns!

Mysteries yesterday and a great looking list of Urban Fantasies today! Show Me the Magic – A plethora of urban fantasy — prices should be good May 15-19.

There are some very good looking books on this list! As usual, I’ve picked out a few that caught my eye.

Unicorn Magic

Yup, the unicorn got my attention! How can anyone resist!?! I need to go to Scotland to investigate!

In Feyland, not everything is as it seems…
Feyland: a new computer game that allows Scottish teenager Corinne MacArthur to escape the sadness haunting her everyday life after losing a loved one. It’s a game where legends come to life, the lines between reality and fantasy become blurred, and the impossible becomes – probable?

This next one looks like a good old fashioned urban fantasy with some kick-ass characters.

Marked by Hell

Los Angeles isn’t just a playground for those searching for a new start. It’s a darker and more dangerous place than they’ll ever know. But Mary’s not fooled.

With her hands full trying to play human while looking for a way back to heaven, Mary doesn’t have time to polish her halo let alone solve a murder case. But when she finds out demons are responsible, Mary just can’t help herself.

When Mary makes a mistake causing her best friend to be taken, she will have to make a choice: sacrifice an innocent for the chance to get her revenge or lose everything she has worked for. Mary starts to realize there is no clear path back to heaven without becoming tainted herself.

Did someone say kelpies? And this sounds like it could have some great cozy elements!

Kelpie Dreams

Meet Lady Macbeth–a high school librarian, ex-assassin, and part-time kelpie, whose mother wanted to name her Hemorrhoid at birth. Now she has to take on a Sea Hag–eight legs of Godzilla-ugly poured into a bucket full of meanness–with the help of a one-woman army named Rhonda, a 200-year-old Sea Captain, and a hunky lighthouse keeper who won’t admit that he’s dead as well.

Urban Fantasy Bargains

I found some very interesting UF selections. I predict at least one of these will be fabulous! But which one!

Fantasy Cozy

This next one is a fantasy cozy. I thought the cover went rather too far into comic book territory, but the bear shadow is quite cleverly done. The premise is cute and intriguing. I’ve started reading it and it’s cute with very good characterization. It’s got quite a few comma issues so far (run ons and missing commas). But other than that, it’s a fun read so far. Definitely a cozy fantasy.

Bearly Awake

Edited to add I finished reading this–was very cute and enjoyable. Needs another editing pass–mostly run-on sentences and some missing commas or periods, but it’s a good little read. I liked it!

Bobby Tremain’s the first in his family to have a shot at college, also the first to head north of Louisiana. An early snow calls his Bear to hibernate a week before finals, but he needs to pass or he flunks out of Providence Paranormal College.

Lynn Frampton’s loneliness is almost more than she can take. She went to college on the other side of the country to get away from the persistent curse of unpopularity in a small town. Once at college, Lynn’s prickly personality has pushed everyone away yet again. But at least, she’s at the top of her class.

Bobby needs Lynn’s help to stay awake and pass his exam. She discovers she needs companionship more than she’d ever imagined. She’s all set to transfer to a school back home, but Bobby thinks she’s his mate. Can he keep awake long enough to pass, and more importantly, convince his love to stay?

(At Kobo)
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(At GooglePlay)

Dream Eater

Koi Pierce dreams other peoples’ dreams. Her whole life she’s avoided other people. Any skin-to-skin contact—a hug from her sister, the hand of a barista at Stumptown coffee—transfers flashes of that person’s most intense dreams. It’s enough to make anyone a hermit.

But Koi’s getting her act together. No matter what, this time she’s going to finish her degree at Portland Community College and get a real life. Of course it’s not going to be that easy. Her father, increasingly disturbed from Alzheimer’s disease, a dream fragment of a dead girl from the casual brush of a creepy PCC professor’s hand, and a mysterious stranger who speaks the same rare Northern Japanese dialect as Koi’s father will force Koi to learn to trust in the help of others, as well as face the truth about herself.

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Dragon Bargain: 99 cents

Alight is on sale for 99 cents! It’s been a great week for Dragons! Or at least dragon books! What a gorgeous cover. I have cover envy over this one.

Love the blurb!

It’s not easy being one of the last living dragon shifters in London.

Two years ago, when the faeries attacked the mortal realm, all supernaturals were dragged into the open. Unfortunately for dragon shifters like Ember and her sister, dragons are still hunted by humans and supernaturals alike. Keeping a low profile is difficult with monsters roaming the streets, but Ember and her band of rogue shifters have managed to survive.

Until their oldest enemy, the supernatural-hunting Orion League, emerges from the shadows and captures Ember’s sister.

To get her back, Ember is prepared to walk into the depths of London’s magical underworld, even if it means kidnapping a lethal ex-hunter who’d like nothing better than to add her name to his kill list. His inside knowledge of the League is the key to saving her sister, but with their allies turning on them, Ember must choose who to trust or meet the same end as the other dragon shifters.

Bargain: Urban Fantasy – Anne Rice

Possibly one of the first urban fantasy vampire writers out there, one of Anne Rice’s newest titles is on sale today for 99 cents. Prince Lestat and the Realms of Atlantis.

At the novel’s center: the vampire Lestat de Lioncourt, hero, leader, inspirer, irresistible force, irrepressible spirit, battling (and ultimately reconciling with) a strange otherworldly form that has somehow taken possession of Lestat’s undead body and soul. This ancient and mysterious power and unearthly spirit of vampire lore has all the force, history, and insidious reach of the unknowable Universe.

It is through this spirit, previously considered benign for thousands of vampire years and throughout the Vampire Chronicles, that we come to be told the hypnotic tale of a great sea power of ancient times; a mysterious heaven on earth situated on a boundless continent–and of how and why, and in what manner and with what far-reaching purpose, this force came to build and rule the great legendary empire of centuries ago that thrived in the Atlantic Ocean.

And as we learn of the mighty, far-reaching powers and perfections of this lost kingdom of Atalantaya, the lost realms of Atlantis, we come to understand its secrets, and how and why the vampire Lestat, indeed all the vampires, must reckon so many millennia later with the terrifying force of this ageless, all-powerful Atalantaya spirit.

J.D. Robb – Book 44

Echoes in Death: An Eve Dallas Novel Out Today.

I’m posting this mainly because J.D. Robb has just put put book 44 in her long-running urban fantasy/romance/thriller/futuristic series…FORTY FOURTH. Wow. I read this series for many books, and really enjoyed each one. As a writer, I cannot imagine writing 44 books in a series.

I do recommend the series if you like zany, strong characters. They are a very broad mix of genres. The first is Naked in Death. I would say the first three or four are the strongest and most compelling in the series, but I’ve not read past maybe book seven?

Bargains Abound! Urban Fantasy by Lilith Saintcrow

Night Shift by Lilith Saintcrow is on sale for $2.99. I haven’t read this series, but I did read another book by Saintcrow and it was well-done. The other book definitely had a romance element (I think her roots are in romance) and had both the male POV and the female POV. It was a nice adventure. At $2.99, this would probably be a good book to try out.

This is on sale again (Jan 2017)!

Not everyone can take on the things that go bump in the night.

Not everyone tries.

But Jill Kismet is not just anyone.

She’s a Hunter, trained by the best – and in over her head.

Welcome to the night shift…

I’m intrigued.

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A Murder Mystery

I’ve never liked the idea of the Amazon echo or dots or any of that nonsense. I don’t need anything recording me and if I want to order something, I’ll just sit down and order it or go buy it from the store. I don’t need smart thermostats–I’m plenty smart enough to set the thing where I want it. I can even manage the programmable ones if I want different temperatures at different times of the day. I am pretty good about turning off my own oven when I’m done cooking and while I appreciate a smart doorbell, I still have to get up to answer the door if it’s someone I want to see. NOW, it turns out, you can be caught in the act of murdering someone–either by listening devices or smart devices!!! Isn’t this INTERESTING! Oh, the book plots!

Book Seller All Romance Shuts Its Doors
In other news, a smallish publisher/book seller, AllRomanceEbooks, is closing shop by the end of the year. If you ever purchased a book there, make sure you have your copy downloaded as they will not provide any access after Dec 31. If you had your books for sale there (me) take them down as AllRomanceEbooks has decided to continue selling through the end of the year, but won’t be paying authors for any books sold this quarter. If you took out an ad for this quarter or next year, you will not be refunded. If AllRomanceEbooks was your publisher, you should attempt to get a letter from them that states you have all your rights back and can now sell elsewhere.

(That is the third romance publisher/reseller who has gone under in the last year and a half.)

Book Bargain
And your book bargain today is a cozy–A Beeline to Murder by Meera Lester – only 99 cents!

Also on Google Play.

New Release Alert
In case you missed the release, Ilona Andrews One Fell Sweep (Innkeeper Chronicles) is out!!! This is a good series. I like it!!! The first is Cleansweep. I gave Cleansweep four stars (I’d have liked a couple of scenes in particular to have more development…they felt a little cut off to me, otherwise it’s a five star read like almost all Ilona Andrews stories!)

Clean Sweep is also available on Kobo (and the coupons should work!!!) And One Fell Sweep

Book Review: His Father’s Eyes

While on the plane traveling to the ranch I started His Father’s Eyes by David Coe. I already knew it would be good because I’d read (and reviewed) the first, Spell Blind. I liked book two even better than book one, a very rare occurrence! Some of it was just the enjoyment of visiting with great characters again, but a few of the battles were more intriguing. And a couple of new characters were great additions too.

At the start of the book, I thought there were a couple of places that weren’t as logical as I prefer, but any small inconsistencies were made up for by character growth and fun plotting. These are urban fantasies that are thriller, mystery and very character driven. I think they are even good for cozy readers. While not cozy, there’s nothing horrific or overdone. Good, solid reads. Both of these books are easily five star reads. Not only that, they are my “Best read of 2016.” Notice how I stuck to my own rules and only selected ONE best of 2016, just as I’ve done for all the volunteer “Best of 2016” lists submitted by readers! 🙂

I bought my copy at Kobobooks using one of these coupons that I believe expire at year end. I’ll keep the list updated when I find new ones next year…!

Also available on Google Play.

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Midnight Mysteries

savingNine best selling authors offer nine cozy tales just in time for Halloween!!! Midnight Mysteries!!! Karen Cantwell and Carolyn Haines just to name two! Grab it while it’s spooky!

Aaaaand, one I know I’ve been waiting for! Frank Tuttle’s latest Markhat mystery is out! Finally!!!! (These are urban fantasy, but they have a lot of cozy elements. LOVE this series.)

savingWay Out West is on sale for $3.44!!!

Couple of nice fonts in CreativeMarket’s freebies this week–and some Halloween illustrations just in time for October!

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