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Editing, Formatting and Upload Services

Editing, Formatting and Upload Services

Bear Mountain Books offers two types of editing services: Storyline editing and Copy Editing. These are separate services–you can purchase one or both. Genres: Fiction and non-fiction. We do not edit erotica, novels containing graphic violence, or most horror (humorous horror or a pastiche is usually fine).

Storyline editing

In general, storyline editing costs ~$300 for a one-pass read of a novel that is up to 80k words. If your novel is 50k or shorter, it will cost about $150. If it is longer, it will cost more. Email me for exact pricing and available slots/timing. Storyline editing is an edit that looks for plot holes, story inconsistencies (character traits that suddenly change to fit the story), boring sections, pacing issues (too much exposition or backstory), confusing sections, character development, plotting development (do the clues add up), and other story elements.

Copy editing

In general, copy editing runs $300 for a single-pass read of a novel that is up to 80k words. We recommend two passes. The second pass is up to you, but we highly recommend a second pass because most authors make changes after the first pass and insert new errors or don’t catch all the corrections from the first pass. The cleaner the first copy is at the start, the easier it is to spot errors. Many manuscripts require two passes, in part, because there are a multiple errors per page on the first draft. Errors stand out better against a clean copy.

Formatting for an ebook that is 80k words or under is $60. The author will receive an epub file and a Kindle compatible file. It does not include interior artwork. If you wish to purchase artwork or have photos that need to be formatted, the cost is higher. I can email a quote after I have an idea of the extent of the artwork. For example, my books includes the BearMountainBooks logo. If you already have a logo and just want that inserted at the front, the cost is included in the sixty-dollar fee. If you do not have a logo, but want one, we’ll have to discuss cost. I generally do not do fancy chapter starts such as drop caps, small caps or bolding of the first word of the chapter. The formatting includes a linkable table of contents. Be aware that special fonts for titles or chapter headers often get dropped by Amazon or other retailers. I can add specific fonts, but cannot guarantee they will show up in the retailer version as many retailers swap the fonts out and use their preferred font.

I can upload the files for your book for a nominal cost. You will need to provide the account details and then maintain the accounts.

WordPress Website Design
I design and create websites using (You can use and buy your own domain or you can use their extension/domain). Domain costs via wordpress run about 20 dollars a year–I can walk you through the process of purchasing that and then I can create a website for you (The $20 fee does not go to me–it is a domain registration fee for your website that goes to the provider). Costs for a website start at 150 dollars, not including the domain purchase.

Copyright filing:

I can assist with copyright filing for $10. You will need to open the account, provide me with login details and other required information. (The copyright office charges 35 dollars for each copyright filed. This charge is in addition to my charge. I do not control the charge for the filing–so check with the copyright office for current filing fees.)

Cover Work
I do create covers. The price is generally $100 dollars, but if specific artwork or fonts are required, the price will change accordingly. The 100 dollars covers up to three pieces of artwork, and is for ebook versions only. For an additional $50, I can provide the PDF that is necessary to create a print book (this includes creating the spine, the back and inserting back copy). If more than one cover is being done at the same time (example: For a series) I offer a discount. Email me for availability/time slots. Here are some pre-made covers.

Print formatting

The cost for an 80k print book is usually $100 for a fiction book that does not include tables or artwork throughout. This assumes that you already have a cover that is sized appropriately for the number of pages. The print version includes a book that has new chapters always starting on the right-side page, blank pages where necessary, front and back matter. I can assist your artist in getting the specifications for a cover. I only rarely do cover work; email if you want to discuss or just want a referral for a cover artist.

If you are looking for help with marketing your book, Bear Mountain Books does accept ads. See here for pricing.

My email is on the sidebar. If you have any trouble reaching me, just leave a comment on the blog.

Maria Schneider