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Superbowl Snack Failure

I post a lot of recipes, but I try to post the successful ones. I thought I should mention that there really is no good way to make potato chips, French fries or sweet potato fries in the oven. Potato snacks, yes. Burned crisps, yes. Dehyrdrated slivers of something chewy, yes. The whole idea of a crispy, hot, flavored chip is the crunchiness and burst of flavor. I can do oven burst of flavor and stove pan-fry in a small amount of oil flavor. But it is not a potato chip. Kale chips are definitely not potato chips. They are paper bags with seasoning. If you serve kale stir-fried it’s more like a soggy cardboard box than a paper bag, but the difference is not a real improvement.

Anyway, if you want sweet potato chips or fries, I recommend you buy the real thing or actually use oil and fry them up. Otherwise, like me, you won’t be serving them at the Superbowl!!!

Posted: February 5, 2017

Book Bargains for those Ignoring the SuperBowl

For those of you who don’t plan to watch the superbowl, you might need something to read. I have found a couple of bargains to tide you over!

Another intriguing historical mystery:

The Booksellers Tale I noticed a nice review by one of my blog readers for this book! Obviously a great book!

Oxford, Spring 1353. When young bookseller Nicholas Elyot discovers the body of student William Farringdon floating in the river Cherwell, it looks like a drowning. Soon, however, Nicholas finds evidence of murder. Who could have wanted to kill this promising student? As Nicholas and his scholar friend Jordain try to unravel what lies behind William’s death, they learn that he was innocently caught up in a criminal plot. When their investigations begin to involve town, university, and abbey, Nicholas takes a risky gamble – and puts his family in terrible danger.

And this looks like a good fantasy.
Into the Fae – It has very good ratings/reviews and is a bargain at 99 cents. Ofttimes, if a book has editing problems, it’s the kiss of death–this one looks like it was very popular despite initial problems that have since been corrected.

With peace finally descending on the Romanian Grey Wolves, longtime fae ambassador to the wolves, Perizada, has been given a new mission by the Great Luna. But Peri’s desire for revenge against her sister, Lorelle, burns in her heart. Further complicating matters, the great white wolf, Lucian Lupei, has been returned to the pack after centuries trapped in the Dark Forest, and it appears he is destined to be with Peri. Can she put aside her thoughts of vengeance long enough to accept Lucian’s love and complete her mission?

Bargains: Historical Romance and True Murder Mysteries

We have a bit of historical romance today:

Ariana’s Pride by Margaret Lake. Reminds me of reading the old Julie Garwood books back when I was a teen. Ariana’s Pride is in KU so if you subscribe, you can read it for free.

Ariana Devoe is the feisty and headstrong daughter of Earl William. When she loses her home and family, she sets off to reach the elderly Baron to whom her father has promised her. Along the way, she discovers she’d rather avenge her father’s death than be stuck with the old baron. She knows she can’t carry out her plan on her own. Jeremy has promised to help her, but does he have his own agenda?

Oddly enough when I was trying to remember the book that Ariana reminded me of, I found that Julie Garwood’s, The Bride, is on sale for $1.99 today! How weird is that?

And since I seem to be on an historical kick, I found this very interesting non-fiction book — True Tales of Victorian Murders!!!

Hot on the heels of A Mix of Murders, Gaslight Villainy forms Grahame Farrell’s second volume of gripping true-murder cases. But where A Mix of Murders covers the Twentieth Century, Gaslight Villainy treats the reader, in exquisite detail, to a selection of fourteen crimes committed during the Victorian period.