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Cover Work

In my trials and tribulations with covers, I’ve made a few. I’ve tried a few concepts for books that I will never write or just done some because I went off on a tangent. I love artwork. It’s inspiring. When I started writing/publishing there was a dearth of the typical cozy cover artwork. It hasn’t improved much because illustrations are time consuming to make and the artists selling them on stock photo sites are not making much money. This is a long way of telling you that I’ve posted some pre-made covers for sale. I can do custom work; email me or comment for my schedule/fees. Although I have done some illustration from scratch (the cover of Executive Sick days is entirely my own work. The original cover for Sage was also) the cover work I do now is from stock photos.

There are a few more that I’ll add at a later date!

Posted: April 12, 2017
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