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News Announcement

Amazon has announced that it is cutting commissions/referral payments by about half. This will probably cause a lot of book bloggers to close shop. Some bloggers lost the ability to earn commissions entirely over the last few months.

I don’t earn a huge amount from referrals, but it’s been enough to keep the blog going. I haven’t decided what to do about posting book links. While I do referrals to other sites and I also take book ads, the bulk of my commissions has come from Amazon in the past. I’ve seen a few book bloggers take donations or do subscriptions, but I just don’t feel that is a viable model for surviving.

If you like to see the book bargains I’ve been posting, let me know. If there are other topics you’d rather see, let me know that too.

Posted: March 1, 2017

Attention Authors and Artists

AppSumo is offering it’s great deal for DepositPhoto credits — 100 downloads for $39 dollars. This offer usually lasts only a day (they only allow a small number of sales). I am not an affiliate at appsumo, so receive no compensation for talking about this deal.

If you need stock art for any reason, I highly recommend this deal. It’s a lot of art for a low price. Definitely my favorite deal for art!

Posted: March 1, 2017
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Recommended Bargain Cozy: Bed and Breakfast and Murder

Bread and Breakfast and Murder comes highly recommended by one of the readers I follow. Since the price is 99 cents it’s pretty irresistible!

I tried not to look down the mouth of hell staring back at me from inside the glaringly pristine outer ceramic shell of the white throne, my throat catching, stomach doing half flips and a rather impressive rollover routine that would have gotten at least a 9.5 even from the Russian judges. Instead, I forced myself to smile and swallow and remind myself the elbow length yellow rubber gloves grasping the handle of the standard issue plunger were all that stood between me and Pooageddon.

Suck it up, Fee. Big girl panties and adulting and all that.

“At what point,” I waved the dripping plunger, wincing as droplets of yuck flew, “did I think owning a bed and breakfast was going to be glamorous and romantic?”