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Championship March Madness Cover Poll

All righty then. I am not sure I have improved things so much as changed them. The one cover may be too squashed. Let’s remember, I’m a writer, not a cover artist. I don’t even know the right terms for “Light coming from the wrong direction” and “color balance” and “you dorked that up.” But I present you with The Championship Cover Poll. I await your votes. THE WORLD IS WATCHING YOU!! Well, only me and maybe the NSA and one traditional publisher who needed to know what it was like on the other side…

Once you have selected the final cover, I can pretend to spiff it up to a final spiffiness (which means that all I have left in me is that I might move the name around or delete the butterfly).

Which cover takes the championship???

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Thank you to everyone who has voted in the previous rounds, for your emails and all your suggestions!

For those of you just joining us, Fairy Bite is the third book in the Dragons of Wendal series (cozy fantasy).

Dragons of Wendal

Posted: March 15, 2017