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Amazon Audible Monthly Subscription – Romance

For those of you who listen to a lot of audio books, specifically romance audio, Audible now has a reasonable subscription service. I believe it is an “all you can listen” for either $14.95 or $6.95 a month depending on whether you are already a KU subscriber or not.

Posted: November 1, 2017

Jasmine Wax

I’m working on a special order today, a jasmine lotion. There are a lot of ways to get the scent into the lotion, but I chose to work with jasmine wax. Working with the actual wax flower extract imparts a truer scent to the lotion. It’s more expensive than jasmine scents that are made from a mixture of flower parts, but the wax also makes the lotion better. It’s a humectant and it helps hold moisture in the skin. The scent of the jasmine is a true scent of jasmine followed by woody earth notes that don’t fade. It’s the kind of scent that you smell again because while it’s not a light scent, there’s an ever changing aspect to it that makes you want to break apart each nuance and investigate the scent all over again.

This is not something I expect to carry or make often because the wax is expensive–the lotion is more of a perfume than a lotion! The wax turns the lotion a creamy off-white color. Quite luxurious!

Here’s a list of other products I’m making this year!

Posted: November 1, 2017

Where Are the Deals?

Just like years past, I plan on blogging Black Friday deals. Last year those deals started NICE and EARLY. This year? Pttth. I haven’t seen a one yet! I liked the idea of the stores cheating to gain business. I’m an associate at several places (See’s Candies, Walmart, Amazon, Kobo, etc). So far the only thing I’ve received is a warning letter not to divulge sales too early! Well, okay, but I haven’t even seen any! How can I go all clandestine when no one is sharing the secrets??

It’s already November. I think someone should have a really good deal on SOMETHING!


Amazon has announced its Black Friday Deal Page!


I found a good deal on a series we’ve been talking about here on the blog–Book 11 in the Dorothy Martin series is on sale!

Evil that Men Do — It’s only $2.51 today!!

Posted: November 1, 2017