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Back to our regularly scheduled posts…

If you plan on buying flowers this year, maybe for your patio or your planter, you might want to buy and start seeds now. I wanted to put some flowers in for the bees this year because I’ve had trouble attracting them to the veggie garden until after I’ve been hand pollinating for about a month. Turns out that flower starts are double or more the price of vegetables! It’s bad enough that all the growers decided they could make a higher profit by not selling six-packs of veggies. By and large only the quart and gallon vegetables were available. The flowers were worse. They were all in fairly large containers and each flower–we are talking ONE plant–was 6 or more dollars! Yikes.

I bought one and the tag said, “Propagation not allowed.” Yeah, whatever. Not only do they want to charge six dollars for one tiny flower, they don’t want you collecting the seeds or breaking off pieces and starting additional plants? ARE YOU CRAZY? For one, most people garden for fifteen minutes each spring (you know who you are. I’ve seen your yard!) and then they move on. For two, if you didn’t charge six dollars for one measly little flower, people would buy three or four or six of the things, plant them all over the yard and not even consider how to propagate the plant!


Rant over. But seriously. If you want flowers and you live up north, now is probably a good time to get some seeds and start a few plants. It could save you a lot of money in the long run and you’d be able to have more than one flower!

Posted: March 16, 2017