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New Scents and Old

I’m messing around with putting another order in for essential oils. Don’t worry. If you have already ordered lotion, shampoo or soap, we’ve probably talked about which scents you like–and I carry those as standards. But if there is something you haven’t seen or isn’t listed that you are interested in, now would be the perfect time to mention it!

Most Popular Scents
There are times when I’ll let a scent run out–it can depend on how many orders I get for a particular scent over time, but rest assured, Lavender is a staple. Jasmine is running a close second. The citrus melon is proving popular as well. Mint comes and goes in popularity.

The spruce was very, very popular, but it is too expensive to make the bar soap. I have decided I will carry it for lotions and shampoo–but would have to raise the bar soap to 5 dollars per bar to continue making the bar soap. It’s a subtle, but lovely fragrance. It’s one I don’t tire of!

Anyway, if there is something you’ve heard of and want to try, let me know!

Posted: January 8, 2018