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Ghost Shadow

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Soul of the Desert


The Dragons of Wendal boxed set is on sale for $4.99 (normal price is 8.99) for two more days (ends July 25). Use coupon code GRT50BOOKS at Kobo to get half off there (on any of my boxed sets.)

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The first in the Regan O’Reilly series is $1.99 today (It’s possible you have to own the ebook to see this price, but the book is only 99 cents–and I have read the ebook so I own it!

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Walmart is having a big “end of summer” clearance. END OF SUMMER? Shoot. It was 97 here, it’s the middle of July and we have a long way to go! But what the heck. Maybe shorts and tees are on sale?


CreativeMarket has some bundles on sale. This one had the most fonts. This font is FREE – July 24.

Hungry JPG has a nice bundle of fonts on sale this month.

Stock Art, Cute Pictures, Templates

Best place to get photos, cute pictures/drawings of animals and other things for scrap books, card making, etc is Depositphotos. They have some great prices on their packages and short subscriptions. Huge selection.

Posted: July 17, 2017
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Bag Winner, New Cozy Added

Our first book bag winner is LEO! Congrats, Leo! I will be sending your bag out this week.

There is still time to win a bag–comment on the first post above about any of the books you bought in the extravaganza (or any book) to be entered!

I’ve also added a BRAND spankin’ new cozy to the extravaganza–it’s a cozy and it’s 99 cents! Go check it out. (In case you missed other bargains, there’s a 99 cent book deal on almost every row.)

Oh, all right. I’ll tell you the name of the new book.

puppy Buy at Kobo
Buy at Amazon

Posted: July 17, 2017

Orange Cat

It was a bit cloudy this morning. Not really dim, but the sun wasn’t fully out, sort of an extended dawn gray. Husband and I were sitting in our recliners enjoying coffee (husband) and chocolate milk (me). The living room window looks out over the yard, and there was Leo sitting in the grass at the end of the yard in front of the juniper tree.

Husband says, “There’s Junior just sitting in the grass.”
Me: “That’s Leo.”
Husband: “No, that’s Junior. Wait until he turns his face. I thought it was Leo at first too.”
Me, watching the cat: “No, that’s Leo. Look, he just turned this way.”
Husband: “It’s Junior! Clearly!”
I switch out my glasses to the ones that work better for further distance: “It’s Leo!” As I turn my head, I catch a flash of movement.
Husband: “It is not!”
Me turning head: “Oh, you mean the cat that is almost behind the tree blocking my view?”
Husband: “Of course I mean Junior.”
Me, leaning back out of his way a bit. “Look over by that other tree. That’s Leo.”
Husband starts laughing. “Yes, yes, it is.”

It would help if we were looking at the same cat!!!

Posted: July 17, 2017