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Gardens and the Big Freeze

I planted tomatoes in the fall. They grew big and wonderful. And green. Not red, but green. I tried everything to hurry them along, but they insisted on staying green. When the big freeze was predicted to start, I picked all the green tomatoes. Some had already started to rot near the ground because we had already had very cool weather during the nights. I picked 40 or 50 tomatoes and brought them inside. Some of them are turning, but some will probably refuse.

I covered the mustard greens during the freeze and they look to be doing okay now that they are uncovered. We eat a lot of mustard greens in this house and we’d eat even more if I could grow it reliably. It’s really too cold to garden, but when has that ever stopped me? I bought some lemon balm seeds and parsley seeds today. I’ll start them in the window. Their little green fronds will cheer me up–especially during the next freeze! We’ll likely have a few more freezes during Jan and Feb. After that I can be more serious about putting in tomatoes. And more mustard greens. I can start hoping the raspberry plants made it and the blueberry bush and the lemon tree.

What do you have growing in the window this winter???

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Posted: January 4, 2018


  1. Lemons (well, technically, only one this year), basil, lemon basil, mint, chervil, savory, chives, parsley and a few other herbs, kale and some lettuces. In fact, I need to clear out the lettuce, sterilize the containers and restart them, now that the kale is getting almost big enough to eat.

    Plus a few houseplants, a cactus and a bougainvillea that goes out in the summer, as do a couple of scented geraniums.

    Nowhere near as much as I used to have (farewell, old ficus tree – it died a couple of years ago, but had filled the room for 20+ years before that). And I’ll be getting seedlings started here soon, since peppers need more time than tomatoes and I should probably start some cold-weather things like broccoli early enough for them to beat the heat.

    Comment by Karen — January 6, 2018 @ 10:11 am

  2. Karen, that sounds absolutely lovely…and delicious, except for the kale. I can’t get the least bit interested in kale. I’ll stick to the mustard greens! I have purple and…some other delicate kind. The bugs like the delicate kind. I have heard that bourgainvillea are beautiful. I’m sure I would want one if I ever saw one.

    Can’t do broccoli here reliably. It’s one I’ve given up on. As soon as the sun beats back the fog, I’ll go water my mustard greens!

    Comment by Maria — January 6, 2018 @ 10:15 am

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