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Peach Pie

I’m making a peach pie today. I stink at assembling the crusts. They fall apart and tend to litter the counter, the floor and every surface OTHER than the pie plate. I substituted buttermilk for the water and had better luck with it this time! No, that’s not an official recipe. I added *some* buttermilk and then *some* more. For the top crust I added another *some* amount. For all I know the thing will be hard and chewy as a cardboard box. But generally the crusts I make taste good. They just look funny. I tell everyone that I do a lattice work crust and the lattice work crumbled under its own weight. 🙂

Peaches are very nutritious. Lots of vitamin A, C and E. They also have lutein, which is great for your eyes. If you have dry eye or macular degeneration in your family, eating peaches may help!

Posted: July 2, 2017