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Facebook Is Watching You

We all know that Facebook records metrics of everything you do–posts, which groups you visit, what you click on and how long you stare at a given screen before scrolling away. They record all your personal data, what videos you watch, who your friends are, whether you tend to like Republican posts versus Democrat posts and so on. Supposedly this data is collected so they can serve you more meaningful ads (as if there is such a thing.)

The other day I was conducting some business in the private messaging windows. This is not uncommon because I have several business pages–one for Sedona, one for Moon Shadows and one for Dragons. As I typed the message I mentioned I accepted payment via paypal or check. Suddenly a Facebook message pops up below mine: “Is this message about making a payment? Yes or No?”

Really Facebook? I’m kind of busy here, and I don’t need you spying and popping in with advice on how to make or accept payments. In fact, this is supposed to be a PRIVATE transaction so I really don’t want you here at all!

We continued the conversation. I had selected “NO” above because it’s none of FB’s business at this point, and I don’t care what they think or want to know.

A few lines later I typed, “Thank you!”

And Facebook showed up again: “Is this message about thanking someone? Yes or No?”

GOOD GRIEF. It’s obvious their spy software saw the words “Thank you” and decided to pop into the conversation like an untrained puppy jumping up on your clean white pants. Yeah, puppies are cute. Facebook is not.

In case you weren’t aware–Facebook apparently listens in on private chats, private messages and private groups. If you have something private, you might want to conduct it elsewhere. Sure, the NSA can access your email, but at least they aren’t popping in with questions about what you are doing while you are doing it.

I have to be on Facebook because that is where fans and people are right now. But I don’t have to “like” them!!!

Posted: August 7, 2017