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Collection of Kobo Coupons

Collection of Kobo Coupons

NOTE: Now that it is 2017, these may have been reset–so if you used them last year, try them again!

salepostitKobo used to do trivia contests where you could win coupons for x off some of the books sold at Kobo. The trivia contests are gone, BUT I still collect coupons when I see them. These are good on ONE book per person — and they are only good on small publishers and indie publishers (none of the big 5 publishers allow coupons). So my books, Baen books, Smashword books, Samhain books and many other small publishers who support discounts:

90% off one book: EFW4QB
75% off one book: OPEN75UP
90% off one book: DSCVR90BK
50% off one book: 50READ
NEW: 50 percent off one book: NXT50READ
NEW: 50 percent off: GRT50BOOKS

These will work ONCE and not in all countries (but generally they work in Canada, US, Australia and UK.) They will only work on certain books so try them and see.

Head on over to Kobobooks and give them a try!

Check back often for new coupons!

If you would like recommendation for great books to use with the coupons, send me an email and I’ll be happy to make some recommendations. My email link is on the sidebar. Just tell me the genre you like and I’ll see if I can help.

Maria Schneider