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Print Copies of Fairy Bite

Okay, those of you who ordered a print copy of Fairy Bite: I’ll send out copies this week. If anyone missed out and wants to order a print copy, Amazon has them now and other retailers will have the copies up in the next two or three days. If you need a signed copy, contact me. They are 10 dollars, which includes shipping. I also have a few copies of my other books available if you need a signed copy of one of those–email me. I don’t plan on doing another print run this year so now would be a very good time to order signed copies if you need them this year!

In other news, here is my latest batch of shampoo. I’ll be working on the little labels today. 🙂 The ones bottled are lavender scented, while the larger bottled hasn’t been scented yet. The other scent I work with a lot is citrus. I don’t scent my shampoos heavily. This batch is a shampoo and light conditioner in one and is my favorite recipe. Lots of lather and lots of shine. There’s rosemary and chamomile for scalp health and panthenol for hair health!

Posted: May 7, 2017
Filed in Books and Stories, Shampoo