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Writing with Cats

Medieval-manuscriptpawCats have been helping us humans write for years. Or so the cats think. I often get emails asking if Junior sits on my lap or crawls across my keyboard when I am trying to type up exciting Sedona escapades or thrilling escapes by Adriel. Junior isn’t much interested in writing; he and Scamper are all about gardening. The garden is usually where I find a tail in my face. Sometimes Junior nearly gets sat on as he crouches behind me and then decides to squeeze around my leg. Our other feral cat from a few years back used to sit behind me and swipe at my shoes. No idea why, but she loved doing that.

All the cats inspect any holes I dig. They are quite certain I am burying chicken or other treats. Never mind that I am always planting cucumbers or tomatoes. They still check, just to be sure.

But from at least the 1400s on, cats have been helping us writers.

Posted: May 11, 2013


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