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One Good Eclair

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Executive Dirt

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Ghost Shadow

Now Available:

Soul of the Desert


Black-Tie Bingo

Update: These stories are now available at multiple outlets including the BMB online store.

I am publishing a duo of short stories called Black-Tie Bingo. The stories are exclusive to Amazon for 90 days. ANYONE with ANY reader can buy the short stories from Amazon. If you have a reader that supports ePub (as opposed to Amazon’s format) that file will have to be converted after you download it from Amazon. If you have the free tool called Calibre, it’s pretty simple to do, but if you aren’t already familiar with Calibre, it’s probably not worth learning over a short story or two. Unfortunately I can’t give away ePub files (that would be a problem with the contract) or sell it anywhere else in any format. However, once the exclusive period is over, I plan to sell the ePUB file from here.

The main reason I’m doing an exclusive is to make some of my work available for lending to Prime Amazon customers. Many authors are reporting increased visibility of their work after joining the program.

At this point, I have no intention of entering any exclusive deals with any retailer for any of my novels. We’ll see what I learn, if anything. If you are a Prime Amazon member and you try out the stories through the lending program, let me know what you think of the program and the stories! Of course, the stories are also on sale at Amazon, and I hope you enjoy them!

Two short stories:

Black-Tie Dance: an undercover caper that sends an agent running for his life, dangling from a windowsill and visiting the morgue. Let’s hope he makes it out of there alive.

Bingo: Not your ordinary deal with the devil.

The clipart for the cover was done from two main pieces that I found on The artists are: Mellefrenchy (Fanelie Rosier) and Krisdog (Christos Georghiou). I was already familiar with Fanelie Rosier’s work because her clipart appears on a few of my favorite covers. I LOVE her work; it’s zany and fun. I hadn’t seen Christos Georghious’s work before, but his devil certainly fit the cover–and the story!

Black-Tie Bingo at Amazon. The book is also available at Amazon UK, Spain, Italy, France and Germany as well.

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Cover Reveal: New Tracking Magic

tracking_magic_redo20I’ve needed to update a few covers for a while, but it’s hard to find the time (and the talent. Art in no way comes naturally to me). At any rate, I have finally finished a brand new cover for Tracking Magic. Click the link and check it out on Amazon. I know you are are now wondering what the old one looked like. Well, I’ll never tell. 🙂

Later this week I plan on revealing a new cover for Soul of the Desert. I’m really only tweaking this one a little, and I may need your opinion on just which tweak is better! So stay tuned just in case I need help deciding which one is better!

Dragons of Wendal – Live!

Okay, Dragons are live and flying about at two sites–well, three including mine.

Amazon Kindle (US) The other country locations for Amazon Kindle are also up. You may have to search on the title (Dragons of Wendal) as it takes a while for my name to show all the titles correctly.

B&N Nook

For all other ePUB readers, right now the only place to buy the ePUB is my online store.

Goodreads is no longer taking new books for sale until further notice so I was unable to upload Dragons. Still, if you are planning on reading it, do add it to your Goodreads, Shelfari or LibraryThing bookshelf!!!

It has been uploaded to Smashwords and it will then go on sale at Apple, Sony and a few other retailers. Kobobooks does not yet have a date for distribution.

* Dragon was created by: DepositPhotos/Gurbi4 and is the very dragon used on the cover of Dragons of Wendal!

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Fairy Bite Print and Series Boxed Set

I’m working on the print version of Fairy Bite now. If you want to order a copy, let me know! I’m also working on a boxed set that will include all three books: Dragons of Wendal, DragonKin and Fairy Bite. It will be ebook only.

Lots of work yet to be done!!!

I’ll start back up posting bargains and whatnot again tomorrow. I need to take a new picture of the garden too. It’s grown a lot. First blossom has appeared on a cucumber plant!

Posted: April 19, 2017
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Greek Version – Haunting Clues

Check it out!!!! I am almost ready to tell you where to buy the Greek version of Haunting Clues!!! You can buy the Greek version of Haunting Clues at Smashwords.

Here’s the book blurb:

Ebook Description
Ο Μαξ αναλαμβάνει να απομακρύνει τα φαντάσματα από μία πολυτελή έπαυλη. Για να αντιμετωπίσει τους νεκρούς, όμως, πρέπει πρώτα να ξεσκεπάσει τα μυστικά αυτών που είναι ακόμα ζωντανοί.

I’m still doing some testing of the various formats. If you own a Sony reader, the PDF format looks best. (If you know how to embed a font, you can get around this issue.)

The .mobi file looks great on Kindle for PC. Adobe Editions replaces accents with a question mark. There are other readers; let me know if you have particular issues or questions about any of them!

The cover was designed by Katerina Vamvasaki.

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Magical Mayhem is Live and Other Assorted News

Magical_mayhem_frontMagical Mayhem (print only) is live at Amazon. This only took about two months longer than I expected. 🙂 Me and my little projects. Magical Mayhem is a compilation of my two anthologies, three of my Kindle short stories and a new children’s story.

This particular print book is eligible for Amazon’s four for three program (I don’t know how or why, but I’m very happy to see it in that bargain bin!) If you received the updated Kindle download for Tracking Magic you will have seen the illustrations that are also in the print version. The updated/illustrated version of Sage will be sent out in the next two weeks. It includes illustrations and I also added the children’s story to the back of Sage. That way fans can have all the stories without having to go buy a different piece.

Catch an Honest Thief (in print) is also currently available for Amazon’s four for three program. Thief is a stand alone romantic suspense. It’s available in both print and for Kindle.

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Release Day – Fairy Bite

If you preordered Fairy Bite, it should be waiting for you on your e-reader. If you didn’t–what are you waiting for!

I hope you love it. My thanks go out again to Elisabeth, April, all my beta readers past and present, all of you who have left reviews, all my fans and my husband.


Apple (Delayed by a week due to rules beyond my control. You might want to pick up your copy in the blog store or other retailers.)

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Sage – Anthology

sage_halfSage: Tales from a Magical Kingdom – Now available for download to your Kindle, iPhone or iPod-touch via Amazon.

Amazon UK
(It’s available at all the Amazon country retailer stores, including Germany, Spain, Italy and France).
Barnes and Noble

If you have an e-reader that supports ePUB, I will be uploading the ePub files for sale from my own website soon. In the meantime, try here:


Sword and Sorcery meets Agatha Christie. Three novellas introduce the Kingdom of Sage and those who protect its boundaries.
Sometimes it takes a more experienced hand to save an entire Kingdom.

The first of these stories, Toil, Trouble and Rot, was published in Coyote Wild Magazine; the other two are all new, original stories. In Dungeons and Decay find out just how far a mother will go when her child is in danger–and how much magic it takes to keep him safe. In Call to Arms, its a family affair; every hand is needed when a ghost invades the kingdom demanding old wrongs be righted.

Tracking Magic

Well Folks, it was a long, hard battle. Tons of comments and great suggestions. There were font wars, there were close-ups and bends in the road…

But here it is. The cover for Tracking Magic!!!

Thank you everyone for your votes and comments. I had a lot of fun and I hope you did too!!!

Tracking Magic is for young adults and adults.

“Get Smart” meets “Ghostbusters!” A humorous urban fantasy. Five case files from Max Killian Investigations:

Haunting Clues — Max is hired to expel a ghost from a mansion. To deal with the dead, though, he must first uncover the secrets of those still alive.

Curses! — Some days you curse, some days the curse gets you.

Dearly Departed — Max investigates a graveyard, but when it comes up empty, it’s his job to find the body–dead or alive.

Roadkill — Max can smell the dead long after they are gone. Of course, it’s not too hard to smell the ones that just died, but it could prove to be more dangerous.

Privy to Secrets — Some secrets are worth dying for. The trick is to know which ones make life worth living.

Tracking Magic can be purchased at all the usual retailers.

Amazon UK
(It’s available at all the Amazon country retailer stores, including Germany, Spain, Italy and France).
Barnes and Noble

If you have an e-reader that supports ePUB, I will be uploading the ePub files for sale from my own website soon. In the meantime, try here:


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Under Witch Aura – Book 2 – Moon Shadow Series

First, I’d like to thank all of you for voting and for your suggestions. I think we have a clear winner. You’ll notice that several suggestions made their way into these, the final covers!

One of the biggest joys of the job is interacting with readers. I love that you come here and study the cover and help make them better. I love when you suggest books to read and when you comment on my books.

The first shot is the front of the book, the one that shows up on all the retailer websites. The second is the full wrap cover, the one that goes on the print version of the book.

To purchase:

Amazon US
Amazon UK

There’s an ill wind blowing in Santa Fe, and it’s touching every witch Adriel knows, including White Feather, who is far more important to Adriel than just any warlock. In search of answers, she delves into ancient magic, a family secret and dangerous religious rituals. Whoever is manipulating the elements appears to be after the ultimate goal: forbidden power over life and death.

Adriel will go to the ends of the earth to keep those she loves safe, but if she lures the enemy away, will she be able to save herself? Her only hope is to use earth magic to hide from the very air she breathes as she hunts down an unseen and untenable evil.

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