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Some Freebies for the Weekend

And after all the wild Christmas spending, it’s nice to find a few things for free, so today I’m posting a few freebies that you might enjoy! I’ve picked some from just about every genre–you are bound to find at least one gem in the mix!

Hunt, a YA urban fantasy is free this weekend!

When Freya said that she’d be shocked if she made it through the year without killing herself, that wasn’t an invitation for a demon to come and do it for her.

Zodiac Rising – The Fire Signs (Four Romance stories) is free this weekend.

Ariel (Aries)

Ariel Ramson has everything it takes to compete in the world of NASCAR. Courage, ambition, an adventurous spirit, not afraid to take chances, except with her heart.

Kent Landon has been following Ariel through the Internet, watching videos of her races and interviews, searching out images, and, to his disgust, acting like a teenager with a crush. Now that she’s racing at his track, he’s sure he’ll be able to get the tempting little gypsy out of his system. A red-hot weekend with Ariel to scratch that itch, and he’ll be able to get on with his plans to find a suitable wife. But Ariel’s competitive heart, not to mention his own, may be too tough for him to handle.

Sorceress Awakening is free this weekend! (Urban Fantasy)

When Lillian finds herself facing off against vampires and other mythological impossibilities, help comes from an unlikely source—the stone gargoyle who has been sleeping in her garden for the last twelve years.

After the battle, Lillian learns the humans she thought were her family are actually a powerful coven of witches at war with the demonic Riven. Lillian is something more than human, a Sorceress and Avatar to the gods. Gregory has been her protector for many lifetimes, but when she was still a child troubles in their homeland forced him to flee with her to the human world. However, Gregory fears something from her childhood followed them to this world—he suspects Lillian is host to an infant demon, one capable of evil greater than even the Riven.

Feed 1 (Dystopian SCI/FI) –

Seven years after the nanocameras switched on and the feeds began, nanoengineer Samuel Ramone becomes the subject of an addictive reality feed. As his heart sinks further into the crush he’s been nursing, his popularity rises. He is a married man, after all.

When it comes to the new world of the feeds, Enforcers are nothing but a rumor. But the Editors . . . they’re real. With every human monitored endlessly, Ramone hasn’t had anything to fear in a long time, except seeing himself in a feed. Or worse, seeing his wife in one. With another man.

That’s why he’s never looked. If you can’t see something, it’s not there.

But when Ramone finally plans a way to hide from the unceasing surveillance–disguised as entertainment, monitored and enhanced by those all-seeing Editors–he learns that his viewership is endangering his attempts escape the feeds, and soon the people he loves most.

Now he is hunted by an Enforcer. Running is pointless. But staying in one place means learning the rumors aren’t just rumors.

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