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Wash Those Feet!

Junior and Scamper both have this odd habit of dipping their feet in water and “washing” them. We’ve had cats before, but have never seen them do this. Scamper prefers to use the inside water bowl, although I’ve seen her use my garden bucket and the outside water bowl. Sometimes I’ll look in the water bowl and it’s so dirty it’s cloudy. “Scamper took a bath in the water bowl, AGAIN.”

Junior, on the other hand, likes us to put water in the bathroom sink. He then dips in a toe and licks it clean. Well, the other day, he came in right before my morning shower. Husband had already put water in the sink (he had planned on shaving until the cat showed up. Husband left the sink and moved to the other one.) Junior hopped up to the sink and proceeded to take his bath. Only his feet were so filthy, he didn’t want to lick them off. So, he put a foot in and then shook it hard, flinging dirt and mud all over the sink, the counter and the mirror!

“What do you think you are doing?” I demanded.

He didn’t answer. He just put his foot back in the water and did it again! I grabbed that cat, I did. I tried to put his feet in the water, but of course the minute I took over, he wouldn’t let me put him in the sink. You know, he used to FIT in the sink, but now he’s a big cat! So I turned on the water and washed his foot. Then the other one. He huffed at me! That cat kind of a sigh, full of impatience and annoyance. Hmph. I washed all four of those filthy feet. I don’t know where he found mud. We haven’t had rain.

I’m just glad this happened before my shower. I was full of cat hair. The sink, mirror and counter top was drenched and muddy. I had to clean the bathroom before I could even get started on myself. Cats. I tell you. They may be clean, but they make a mess of everything else! What was that cat thinking!

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Posted: January 24, 2013
Filed in Project - Cat


  1. LOL!! Sounds like a few I’ve had. One of my show kitties used to follow me into the shower. Of course, she always did this AFTER she’d had her show bath and was all groomed and pretty for the rings. When I tried to bathe her, though, you’d have thought I was torturing her. Howls like you’ve never heard before, and she’d develop 64 legs, all going in different directions! One of my males used to use his paw to scoop up drinking water. Of course, he’d also fling it all over the room in the process. There were always wet paw prints everywhere when Torie lived with me. When he retired from the show ring he went to live with friends of mine, where he could have his very own boy to play with. Every morning, he’d sit on the sink while his boy brushed his teeth, reaching out with a paw and splashing water everywhere. His boy learned to shower AFTER brushing teeth.

    Comment by Dee — January 24, 2013 @ 7:41 pm

  2. Oh, I think both Scamper and Junior use that method to drink too. Sort of scooping the water out of their bowls. It’s weird. Junior does leave messy prints around a lot, but he doesn’t usually shake his paws. Cat! I could not believe that bathroom. What a mess.

    Comment by Maria — January 24, 2013 @ 7:43 pm

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