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A Favorite Artist: Chris Dunn

chrisDunntreeAs you know, I love to bring you news of the best artists, books, musicians, stories…anything that is just too stellar to be kept a secret. Chris Dunn is probably not a secret any longer, but I only stumbled across his work about a year ago. He does book covers and book illustrations. And they are each a wonder to behold!

I wrote to Chris and asked him for a bit of history or glimpse into his inspiration. This was his reply:

I don’t have many quirky stories to share however, one thing you might find interesting is where I found my original inspiration to produce illustrations using anthropomorphic animals. I grew up reading the Redwall Abbey series of children’s books by Brian Jacques. Unfortunately, in 2011, Mr Jacques passed away and so I decided to create a homage to his life as a writer and to the wonderful characters he created, which have sparked my imagination ever since. That homage was my first animal illustration of a mouse sleeping at his writing desk. The mouse is supposed to be Brian, and the snow falling outside the window represents the Winter of his life. That piece is called ‘Jacques’ Rest’ and you can see it here.

You can also read about how the artist John Howe inspired me with his Tolkien illustrations by clicking here.

I know a few of us are fans of Brian Jacques, and I’ve certainly read Tolkien and appreciate the stories and some of the artwork (although I did not know about John Howe.)

It’s not possible for me to pick a favorite from Chris Dunn’s work. There’s a lot to love! I love the owl shot. I think that best represents me when I’m at work writing! That’s right about what my work area looks like too!!!

Here’s another one that intrigues me.

chrisdunnairmail It’s a bit cut off–click to view the whole picture! If you let your mouse hover over the picture after clicking, it will enlarge and you can see some of the terrific detail. In the first picture I posted at the top–you really need to hover. That shot has so much really great detail from the red squirrel hanging laundry to the harness on the crow. Fabulous stuff.

Thank you Chris Dunn!!!

Unrelated books, but covers with fantastical creatures:
Dragons of Wendal


Posted: August 18, 2016
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Amazing Artist Assnezana, Short Stories and Translations

I’ve always wanted to have at least one of my works translated into Spanish. Never mind the why of it, but it’s part of my heritage and I always felt it was necessary. I had plans for how I’d get here, but sometimes dreams take longer than you plan and don’t come together quite the way you expect.

At any rate, I’ve been working with a translator on a fantasy short story called “Snitched, Snatched.” Getting it right in English was hard enough, now Gustavo Bondoni must tackle trying to get it perfect in Spanish. Luckily he is skilled as a story teller, and I’m counting on that skill to come through in “Snitched, Snatched.” He has his own short story collection out (in English) on Kindle: Tenth Orbit and Other Faraway Places (20 stories.)

All of this leads to needing a cover that reflects the story, captures its essence and has a magic of its own. Enter Assnezana and her fantastic artistic talent.

You can find more about her here: Assnezana and see more of her work on and also on Dreamstime/assnezana .

She has some awesome artwork; more magical settings like the one in the cover, some aquatic settings and some fabulous garden settings. Check them out!

As for the story, look for it on Kindle in about a week if things go smoothly, two if they don’t! I’ll post more about the release date as it gets closer.

Another Artist

I haven’t worked with this artist personally, but did check out the portfolio and prices–both good! If you’re looking for cover art, you might give Shaed Studios a look. The samples are all photo-manipulations, and I don’t know if the price covers the photo (or how many) but the samples looked well-done with nice fonts.

From an email:

Shaeddyn has a Bachelors of Media Arts and Animation
What you get: I charge a flat fee that will give you as many drafts as you need to be happy. You don’t pay unless you are satisfied with the end result. When you have paid for the end draft, I will send you full versions of the cover for each format you need them in, and the image will then belong to you to do with what you please. I will use the image in my portfolio for examples of work.

Doing multiple drafts is very important–so is the ability to opt out if you just can’t get to an agreement. Many authors are picky and sometimes it’s impossible to get your “vision” realized the first time around. Of course, with terms like these, the artist can always opt out too, which is equally important!

Make sure to ask if you get to choose the photo and what rights are assigned to you. Most photo sharing sites allow ebook use and up to 500k print copies–always double-check before entering a contract so that you know where the photo is from. If the artist provides the photo (some do) make sure you understand whether you are getting an exclusive (rare).

Posted: August 10, 2011
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Another Bad Cover

Remember my little article on covers? Okay, I’ve done several, but specifically, the one where I babbled about poses?

What *is* it with this pose???

At Graves End

What is she supposed to be doing? Looking for fish beneath the ice? Dropped an earring and has a leg cramp??

Posted: August 11, 2011
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chapelle-sixtine-vaticanAs part of my research for my trip to Rome, I’ve been reading up on the art in the Vatican.  Not to be a philistine, and remember I am uneducated in artworks, but it seems to me that the people depicted are quite well-fed (looking a little flabby with extra pounds around the waists here and there.)

Of course, this wouldn’t be all that obvious if they wore clothes.  What is up with that?  Over half the pictures I’ve seen depict completely naked people–sort of implying that in that day and age, clothes were not popular.  When the people in the images are wearing clothes they seem to be half draped in clothing (body parts…leak out here and there–a boob here, a missing fig leaf there.)

I’m not complaining about the quality of the art, mind you, I’m just noticing. Makes me wonder if they are trying to depict what was considered normal/beautiful for the time or if because the scenes often depict a holy image of some sort if the nakedness is meant to portray us in all our…glory?  Hmm.

At any rate, I’m sure the pictures (like most things) are better seen in person.  Most of the ones in the books I’m reading are black and white and that tends to make them a confusing picture of crowds of people.  It’s hard to tell what any of them are supposed to be doing, even when you’re familiar with things like the story of Moses and the Flood and the Last Judgment and so on.

I am learning quite a bit and I’m looking forward to seeing the real things.

Posted: June 5, 2009
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Artist: Assnezana

I may have to write a story to go with this fabulous artwork. Assnezana did the artwork for Snitched, Snatched. I’m looking at this and picturing a dragon in it somewhere…

She does some awesome artwork. You can find her background work on the Jaguarwoman site.

Posted: April 17, 2012
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I’ve been very privileged to work with some great artists. Some of these artists are actively taking commissions. Some of them will work on a commission via a referral if they have openings.

Deb Wentz did the Under Witch Moon cover (referral only). She does illustrations.

Valentino Sani
did the cover for Under Witch Aura –Book two in the Moon Shadow Series (Coming in Dec 2011). He works by referral only, but you can buy some of his fabulous photos on He is a professional photographer and does photo-manipulation. The guy has more talent in his eyelash than I have in both my eyeballs.

Assnezana did the cover art for Snitched, Snatched . She also did the backgrounds for Dragons of Wendal.

She sells through this site:
And here is her DeviantArt site

She generally sells just the backgrounds and leaves it up to you to add the text and/or make changes. But her work has flair and is a bit unusual. Her prices are extremely reasonable. She can be found on Facebook or if you want her email, please contact me and I’ll pass it along:


John Dotegowski did the cover for Year of the Mountain Lion. He does some awesome illustration. He takes commissions; contact him via his website. They do a lot of photo-manipulation, but may be able to help with clipart and possibly illustration depending on what you’re looking for. Razz did this cover for Catch an Honest Thief, although ultimately I decided not to use it.

Here’s an artist I’d like to work with:

Anne Marie Broughton As of this posting she was open for portrait work and cover art. Her prices are reasonable and her work is quite astounding!

Posted: July 9, 2011
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Cover Art Comments

Just for the record, most sorcerers (be they women or men) do not do the majority of spells in their underwear. Or in High Heels. Or fishnet stockings. This probably comes as a shock, I know.

When looking for photo art for possible covers it seems that many photographers tricked their victims subjects into dressing in as little as possible before staging the spell shot.

Look, I don’t know *that* many witches, sorcerers or the like, but I know a *few.* None of them, not one, does spells in evening attire unless it’s an absolute emergency. No one goes out in a mini-skirt planning to throw around a fire ball or three. When working for a client they *never* show up for work in their bra, underwear, corset or–heaven forbid, a towel. Seriously. How is one supposed to work a spell while holding onto a towel???

Do not go there, people. Do NOT, I beg of you.

Oh sure, some witches like to drape a scarf or two, but you don’t want too many of them–fire is an oft-hazard of spells, so you want to be careful of too many flowing robes.

Does anyone wear jeans to work anymore?? Anyone????

P.S. Most witches do not wear pointy little hats anymore either. Another great shock, I am sure.

Posted: June 9, 2011
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Cover Art: Jim Hines Models For Us

And here I thought I did in-depth reporting on cover art! Well, author Jim Hines has gone out in the field (possibly left field) to uncover the secret behind cover poses. He’s dedicated. Very dedicated. Check out Jim Hines version of being a cover model.

Jim Hines is the author of the very excellent Goblin series, starting with Goblin Quest. I reviewed it here, back when I was just starting to do reviews. In short, it’s a very good fantasy series and worth a look for both YA and adults.

Jim has also written the alternate fairy tale series Princess Series series. I’ve read the first book, which is a wild adventure of what happened to Cinderella AFTER the happily ever after. She’ll get some help from some other fairy tale characters you may recognize. For a frugal and fun way to check out Jim’s writing, he has an anthology on sale right now for 99 cents: Goblin Tales

Posted: January 13, 2012
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Cover Work

In my trials and tribulations with covers, I’ve made a few. I’ve tried a few concepts for books that I will never write or just done some because I went off on a tangent. I love artwork. It’s inspiring. When I started writing/publishing there was a dearth of the typical cozy cover artwork. It hasn’t improved much because illustrations are time consuming to make and the artists selling them on stock photo sites are not making much money. This is a long way of telling you that I’ve posted some pre-made covers for sale. I can do custom work; email me or comment for my schedule/fees. Although I have done some illustration from scratch (the cover of Executive Sick days is entirely my own work. The original cover for Sage was also) the cover work I do now is from stock photos.

There are a few more that I’ll add at a later date!

Posted: April 12, 2017
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