Nutrition Mafia Series:

One Good Eclair

Sedona O'Hala Series:

Executive Dirt

Moon Shadow Series:

Ghost Shadow

Now Available:

Soul of the Desert

Under $5

A Freebie or a Deal

Soooo, Ms. FarFromHome recommended the Calamity Jayne series by Kathleen Bacus as a funny and zany read. I couldn’t resist, of course. I admit though, the first 1/3 of the book it was pretty over the top for me. I set it down a couple of times because Calamity was just a wee bit too annoying. The thing is, there was a plot under there that wanted to get out. And I wanted to find out what happened. The main guy (Ranger Rick. Yes, she really called him that. Along with a bunch of other names) wasn’t all that likeable either. He ran pretty close to condescending and arrogant. BUT. But. I read it anyway, and it did make me laugh in one spot.

Or, for an almost better deal, you can get all FIVE books for 9.99 in the Kindle boxed set! So if you know you like zany books like Lisa Lutz, Janet Evanovich, Molly Harper, you might just want to grab the series. I do not know how long these deal prices will last, but the series is worth a look. It’s hard to resist books when they cost less than 2 dollars each. Or maybe I just have a hard time resisting books? That could be…

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Backlist Gems for Under 5!

I read these books years ago and really enjoyed them. For the longest time, they weren’t on Kindle when I checked and were long out of print. Well, I just noticed they are on kindle–and wisely the publisher put both series under 5! The author is the same: Kay Mitchell is Sarah Lacey. The Sarah Lacey books are cozier, zanier and fun. The Kay Mitchell series is a bit darker British police procedural. I didn’t find them too dark, but the crimes involved are more realistic. Supposedly the formatting issues have been resolved; those formatting issues resulted in a lot of bad reviews that have nothing to do with the stories. It’s unfortunate the publisher was so careless with the original uploads.

The first in the Inspector Morrissey is:

livelyA Lively Form of Death I enjoyed this series as much as the The Crossing Places by Elly Griffiths. We’ve been talking a lot about The Crossing Places on one of the forums I’m on. Very good mystery, intriguing setting and characters. The Inspector Morrissey has that same human element–great characters, a compelling plot and well-drawn setting.

The rest of the series in order:
In Stony Places
A Portion for Foxes
A Strange Desire
A Rage of Innocents

Writing as Sarah Lacey, the books are definitely more on the fun and cozy side. The covers for some of the books should reflect the cozy nature better, but what can you do? These are kind of like the Sedona series, zany, but not over-the-top.

File Under Deceased

File Under Missing
File Under Arson
File Under Jeopardy
File Under Justice – This one doesn’t appear to be available yet.

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Bargain Book Gem: Mystery

savingI sampled a lot of books last weekend and then started reading a book that I wasn’t sure was my genre…and what do I discover? A gem!

Saving Gracie by Nancy DeMarco is a good old fashioned mystery; not too cozy, not too thriller, but just right. Remember The Crossing Places (Also at Kobo and coupons work!) by Elly Griffith?

Saving Gracie has the same kind of real relationships, people complications and as for the mystery, oooh, my favorite kind of layers and a few twists to really make the plot hum right along. I liked the zany character, Gracie, even though everyone thinks she’s nuts because she can see ghosts! What’s nuts about that???

This was a really great read. If you like a good mystery and/or enjoyed The Crossing Places, I think you will really love this book. Try: Fbr50 at kobobooks for 50 percent off. If that code doesn’t work, email me and I will see if I have another one.

saraShe has also written: Finding Sara!

Finding Sara at Kobobooks Coupons do work with this book.

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Bargain Cozy Monday: Victoria Twead

chickensToday’s bargain comes to us courtesy of blog reader, Irene! She found these bargains, laughed so hard her cat complained, and wrote to me immediately to share.

Victoria Twead has three geezer lit cozies in the series. The first is Chickens, Mules and Two Old Fools.

There’s also Two Old Fools Ole and Two Old Fools on a Camel. All three books are $2.99 each–a huge bargain price!

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Bargain Monday Cozy Mystery: Hoe Lot of Trouble

troubleHoe Lot of Trouble by Heather Webber is a cozy. This was a decent and fun little read. The mystery itself did not knock it out of the park (and in fact I felt there was an unanswered plot hole) but the characters and their relationships were interesting enough to hold the story together, if barely. There were some character plot holes too, and a few too many events occurred at just the right time to forward the plot (left the cell phone in the car, battery died on cell phone, etc) but if the character building continues in the series, this series is worth a look–the first book is $2.99 and the ones I saw after that were all under 5.

Thanks to Dee for telling me to check it out!

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Bargain Monday Urban Fantasy: Cry Baby Hollow

cry_hollowCry Baby Hollow by Aimee Love is a wonderful 5 star story. I’m fairly picky these days, but I had no problems falling in love with the story. There’s romance–but it’s the real kind where it starts slow and might actually be based on personalities and common interests. There is one scene in particular that I found very touching because in real life saying “I care” often has less to do with physical attraction and more to do with little things one person does for the other.

There’s also more than one mystery going on and the actual paranormal element doesn’t really rear its head until the end of the book. The book takes place in an unusual literature setting–rural Tennessee. It’s full of interesting twists and turns. There’s cozy parts, thriller parts and weird parts. The beginning starts off on a bit of a jarring note that left me wondering if the story would be too harsh for me, but these necessary scenes are handled deftly and blend well with the also realistic brighter times.

There’s some great humor between many of the characters and very good secondary character development. In the end, it all comes back to a compelling story, and this book, despite any small flaws, not only held my attention, but made me smile and left me wanting to read another book in the series.

At 2.99 it’s a great Monday bargain and is easily going to make favorite reads of the year.

(There will be ANOTHER Monday bargain tomorrow–this time cozy!)

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Bargain Monday: An Urban Fantasy and A Cozy Mystery

devilThis weekend I read Between the Devil and the Deep Blue Sea by J.L. Murray. It’s a cheap and decent urban fantasy read for 99 cents. There were very few typos; I think I noticed a missing word here or there or odd phrasing a few times. This is quite possibly the most linear story I’ve ever read. Not saying that is a bad thing, but I’m not sure I’ve ever read a book that is told in such a laid out manner. There are few twists or surprises, just a logical progression from one action/problem to the next. The characters are quite likeable. I kept expecting those scenes where you meet someone and it doesn’t fit the story only to show up later and be explained/fit in. There aren’t any of those. It’s much more organized than that.

The pacing is good, characterization is quite good with the main characters although perhaps a tad one-dimensional with some of the bad guys. Some good family issues. Safe for cozy readers.

Next up, I started a 99 cent cozy:

bond I think this is book two in the Jamie Bond series: Secret Bond by Gemma Halliday. This is a cozy read so far with some fairly far-fetched “situations” (Jamie and her cohorts have to go to a nudist colony to solve a case.) Of COURSE this results in some interesting visuals. While I like the characters, there’s a bit too much guy oogling at the nudist colony and with another possible “interest” who shows up in the novel. The strength in this book is the mystery. It revolves around a family member (her dad) and a cold case. I hope the focus stays squarely on the plot here because Jamie doesn’t seem to have her act together where men are concerned and those little oogling interludes so far, while realistic, aren’t adding much. She has a nice guy on one hand and a guy who isn’t interested in her on the other. Meanwhile, the mystery is moving along nicely with threatening characters, guns, and suspicious activities!

Book one: Unbreakable Bond

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Bargain Monday: Next Stop, Foggy Bottom – Karen Cantwell

ebookThis Monday Bargain is Free!!!

Next Stop, Foggy Bottom originally appeared in Chesapeake Crimes: This Job is Murder. Today, you can click through and either read it on the blog, or use the “Send to Kindle” button to send it to your kindle to read as a Halloween treat!

Karen Cantwell normally writes humor, romance and zany mysteries.

This story and a few other select freebies can all be found at the end of the store listing. Thank you, Karen, for sharing this with us!

(If you need ePUB, email me and I can mail you a copy.)

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Bargain Mysteries: Laura Crum

cutterFor our first bargain book listing, I ended up wanting to talk about most of the works from a single author. I started reading Laura Crum’s Hoofprints and realized a quarter of the way through that it wasn’t the first in the series! I own two of the titles, but I went back and looked through her list. Turns out Cutter is the first one. You can’t go by the dates at her Amazon page because she’s bringing the series to ebook and the dates are quite close together. Some don’t appear in order.

At any rate, I am enjoying the book I started and I’m kind of into the story so I’m loathe to stop and go read book one. I might anyway because it’s only 99 cents. All her ebooks are reasonable and the mystery so far is a good solid read.

The order:

Chasing Cans
Going Gone

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Bargain Mystery Sunday: Barbara Seranalla

barbaraWoot! I came across these oldies but goodies now available as ebooks. If you like Marcia Muller, Sue Grafton and possibly Elly Griffiths (The Crossing Places) you might want to give this series by Barbara Seranella a try.

The first is: No Human Involved

Also available at Kobobooks

No Offense Intended is book 2 and it’s also 99 cents! The rest of the books in the series appear to be around $2.99 each.

These are good old fashioned mysteries. They aren’t really cozies, but much of the crime occurs off the page. Some good characters to root for!

Unwanted Company
Unfinished Business
No Man Standing
Unpaid Dues
Unwilling Accomplice
Unacceptable Death

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