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Shh. Someone is Editing

writingOkay, y’all, I’m going into editing mode. That means no more loud pool parties by you lot! You’re going to have to keep the music down and stop baking brownies. Well, okay you can bake brownies so long as you send me some. I’ll need some chocolate to fuel me through these cruel edits. What do beta readers know, anyway?

A lot, that’s what. Dang it all. Why didn’t *I* see that imperfection in the manuscript? Well, that is the reason for beta readers–they have to sift through the tangles. (Thank you, beta readers.) Then I have to edit.

I’ve prepared a review, some recipes and things from the archives to entertain you while I’m working. It won’t be totally dark around here.

Hey! You kids get off the lawn! And stop making so much noise! I’m trying to concentrate here.

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Posted: February 2, 2013


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