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Bargain for Margaret: Romantic Comedy

Okay, I promised to hunt down a good book for Margaret. She likes romantic comedies, cozies, and historical mysteries. Help her out–suggest your favorites in the comments. Here’s my find for the day:

Happily Never After

Do fairy tales really end with a happily ever after? For Ella, her happily ever after came to a screeching halt when her incompetent fairy godmother botched her wish. Without a mask for the ball, Ella’s evil stepmother recognized her as she waltzed the night away with Prince Charmaine. Ella’s happily ever after swiftly became a happily never after when her stepmother threw her out of the house after smashing her glass slippers. Relying on old and new friends, Ella must learn to become a Lady while avoiding her fairy godmother’s attempts to correct the bad wish as she works to find her happily ever after.

Posted: August 3, 2017