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Ads at BearMountainBooks

Ads at BearMountainBooks

To submit a book or other item as a featured post for the blog, email me (my email is in the sidebar). Most ads are in the form of either a guest post or I do feature posts for books or products. Ads on the blog cost a flat rate of ten dollars. The unique thing about ads on my site is that you can submit your own ad copy (I reserve the right to discuss any required changes for the ad to be approved–keep it fun and clean). I don’t require a sale or any special pricing. You can mention a series, a boxed set, your latest release or a combination.

If you want me to write the ad copy, I create a post that includes the cover, links to buy and any impressions I have of the book or the genre. If I have reviewed your book, I have already posted about it and while I will do an ad for a new book, I will not do an ad for a book I’ve reviewed because I do not take any compensation for reviews. If you would like to do a guest post as an author in an interview style or as a “get to know my character,” etc, that is also acceptable. If you have an idea for a guest post that is not listed here, email me and we can discuss. Here are some examples of posts that did well. Cover reveal and cover polls also do very well.

The book mention will appear on my blog and also on my facebook site.

Books that do well: Cozies, general mysteries, historical mysteries, cookbooks, romantic comedies, romance, urban fantasy, fantasy, some non-fiction stories–the funnier the better. As of March 2017 Historical Mysteries sell the most copies of any genre.

I do not accept ads for erotica, horror, serial killers (unless pastiche or funny) or graphically violent thrillers. These categories do not have good sell-through on my blog.

Some young adult does quite well. An example of one that did very well was The Tell-Tale Con by Aimee Gilchrist. It has a mystery, humor and would be considered cozy. Free does well in almost any category with the exception of erotica, graphic violence and horror.

If you have a product other than a book, send me an email and tell me about the product. I will do “evaluation” ads if you wish to send me the product to try out/review/blog my opinion.

I also do ad links in the sidebar to other sites. To have a link featured at the top of the blog, the cost is $25 dollars for two weeks. To have a link down further (where this ad link is located) the cost is 10 dollars for two weeks. In both cases, I usually do a blog post about the product (you can opt in or out of the blog post). All links are subject to approval. Links that do well are book blogs, free and bargain book sites, review sites, foodie blogs, and author service type blogs (artists, Vistaprint, giveaways, stock art, etc). Products that do well on my site include: Gardening links/seeds, soap making supplies, healthy edibles and chocolate, gadgets and interesting fabrics that are unique.

If you have questions, email me! The email is on the sidebar under contacts.

Maria Schneider