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I have never really understood why some seeds are “treated.” Some of them are coated red, some have these fake little plastic looking “shells” around them. What I do know is that they don’t germinate well. Now, it could be that the types of seeds that need “treating” don’t germinate well so they are “treated.” I do know that they have a short shelf life. I’ve planted untreated seeds that were in chiles in my FREEZER for a year. They come up just fine. I’ve planted untreated seeds that were three and four years old.

Treated seeds? If you don’t plant them within a year, good luck. They have poor germination to start with and I’m convinced that the fake coating kills them. Maybe it suffocates them. I know some of the original ‘treatments’ supposedly involved adding fertilizer around them. Well, look. Mother nature kind of takes care of that by making sure the seed is rich in what it needs to get started. As for the treatments that claim to “hold water” close to the seed, well, what do you think the hull is for??? That hard part or coating soaks up moisture and keeps it next to the internal seed so that it can germinate. When a bean sprouts, it has a kind of papery shell (the brownish part). That part soaks up water and helps retain moisture for the seed.

I just don’t get treated seeds. And I don’t like them. I’ve bought them unknowingly, but I’m getting more careful. I don’t really care if the seeds are weak to begin with or if the company just likes to treat them. All I know is that they don’t grow as well as untreated seeds. So I’m going to buy untreated seeds. And you companies out there. Start marking your seeds clearly. Because I don’t want your treated seeds.

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Posted: February 23, 2013
Filed in Gardening


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