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Article: Mary Walker US Medal of Honor

I didn’t realize that Mary Walker was the only female to be awarded the US Medal of Honor. Apparently she is also one of the reasons I am allowed to wear pants (shorts and/or sweat pants) today. I’m very grateful.

When I was an exchange student in high school, I went to Japan my senior year. We had to wear uniforms to school, and they happened to be skirt/dresses that look similar to the dress Mary Walker has on in the picture (they were a bit longer). Because of the absolutely freezing cold during Japan’s winter, I often wore jeans underneath the uniform. It was prohibited to do so, and I was told several times not to do it. BUT I WAS COLD so I continued to do it, using various excuses of not understanding the rules, not understanding the language, NOT CARING A WHIT and so on. We had round belly stoves in the classrooms. Only those sitting close to the stoves were anywhere close to warm. When we arrived in the morning, we would huddle around the stoves. Because I had pants on underneath my skirt, when my skirt caught fire, I didn’t realize it at first. 🙂 No harm done other than the hole that burned through the skirt. The other girls were quite mortified. A kind soul patched it for me (even then my sewing skills were quite legendary. We won’t go into details.)

Posted: October 6, 2017
Filed in Walks in Life