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Some Things I Made

Some pictures of my latest batches of homemade hot process soap and my latest shampoo. Click the pix for larger views!

Fairy Kissed light conditioning shampoo in citrus.

My good friend (nicknamed Snoopy) made this WONDERFUL little display dish for me. How cute is it???? She is made of awesome. The soaps are lemonade, orange citrus and lavender.

The soaps all packaged and ready to ship to their new home!

Next up we have a helper for when I made the baby blankets. Yup, The Convict is sleeping on the job! Worse, he’s sleeping on the material…

36 by 36 baby blanket in flannel.

36 by oh, maybe 35 because of an error, baby blanket in flannel.

Spiffy Tags for Soap and Shampoo

I’d like to thank y’all for the soap, shampoo and lotion orders! The tags didn’t come in time for all the orders, but I had these tags made. The ingredients are listed on the back of the tag. I do small sticker labels for the front, but the ingredient stickers were simply too expensive to print–they also aren’t waterproof, so I invented these spiffy tags instead! Click for larger pictures.

Pink Lemonade Soap

Here’s a shot of my latest soap. It’s actually lemongrass with sage, but didn’t it turn out a nice pink lemonade color? I named it that because it smells like lemons and it just seemed to fit. It’s one of my best batches to date. I’m really liking this hot process soap better than the cold processed stuff. It’s ready to use much faster, holds the scent very nicely without morphing and it’s a nice hard bar. The various essential oils I use can change the lather, but they’ve all turned out quite nice so far. I use yogurt for added skin benefits and to keep the soap pourable, although since I use individual silicone molds, I have to work pretty fast and push the soap down to even it out. It gets little whipped cream curls across the top from the spatula.

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Soap and Soap Molds

Back when I started with soap, I did melt and pour, but now I do my own soaps from scratch. Margaret asked me which soap molds I own. I only use the silicone molds–easy to peel off the soap, easy to wash, easy, easy, easy. Here’s a picture of soap I made last week with my Easter shapes and teddy bear shapes. IMG_1834 There is even one for Star Wars lovers! And I wouldn’t try a soap like this with anything BUT Silicone. If it doesn’t want to peel easily, stick the soap in the freezer for half hour and try again!

Obviously I have other shapes and you can still buy a “log” type silicone mold and cut the bars–if you do buy the log type, make sure it’s one with reinforced sides or the sides bulge out and you end up with the soap that’s fat in the middle (it’s also hard to move around because the sides are shaky.) I have a couple of large square silicone molds that are not reinforced and the bars are always a bit distorted from those molds.

The above bars are a coconut oil, vegetable oil and castor oil blend, scented with Island Escape (Bramble Berry). It makes a nice, white, medium hard bar of soap!

*I do sell soap. The hearts are $2.50, the Easter egg shape is $3.00 and the bear is $4.00. Shipping varies. I can mail several bars of soap in a padded envelope for $7.15. The scent varies and I usually make the bars when you order so you can request the scent you want. I don’t heavily scent the bars as I like a more subtle scent. The most popular are Citrus or Lavender. Contact me via the sidebar email address to check for any updating on the pricing or to see if I can make a particular type/scent that you need.

Bargain Find: Here’s a great price on Geranium oil–makes a nice scent when mixed with lavender in lotion and deodorant!

Making Bath Bombs? You might want to try these silicone molds.

If you like potions and lotions and fiction characters who make them, you might like: Under Witch Moon

Mineral Make-up

As if I don’t have enough hobbies, I’ve decided to make my own mineral make-up. It started with me looking to buy mineral make-up (foundation) and not wanting to pay the premium. So instead, like a 60 dollar home-grown tomato, I decided to make my own.

I’ll be trying my first experiments in blending this weekend, but here’s the basic starter information I’ve learned so far.

You need three or four basic ingredients:

Pigments – all colors are made from black, red and yellow. You can buy browns that are already formulated as a starting point–much easier than trying to achieve browns or tans on your own and there’s not any difference in cost at most places.

Titanium Dioxide – This is a bright white and is used to help get the makeup to a usable, spreadable state. You can’t just spread the pigments on your face. Tapioca starch is also used either in combination or in place of the TD. (Talc is used also, but not considered to be a great ingredient because of its chalkiness.) I’m probably going to try the tapioca starch to begin because I can get it readily. The place I ordered pigments from didn’t happen to have TD. They had an extender product which is a mica coated with Titanium Dioxide–it looks like it will work, but I don’t really know if I want to use only the extender or if I’ll want something less reflective.

Mica – Mica provides a satin sheen, helps spreadability and can help hide wrinkles (due to its reflective nature.) I’m not sure how much I’ll like this one because the one thing I hate about foundations is sparkle or shine. There are no sparkles in the mica I ordered, but it does have a sheen. Since the pigments are dark and flat, I think some will be necessary, but for me, not a lot. MIca’s can be mixed with either white micas or titanium dioxide to create various make-up (eyeshadows, blushes and to color foundation. My favorite vendor for Micas is on Amazon

Zinc Oxide – this is a basic sunscreen and is also used to sooth skin (it’s in a lot of skin protectorant products). I’m not using this one for now. I don’t generally wear a lot of make-up and not out in the sun because then I sweat it off anyway. I may decide to add it later!

Where do I buy my supplies? I get a lot of stuff from Chemistry Connection on Amazon — Micas, citric acid for bath bombs and soap/shampoo supplies. They also have great supplies for lotion making.

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