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An Old Bicycle

I gave away my bicycle today. I haven’t ridden it in 17 years. It was a mountain bike that I had since college, a very nice, very expensive model at the time. It occurred to me that I must not like riding a bike much since I’ve never even considered putting new tires on it and riding it again. Then it occurred to me that most of the reason is because I’m old. WHEN DID I GET OLD?????

It’s weird how one day after we moved to Austin, I rode the bike around my new neighborhood. Then I mounted hooks on the ceiling in the garage and hung it up. I didn’t ever imagine it would be the last time I’d ride it. I blinked and 17 years later, it was still hanging there, unused. WHEN DID I GET OLD????

Posted: November 12, 2017

Book Discussion: Pinned Post Week 17

As the holidays close in, reading time gets thin. (I’m such a poet.) I’m not sure if I’ll be reading this week or not as I have chores lined up that are 6 deep in every direction. That doesn’t keep me from keeping an eye out for bargains and good reads.

I love a good mystery with my romance:

Stationmaster’s Cottage

Whispering Pines

In other news, Year of the Mountain Lion and Snitched, Snatched are now in KU. If you are a subscriber, you can read either or both for free!

Posted: November 12, 2017
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