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The NaN Ranch Tour

While in NM there was a historical tour of old estates going on. In this case, one estate. I grew up along the Mimbres River and never knew this estate existed. For the most part, the “estates” in this rural area are hand to mouth, scrabble living. The Nan Ranch sits off the main road, completely invisible to the passing world. The owners have 50,000 acres (which sounds like a lot, but it takes 1000 acres to raise 30 cattle in most parts of the state.) The Nan Ranch has the Mimbres river and a spring for its water source. I believe it also had oil investments to help support the ranch.

It was started in 1870–one large kitchen and another room. The kitchen still has the original tile and it covers the room–even the ceiling. (You can see a crack through the tile if you click and enlarge the picture, but this is the only damage from time that was evident.) Obviously the light fixtures are new!

An old fashioned sink–the kind you needed when you dealt with canning, butchering, very large pots and pans and so on.

The more modernized view of a separate sink in a different part of the kitchen.

I found this particularly intriguing. It’s on the back side of the kitchen and both sides are cabinets and such–it’s the pantry/storage for the kitchen.

The gorgeous modernized stove. (Later, in one of the other houses–a smaller ranch house–you’ll see an old wood stove that is much fancier than the one we had growing up.)

The tour actually started in the big barn. I guess barns don’t interest me as much as kitchens do! I’ll do some additional posts from the tour in the coming days.

Posted: June 11, 2017
Filed in Walks in Life