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New Release Extravaganza

Remember when I promised you a list of new releases??

Well, it’s finally time. Some of these are on sale, some are not, but we’ve brought together some great new releases all in one place! Some of these reads are only 99 cents! There’s cozy mysteries, fantasy, young adult, geezer lit, historical mysteries, thrillers, romance–hopefully we have managed to find something for everyone. So let the treasure hunt begin–sort through and find the gems!

Let’s talk books

Spirelli Paranormal Investigations Episodes 1-3 This book actually contains 3 complete novellas packaged into one book. These are quite fun, a bit like Tracking Magic or the first three Markhat mysteries (out of print). I loved the Spirelli characters and thought that even in just the three stories the characters evolved. There’s a hint of mystery between Marin (a VERY COOL dragon) and one of the characters she meets during an investigation, so I suspect this will not be a case of the dragon falling for her boss. Good stuff. Cozy with fun characters and enough action to keep you reading. Love the cover too. Absolutely recommended.

Also available at Kobo!

Murder at the Courthouse – A good old-fashioned mystery. This was a lovely read filled with characters you quickly care about. The mystery isn’t easy to solve, but there are clues that raise your suspicions. Even when you think you know the culprit, the details and resolution are more tangled than you can guess. In many respects, it’s more heartwarming too. I was very pleased with this book. A gem of a mystery–highly recommended. The latest in the series is out. Check them both out!

Air and Ashes – A rollicking and fun urban fantasy! This one was a bit different, set out at sea. It’s also different in that the author is slowly developing the magic in this series. The main character doesn’t get to wave her magic wand–there’s a huge cost to magic. I loved this book, but it comes with a warning–it ends abruptly. It’s designed to make you want the second right away to get “the rest of the story” because it leaves many, many points unresolved. It’s certainly novel length and has a wealth of characters and great pacing, but it leaves you hanging.

Lady Justice Takes a C.R.A.P – I’ve read the first in the boxed set and while I’d call it geezer lit, I’m sure the author would call it cozy. 🙂 This is a fun and funny book. There are a few crass guy jokes and some innuendos in this one, so if that bothers you, you’ll have to skim now and then. The mystery is interesting, and there’s enough suspense and action to keep you turning the pages. The boxed set is an excellent bargain.

I’ve read other books by Margaret Lake (romance), Mikaela Lind (fantasy) and C. Dale Brittain (YA and cozy fantasy), and I enjoyed them so I’m looking forward to the new releases from them!

Bookbag Giveaway
For those of you who leave a comment about the books (any books–your current read, your favorite, the ones you bought, the ones you wishlisted) you’ll be entered to win a free book bag. Yup, it will be one I’ve made so it’s one of a kind, possibly crooked, possibly with embroidery and possibly an odd looking contraption! Make sure your email is in the spot that asks for an email if you want to be entered. That is how I will contact you if you win.

Now then! Which of these lovely books have you read? Which ones will you read?

J.D. Robb – Book 44

Echoes in Death: An Eve Dallas Novel Out Today.

I’m posting this mainly because J.D. Robb has just put put book 44 in her long-running urban fantasy/romance/thriller/futuristic series…FORTY FOURTH. Wow. I read this series for many books, and really enjoyed each one. As a writer, I cannot imagine writing 44 books in a series.

I do recommend the series if you like zany, strong characters. They are a very broad mix of genres. The first is Naked in Death. I would say the first three or four are the strongest and most compelling in the series, but I’ve not read past maybe book seven?

New Cozy Releases

Some new releases for this week that caught my eye:

Christina Freeburn has a new Scrapbook mystery out: Masked to Death.

Cropped to Death is book one and it’s on sale for 99 cents.

There’s a new Miss Seeton book out too. I’d never heard of this series so rather than introduce book 25 that is pre-release, here is the first book and it’s only 99 cents. The entire series is VERY well priced and it sounds like it has some great characters and involves Scotland Yard. Really love the covers on this series too!

Picture Miss Seeton

When Miss Seeton walks out of a performance of Carmen and witnesses a real-life stabbing, all she can recall is a shadowy figure. But how could even she have guessed that her latest artistic endeavour is a picture-perfect portrait of the killer? Her caricature, however, puts her in a perilous position, for back at her rustic cottage in Plummergen, she’s fated to be a sitting duck . . . for murder most foul!

Meet Miss Emily D. Seeton
Retired art teacher Miss Seeton steps in where Scotland Yard stumbles. Armed with only her sketch pad and umbrella, she is every inch an eccentric English spinster and the most lovable and unlikely master of detection.

A Murder Mystery

I’ve never liked the idea of the Amazon echo or dots or any of that nonsense. I don’t need anything recording me and if I want to order something, I’ll just sit down and order it or go buy it from the store. I don’t need smart thermostats–I’m plenty smart enough to set the thing where I want it. I can even manage the programmable ones if I want different temperatures at different times of the day. I am pretty good about turning off my own oven when I’m done cooking and while I appreciate a smart doorbell, I still have to get up to answer the door if it’s someone I want to see. NOW, it turns out, you can be caught in the act of murdering someone–either by listening devices or smart devices!!! Isn’t this INTERESTING! Oh, the book plots!

Book Seller All Romance Shuts Its Doors
In other news, a smallish publisher/book seller, AllRomanceEbooks, is closing shop by the end of the year. If you ever purchased a book there, make sure you have your copy downloaded as they will not provide any access after Dec 31. If you had your books for sale there (me) take them down as AllRomanceEbooks has decided to continue selling through the end of the year, but won’t be paying authors for any books sold this quarter. If you took out an ad for this quarter or next year, you will not be refunded. If AllRomanceEbooks was your publisher, you should attempt to get a letter from them that states you have all your rights back and can now sell elsewhere.

(That is the third romance publisher/reseller who has gone under in the last year and a half.)

Book Bargain
And your book bargain today is a cozy–A Beeline to Murder by Meera Lester – only 99 cents!

Also on Google Play.

New Release Alert
In case you missed the release, Ilona Andrews One Fell Sweep (Innkeeper Chronicles) is out!!! This is a good series. I like it!!! The first is Cleansweep. I gave Cleansweep four stars (I’d have liked a couple of scenes in particular to have more development…they felt a little cut off to me, otherwise it’s a five star read like almost all Ilona Andrews stories!)

Clean Sweep is also available on Kobo (and the coupons should work!!!) And One Fell Sweep