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Gardening Day

Okay, folks, TODAY is finally the day I can start putting in tomato plants! I have two large ones that I’ve been babying for a month–there’s already tomatoes on them! AND AND AND the neighbor brought me his used mulch/leaves!!! These people are crazy. Used mulch is the BEST soil there is. Sure, it’s not completely broken down, which is even better–retains moisture. I mean, he had an entire wheelbarrow full! And here I was with no dirt. I was just going to make do and use what I had this year and now I have a whole pile of the good stuff! (Yes, it could use some manure in it, but unless a cow or horse happens along, I’ll just use it as is. An elephant would work too, but I think there’s slightly less chance of one coming by. If I’m lucky a bird will perch on the top and leave an offering!)

I think I’ll plant some flowers this year too. Attract more bees. I have bees on my Meyer’s Lemon tree already. They look a bit peaked. They need more flowers.

Posted: March 3, 2017