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Book Discussion and Review: Pinned Post Week 22

Today is the last day to get some great 99 cent bargains–see the full list here!

I’ve mentioned a few that caught my eye and this next one is one:

Stone Groove by Erik Carter –An empty crime scene. A blood-spattered stone. And a 400-year-old mystery.

Love those “old” mysteries mixed in with the new!

Recently Read and Recommend:

This Doesn’t Happen in the Movies This was a good solid mystery. Most of the movie references were over my head since I don’t watch movies, but I enjoyed the well-drawn characters, the family nuances and the plot. There was enough action to hold my attention, and enough clues that I felt the ending made sense. Highly recommended and the best mystery I read in 2017! The boxed set, is a great deal too..

Stolen Magic – This was almost a five star read, but the constant “he could have stepped off the cover of a romance novel” and other comments really got in the way of the story for me. Okay, I’m overly sensitive to that kind of nonsense. No one looks as bad as a pumped up guy on the front of a romance novel! And besides, I want more from my heroes than “chiseled chins and carved abs.” Skim over the constant descriptions or reminders or repeat thrown in and this is a good book. There were some great characters in this one with fun magical abilities. The main’s ability was one I am especially fond of. The pacing was good, although there was too much repeat of some of the background/world building. I pretty much only need to be told the rules of a place once and no more than twice. I enjoyed the setting, the plot and the ending. There was a little “save the day” in there that I didn’t expect from a certain character and it made me smile. Definitely worth a read if you like UF.

Your turn! What are you reading this week???

Boxed Sets on Sale

Looking for gifts? Looking for something good to read? Well, we have you covered. Lots of boxed sets-check out the earlier posts from yesterday to see them all.

Regan O’Reilly, Private Investigator – The Complete Series

Equal parts mystery and romance, this is a heart-warming historical read. While there are some pulp fiction elements, Regan is a class act with family her priority (Even though she may not realize it at first!) Each book is very much tied to the other–the boxed set tells the whole story. Great for cozy mystery lovers or romance readers.

Moon Shadow Boxed Set 3 urban fantasy novels:
This series is filled with witches, warlocks, shifters, mystery and intrigue. Adriel finds herself up against a murderer, cops who don’t believe in witches, rogue shifters and spells that go awry. If Adriel lives long enough, she might have a chance at romance too!

Also at Kobo and B&N, my online store and Google Play.

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Boxed Set Sales and First in Series Deals

Not only have I found some great boxed sets on sale for the weekend, Renee Pawlish is doing her 99 cent mystery specials this weekend. Weeelll, I cheated and peeked. There’s a lot of good mysteries in the list this weekend. Dial P for Poison caught my eye and the price has already changed to 99 cents!

Good cover, good blurb and good reviews.

Renee Pawlish has one of her own books on special–#11 in her Reed Ferguson series. This book is normally 4.99, so this is a super good time to buy. (Sale on this book starts at 1 today!)

And it juuuust so happens that the boxed set of the first three mysteries in the Reed Ferguson series is one of the Boxed Set special deals for the weekend. I have read the first in the boxed set and heartily recommend it. The characters are engaging, the plot well-done and the main relies on brains and clues to solve the case (as opposed to dumb luck). I really enjoyed it. It’s not too cozy and not to dark. It’s one of those books that can be enjoyed by mysteries lovers across the genre. It’s also unusual for a mystery to hold my attention all the way through and this one did!

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Book Discussion: Pinned Post Week 18

It took a lot of searching to find a book I wanted to read this week. And we all know this week is really about food. Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday. We cook up a huge meal and smoke brisket as long as we’re out there smoking a turkey. The brisket goes into the freezer for soups and other meals later in the year. This year I’m going to do at least two briskets and maybe a chuck roast. I’ll start marinating them tonight so that they get plenty of flavor.

What will you be doing this week? Traveling? Cooking? Preparing for guests?

Here’s what I hope will be a fabulous read:

The Darkest Thread Search and Rescue

Meet Jamie Flint — a no-nonsense veteran K-9 trainer and handler with a ‘gift’ she’d be happy to return: like her dogs, Jamie can sense things the rest of the world is blind to.

When teenage sisters go missing in the mysterious ‘Bennington Triangle’ of Vermont, an area renowned for its disappearances and strange occurrences over the past hundred years, FBI agent Jack Juarez brings Jamie and her dog Phantom in to assist with the search. When Jack learns that the case shares haunting similarities with the murders of the missing girls’ aunts ten years before, he realizes they’re dealing with much more than two girls who simply wandered off the beaten path. And when a young girl appears in the shadows, visible to Jamie alone, it becomes clear that something is desperately wrong here.


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Bargain: Cozy Mystery

Bargain of the day is a cozy mystery! Inn Keeping with Murder

When seventy-three year old, Martha Denton drops dead into her peach cobbler at the St. Claire Inn, no one is surprised. After all, Martha had a heart condition. But when her death is ruled a murder, the inn’s owner, Julia Applegate, becomes the prime suspect. Julia recruits her “sixty-something” group of friends to launch their own investigation. Together with the inn’s resident ghosts, including Julia’s recently deceased mother who has learned to use a cell phone, they go after the truth. Add to that a talking parrot who likes to quote old movies, a Harlequin Great Dane, two miniature Dachshunds, a very handsome detective (or two), and get ready for a romp down mystery lane!

Anyone read it? Sounds interesting and has a lot of good reviews.

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Bargain: Mystery

This looked intriguing. Body in the Transept

For Dorothy Martin, a widowed American who’s moved to the England she so loves, the Christmas service is painful enough. It is her first holiday without Frank. And stumbling over the body of Canon Billings does nothing to improve her mood. Of course, she does get to meet Chief Constable Alan Nesbitt, and a good mystery on a chilly English night does have some appeal . . .

Posted: October 20, 2017

Book Discussion: Pinned Post Week 13

Oh, what to read this week! Last week, I read The Professor and the Bootlegger. I’d had it on my kindle for a while and somehow forgot all about it! Cute story, definitely a sweet romance, and because of the bootlegging angle it has more action than most. If you like romance books, you’ll like this one as a quick and fun historical beach read.

This week, I’m in the mood for…chocolate. But that doesn’t help with my reading selection! Just in time for Halloween–this ghost story sounded quite interesting!

’til Death

Sam Rockwell is a fledgling private investigator specializing in Returns, or, recently deceased ghosts with unfinished business. After his no-nonsense father is murdered and comes back, Sam takes the case hoping for a big break and a chance to win the heart of his Girl Friday.

Short on experience and long on the swagger of the dog-eared pulp fiction he keeps in his desk, Sam sets out to find his father’s killer only to find himself caught up in a madcap game of Cold War Intrigue as the Doomsday Clock inches close.

Secrets of the Past

Charlie Gilchrist has the unique gift, or curse, of retrocognition. Objects and artefacts are enough to trigger visions and he can see scenes from the past play out in front of him. When his brother asks him to meet an old friend who is managing a historical home, he has no idea what’s in store. Astrid Buchanan, estate manager at Addleston House, is struggling to make the venue a profitable tourist attraction. But Addleston has no real history or mystery behind it, and that’s a problem.

When a box of old letters and a diary is found under some floorboards, Astrid gets Charlie to look at them, thinking he might be able to unearth something from the house’s history to build on. But when Mrs. Toon, her colleague, gets wind of Charlie’s unorthodox methods, Astrid finds herself fighting for her job. As Charlie reads, he discovers that Richard Tunney – who used to own the house – was a difficult man, and cruel to Amelia, his second wife. Amelia hides herself in these long letters to her true love, Harry Bramall.
But Richard Tunney knows something is up, and tells a woman only identified as ‘Mary Ellen’, that she must read all letters Amelia sends and receives.

When disaster strikes, can Amelia and Harry’s love survive the trials of her vindictive husband? Who is Mary Ellen and what brought her to Addleston? And will Charlie solve the mystery before Astrid finds herself out of a job?

A sad love story set during the Regency period becomes a modern day mystery that will make Charlie Gilchrist confront his past, and come to terms with the gift that has kept him an outsider his entire life.

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A Freebie Cozy and New Release

The first in the Sally Nimitz series is free: The Death of Amelia Marsh

Sally Nimitz is a widow living in a small mid-western town with a satisfying ordinary life. She is invited to visit her neighbor one afternoon, an elderly lady with a charming English accent. When she arrives for the appointment, the lady is lying on her kitchen floor, dead from a blow to the head. Sally finds herself drawn into the puzzling crime; why would anyone want to kill Mrs. Marsh? As she looks for answers, Sally discovers a talent dormant within herself for solving such a puzzle. With the aid of two friends this budding female sleuth learns Amelia Marsh’s life was a mystery in itself, and there are secrets hidden in her past.

The latest two in the series are Ending the Varney Curse and Who Was Nathan Spencer?

Ending the Varney Curse

Sally is asked to assist in an ongoing undercover operation investigating shipping magnate Jock Varney. All she has to do is slip away to Phoenix for a few days to fill in as caregiver to Varney’s elderly mother, Elizabeth. And while doing that, carry out her primary assignment. It all goes smoothly.
So why, less than two weeks later, is Mrs. Varney’s regular companion standing at Sally’s front door with a suspicious mind and a lot of questions? One reason: her employer is dead and the loyal Vera Riley isn’t convinced it was natural causes.
And no wonder. The Varney family has experienced more than its share of sudden deaths. Sally and her two loyal assistants travel to California where they team up with Mrs. Riley to find out the truth. Who or what is behind the dark events plaguing the Varneys?

Who Was Nathan Spencer?

Miss Anne Carey’s affluent brother Ira consults her for advice. Should he loan his son Craig thirty thousand dollars although he cannot say what the money is for? This isn’t like Craig at all. Decidedly odd, agree Anne’s friends Sally Nimitz and George Thomas.

Craig gets the loan, and what began as puzzling quickly turns deadly. The money disappears, Craig is fighting for his life, and the name of an elusive older brother crops up in connection with the whole mess. Sally and George step up to help their dear friend’s family find answers. Who was Nathan Spencer? Was he responsible for robbery, kidnapping, and murder?

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Book Discussion: Pinned Post Week 11

As you may have guessed from my review, I finished up Murder on Black Swan Lane this week. I’ve been in the mood for mysteries, so this week, I found some more possible selections:

Edinburgh Twilight Love the cover and the price is good too.

As a new century approaches, Edinburgh is a city divided. The wealthy residents of New Town live in comfort, while Old Town’s cobblestone streets are clotted with criminals, prostitution, and poverty.

Detective Inspector Ian Hamilton is no stranger to Edinburgh’s darkest crimes. Scarred by the mysterious fire that killed his parents, he faces his toughest case yet when a young man is found strangled in Holyrood Park.

With little evidence aside from a strange playing card found on the body, Hamilton engages the help of his aunt, a gifted photographer, and George Pearson, a librarian with a shared interest in the criminal mind. But the body count is rising. As newspapers spin tales of the “Holyrood Strangler,” panic sets in across the city. And with each victim, the murderer is getting closer to Hamilton, the one man who dares to stop him.

Here’s another interesting mystery–and it’s only 99 cents. It may not stay on sale long though. Check prices before clicking buy.

All that Glitters

Just arrived from New York, Broadway actress Laura Wilson is slated to star in Hollywood’s newest screwball comedy. At her side, of course, is Jake Donovan, under pressure to write his next mystery novel. But peace and quiet are not to be had when an all-too-real murder plot intrudes: After a glitzy party, the son of a studio honcho is discovered dead from a gunshot wound. And since Jake exchanged words with the hothead just hours before his death, the bestselling author becomes the LAPD’s prime suspect.

In 1930s Tinseltown, anything goes. Proving his innocence won’t be easy in a town where sex, seduction, and naked power run rampant. With gossip columnist Louella Parsons dead-set on publicizing the charges against him, Jake has no choice but to do what everyone else does in the City of Angels: act like someone else. Blackie Doyle, the tough-talking, fist-swinging, womanizing hero from Jake’s novels wouldn’t pull any punches until he exposed the real killer—nor will Jake, to keep the role of a lifetime from being his last.

The first in the series is: The Yankee Club

What are you reading this week?

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Book Review: Murder on Black Swan Lane

Murder on Black Swan Lane is on a great sale for 2.99. It’s a reasonably decent read. It’s a Regency mystery, although I’d say it skirts being steampunk. If there were a dirigible in there, it’d be steampunk. The alchemy and chemistry mentioned is on the glossed over hocus pocus side. The main male character is not well-portrayed in the first few chapters. In what was probably an attempt to create the stereotypical powerful, rich and well-educated Earl, he comes across as arrogant, annoying, and stupidly interested in boring pursuits such as gambling, drinking and womanizing. His “brilliant” supposed chemistry talent is glossed over. Once past that misstep, the characterization was stronger. The main female was delightful most of the time, and it was easy to sympathize with her plight. The mystery itself morphed into about three different mysteries with a confusing cast of characters. The characterization of the main and side characters was enough to propel me through the story–as was the absence of romance. The author was particularly skilled at turning the two main characters into friends. It was very interesting to me how they were attracted to one another, but they were very much bound by, and accepting of, their class status. Ms. Sloane never once considered any kind of romantic dalliance. She was too worried about her next meal and the meals of those she was responsible for. In that aspect, she was realistic in a way that I don’t usually see in Regency mysteries or romance. As for the main, if he considered her a romantic interest, he never acted on it. He was too busy trying to stay out of the gallows. I enjoyed this focus quite a bit as it struck me as far more realistic than most books where “irresistible” urges take over the story at the most ridiculous times.

That said, much of the mystery was quite unrealistic with great leaps of luck and quite a bit of the denouements coming from the bad guys answering questions at the end of a gun or right before planning on killing the hero. There was more introspection scattered about than I like to read, and the end action scene was so improbable and cliched I had to wonder if the author had simply written too many of them to come up with any special touches.

But, it was entertaining enough to finish and a good price. I give it 3 stars.

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