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Update on Fairy Bite

For those of you unable to wait for Fairy Bite, good news! It’s now available for instant download at the blog store! Yes, you can get your early bird copy right now. (You must know how to side load the file to your e-reader. The zip file includes both an epub and a mobi so works with all e-readers that I know about!)

In other cover news, Smashwords (really Apple) didn’t like the cover–not enough definition/color. They labeled it “blurry.” Don’t worry. If you buy your books from Apple, I have uploaded an alternative cover so Fairy Bite will be there on time. Meanwhile I will work on something to solve this and print problems. Aren’t book launches exciting? You work for 3 months or more on a cover, do a poll, find out it was the wrong cover, work on the new cover for a month and a half only to have it rejected…RIGHT BEFORE LAUNCH DAY. No, there’s no stress in this writing gig. None at all. We writers are WARRIORS. We laugh, replace the cover and go on to the next challenge (which ranges from rejected files, missing files, random reader emails, failed uploads, store software that suddenly stops working, ads that don’t run on time, ads that fail to run at all, and so on. Such a peaceful life, writing. GAAAAH.)

Let’s see. Ah, yes. There’s a couple of big sales going on over at Kobo. Two of my books are in the sale. In the case of Soul of the Desert, I’m trying out an alternate cover. Just for fun, you can click over to see what it looks like.

Posted: April 13, 2017