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A Bag for Dad

This bag has reinforced handles. I invented them after Dad loaded one of my bags with 5 one-liter bottles of peach juice. He then called me and demanded to know why the handles tore off the bag on his way to the car. Gosh. I do wonder how that could have happened.

Anyway, it led to this invention, which I will be giving away next weekend during the July New Releases Extravaganza. I have two other bags as well–they are fabulous Green Bag Lady bags that I took the liberty of embroidering. Yes, I took perfectly good bags and practiced my embroidery on them. Hey, I’m nothing if not…inventive.

I’m looking forward to the extravaganza. I’ve found some wonderful books to tell you about!

In other news, remember when I told you we were learning to cook pizza on the grill? And how that first time we ate the pizza so fast I forgot to take a picture for you? Well, we had pizza again. And this time I took a picture before we scarfed it down! Pizza on the grill!

We tried a few methods, but the winner was to use Superstone Deep Dish Pizza Stone. We will be eating pizza in this house–even in the summer!!!

Posted: July 7, 2017