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Herbs in Texas

Sage, thyme, and basil all do well in Texas. Don’t over-water the sage and thyme. They need good drainage or they die. I’m not sure you could kill the basil if you tried. It grows in almost any soil, just more vigorously in better ones.

Cilantro does well, but you must plant it early. It will bolt when the temperatures get into the eighties. I grow this one starting in October and then throw seeds down again in January. It will produce as long as May some years, but is often bolted and dying in April.

Oregano—completely invasive in the hill country. Did okay in Houston—died back in the winter-time, but I was growing it under my chile plant where it was partially shaded. There was also a rock border to keep it from expanding. In the hill country, the stuff was as invasive as mint, possibly worse because it required less water to keep it going. I would pot this one if I were ever able to get control of it again…Mint does well, but requires a lot of water. I actually grow it mostly in the shade and don’t water it much. That keeps it from creeping very far.

Posted: July 22, 2006
Filed in Herbs