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Sewing Pegboard

We went shopping today for a pegboard and dowels to make a board to hang all my thread on. Well, some of it anyway. Since I started embroidery, I have amassed a rather alarming number of spools. You have to have the four primary colors in light and dark and black and white at a bare minimum. Then there’s gold and silver. Before you know it, you have twenty-five spools of thread and they are wandering across countertops. Leo likes to nudge them in case he can get them to roll–and unspool all over!

The pegboard was fine, but the dowels didn’t really fit. They were either too big or too small. The pegboard only came in boring brown too. The white stuff was an entire sheet and I don’t need leftover board. On the way home I remembered we had some plain board in the garage. Husband said it would be thin enough and we could drill our own holes! That way the holes would be the right size for the dowels.

We found the board in the garage and discussed painting it.

Me: “Should I paint it before or after we drill the holes?”

Husband: “Probably after so that the pencil marks don’t show.”

Me: “What pencil marks?”

Husband: “You’ll want to mark it so you can keep the holes in a nice straight line and measure how far apart they need to be.”

Me: Silently pondering. “What’s wrong with random holes?”

Husband: Silently pondering. Look of confusion on his face. “What?”

The idea of NOT MEASURING was too alien for him to handle.

Me: “I was going to eyeball it.”

Husband: Silent. Confusion. “You can decide whether to paint it before or after and let me know.”

Posted: April 14, 2017
Filed in Walks in Life