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More Ranch House Pictures

The largest ranch house on the property was partially closed off (probably most of the bedrooms). But there were several rooms I didn’t get to show you the other day because I took a lot of pictures. So today, I’m posting a few more shots of the various ranch houses. Mind you, some of them are a little mixed up because there were so many rooms, I lost track of which house had what. My apologies.

Okay, truth here. I’m not sure which house this was in. It might be the gardener’s house (I think it is, taken from the sitting room looking back into the kitchen). But I got some of them confused because there were too many houses! If it’s not the gardener’s house, it’s the smaller ranch house looking into the modern kitchen. The setup was similar for the gardener’s house in any case–just a short bar/window between the sitting room and the kitchen. The gardener’s kitchen was just smaller.

This was a study/porch in the small ranch house.

A smallish dining room in the smaller ranch house.

Modernized sitting room in the small ranch house.

For the life of me, I don’t know which house this was in.

Posted: June 13, 2017