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Spider Mites

You know, I check the garden daily. I inspect for water problems, bugs and best of all, produce! The spinach has already bolted (I barely got about 5 salads! That’s not enough!). The spinach also attracted spider mites. But I was vigilant. I checked, I sprayed neem…and yet my best tomato plant was FULL of them yesterday! WHERE did they come from and how did they get there so fast??? Obviously, they not only transmogrify, they can also teleport. Nasty little bugs. I went out with my neem and began spraying every leaf. I stayed out there even though it started to rain. Bah!!!

Today I checked for ants. BAH! Of course, I found them. Luckily two of the nests were outside the garden so I baited them. Nasty little critters. They eat pollen and destroy my squash blossoms. Worse, the black ones bring in their aphid farms (two of which I found and destroyed with my neem oil).

Gardening is in full spring here…

On one of my gardening forums one of the ladies mentioned she had mushrooms sprout up. She asked how to tell if they were safe to eat. THEY ARE NOT. Mushrooms are dangerous. Unless you grow them in a sterile and controlled environment, do yourself and your family a favor. Don’t go tasting them to check for poison.

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Posted: May 1, 2013


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