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Layout 1Today, I received a book all the way from…Australia! It’s not the first Australian author I’ve read (that would probably be Simon Haynes, but I read his first Hal Spacejock book as an e-book. Getting the e-book was a lot faster!) Kerrie, the blogger from Paradise, sent me this book–she highly recommended it in her review. When she told me she would be sending it, I wondered how long it would take. I’d estimate that it was well over a month to sail the seas and get to my front door. It’s a paperback book, larger than American trade size.

From the back:

Franz Schmidt arrives in Berlin in January 1939 to take up the position of Chief Auditor at the Reichsbank, the financial heart of the Third Reich. He has been positioned there by the enigmatic von Streck, a high-ranking member of the Nazi party but one who has a different agenda to that of the Fuehrer. Schmidt realises he must tread very carefully to avoid the zealous and passionate Fraulein Brandt, who is determined to destroy anyone unfaithful to the Party. After the murder of a co-worker, Schmidt is driven, despite von Streck’s orders to keep a low profile, to help the dead man’s assistant, who is now in grave danger herself.

As the Gestapo’s reach extends throughout the freezing city, Schmidt’s brief becomes clear. He must steal a copy of the Reich’s financing blueprint in an attempt to prevent the country’s march to war. Iron Heart is the second novel featuring Franz Schmidt and confirms Marshall Browne’s reputation as one of Australia’s foremost crime writers.

kookaburraCompletely unrelated, but very Australian–if you’ve never seen the bullion coins produced by the Australian mint, you should check them out. They do some stunning designs and have more than one collection, including a koala bear series, a kangaroo series, a Chinese calendar year (which depicts things like the year of the horse, the year of the ox, the mouse and so on). I put up a picture of one of my favorite coins from the kookaburra series on the right. No, I don’t own it, but I think it’s just a gorgeous coin. I’m also partial to birds and that little kooka is gorgeous! So if I ever make it to Australia, maybe I’ll be lucky and that will be my souvenir!

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Posted: June 28, 2009


  1. I am so pleased that it arrived Maria. You had probably almost given up hope! Do enjoy.

    Comment by Kerrie — June 29, 2009 @ 4:06 am

  2. I admit I was beginning to wonder if one of the sailors got bored, noticed a book in the cargo and sat down to have himself a nice read!!!

    Thanks again!

    Comment by Maria — June 29, 2009 @ 7:29 am

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