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The Days of Ads

In this day and age, in order to sell books, we authors have to take out ads. All those newsletters you subscribe to for free and discount books are paid for by authors who need to list their books. Amazon now charges authors to show our books to potential readers. Kobo also has an ad program. If B&N has a program I am unaware of it; they seem closer and closer to going out of business. I used to sell a few books per month on B&N, but now selling anything there is a rare occasion. All these ad requirements means authors make less money–or no money if they don’t do ads and don’t sell books!

When Fairy Bite is released, I will attempt to support sales with an Amazon ad. In order to do so, I need author names for books that are similar to Dragons of Wendal, DraginKin and Fairy Bite. This is where you come in. Those of you who have read Dragons of Wendal or DragonKin–please leave a comment telling me the names of any authors who write similar cozy fantasies! They can be cozy paranormal mysteries too or even romantic, cozy fantasies. Any book with the same “feel.” I need LOTS of authors–in the neighborhood of fifty or so. I have a list of about ten so far, but that won’t show the ad very often. More is better!

Thank you!!!

Posted: March 11, 2017