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Home Roasted Coffee–Espresso Blend

Espresso is made from a blend of coffees—earthy tones mixed with high notes and various beans to provide depth. Sometimes different roasts (light and dark) are combined after roasting for that perfect flavor. Several online coffee houses offer espresso blends already roasted—or in the case of Sweet Maria’s ( )—they send a specially blended mix of green beans and let you set the roast time! Using a pre-blended mix is a good place to start if you are experimenting with home roasting.

The recipe below was developed after just such experiments. It is a mix of green coffee beans roasted all at the same time. The actual amounts you use depend on the size of your roaster; the recipe below was formed for a very small roaster—1/2 a cup per roast. Cup sizes are given for a large batch along with percentages so that you can tweak it for your roaster.

40% Brazil – 1 cup; this forms the base and provides the “body” of the espresso without any dominating flavors.

20% Sumatran – ½ cup; this provides depth

20% Guatemalan – ½ cup; adds bright notes. Any bright Central American coffee will work here.

10% Ethiopian Harar – ¼ cup; provides earthy tones.

10% Good Robusta – ¼ cup; adds a “bite.”

Mix the green beans in a large plastic bag until the beans are evenly distributed. In the case of our home roaster, we roast ½ cup of the mixture at a time. Roast to: 45 seconds to 1 minute into second crack—the oils should just start showing on the surface of the beans.

Here’s a good book on the subject: Home Coffee Roasting

For more information about home roasting go to:

Home Roasting Coffee FAQ

Mulberry Juice

In my hunt for highly nutritious foods, I discovered Mulberry Juice. I was surprised one of my local stores carried it. I wasn’t too anxious to taste it. After finishing several bottles of Aronia juice (very, very tart) and trying natto, I wasn’t really up for anything too suspicious. BUT, you know we bring you nutrition news here at the blog, so I was obligated! 🙂 Much to my surprise, I LOVED it. The juice I bought was black mulberry (there are white mulberries and dark purple, but the black is sought-after for the juice.) All of them are great for eye health and high in vitamin K, vitamin C and unusual for a fruit, iron. They have all the phytonutrients you could ask for and are much better than taking 9 supplements to get them: zea-xanthin, resveratrol, anthocyanins, and lutein!

Highly recommended for taste and nutrition. Check your local stores for a treat! I love it when a superfood tastes delicious!

Other recommended superfoods: mustard greens (for the k vitamins), sweet potatoes (for the high vitamin A) and tart cherry juice (hormone balancing).

Posted: January 6, 2017
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Strawberry Smoothie

Pretend for a moment that you are going to be healthy…then make this version of a strawberry smoothie!

Put in blender:

2 cups fresh halved strawberries
1 cup plain low-fat yogurt
1 peeled and sliced banana
6 to 7 scoops vanilla ice cream

Blend in blender until creamy and smooth. Serves four people (approximately 1 cup serving size).

Just think of all the vitamin C in those strawberries!!!!

Posted: July 22, 2006
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