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Print Books – Proofs, Clearing Inventory

I have a couple of leftover signed books to clear out of inventory. Specifically I have one copy of Under Witch Aura (dings on the cover) and one of Fairy Bite that does not have the butterfly. If anyone wants either one, let me know. I can snail mail in the US for $4.00 each.

This isn’t the final cover, but it’s close! $4.00

You can’t really see the ding, but it’s on the edge so that cover sticks up a little bit. This book was in a bookstore and when I checked stock, I noticed it had the glossy cover instead of the matte cover and had the little ding so I replaced it. $4.00

I have other copies on hand that are brand new. Any single, signed copy ships for $10. Buy any two and the new copies are $8. I can also ship new copies for $8 if you are buying one of the $4.00 dollar bargains above. For example if you want Under Witch Moon and the Aura copy above, I can ship both for $12. I have some complete sets of series in some cases and not in others…email me if you have specific requests and we’ll work it all out!

Posted: August 8, 2017