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Soul of the Desert

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Under Witch Curse

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Dragons of Wendal

Bargains: Urban Fantasy and Sci/fi

savingThis is exclusive to Kobo, but it’s free with code: MOLLYFREE at checkout.

Molly Fyde

It’s space opera so should be fun reading.

savingHere is a pre-order deal that is good at Kobo and will PROBABLY be available at Amazon in about a week: Nine books by nine authors–all in one package for 99 cents!!! I’ve read one of the books already and it was very good.

Nine by Night

Don’t have a Kobo reader? Well, you can read on your PC or mobile with an “app” or–you can enter a survey/contest to try to win a reader here!

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Posted: July 23, 2014

Buddy Read: Nice Dragons Finish Last

savingAnyone up for a buddy read? You’d think I’d have had enough dragons what with my dragon book about to come out, but apparently not! I found this Dragon book and am reading it. I think several of you might like it. So–if you are inclined, join in!!!

Nice Dragons Finish Last (At Kobobooks) by Rachel Aaron

Or Dragons/Last at Amazon

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Posted: July 20, 2014

Guest Review: Murder Misdirected

straightToday we have a fabulous guest post from Elisabeth. You may know her as Elisabeth or as Lucy–from The Buddy Read. I’m trying to talk her into another buddy read. I’ll announce the book soon.

Meanwhile, let’s see what she has to say about Murder Misdirected! (At Kobobooks)

I just finished Murder Misdirected (At Amazon) by Andrew MacRae. It took me a couple of tries to get into it, I read the first couple of chapters at least 3 different times and kept putting the book down. For some reason I kept at it this time and am quite glad I did. It’s possibly the best book I’ve read in the last couple of months.

I kept going back to it because it comes from Mainly Murder Press. Usually Judith Ivie has a good eye for the kind of books I like, so I kept getting enticed by the blurb. He’s got a sequel out that looked good, so I gave the first book one more try. The beginning doesn’t really have weaknesses, it just looked like it was going somewhere else I wasn’t particularly interested in going. Fortunately I was wrong.

Anyway, I liked it enough to mention it to you.


In unrelated news, most of the urban fantasy Kate Daniel series is on sale today only for $1.99 per book. Great series. I really enjoyed it. Here it is at Kobobooks And of course at Amazon.

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Posted: July 20, 2014

News and Sundry

dragonkin_frt_blog DragonKin is off to the copy editor. It will be released into the wild on August 12. Get your one-click ready! Also: Reviewers–now is the time to obtain a review copy! If you have a blog or if you consistently post reviews to Amazon, Goodreads or other venues and would like a copy of Dragons of Wendal or DragonKin, email me. The current review copy of DragonKin has not been through final copy edit, as is customary for ARCs, but early copies allow reviewers to have their review ready on the release date.

You can add DragonKin to your shelf at Goodreads!!!

In other news, we got a wonderful rain last night. Much needed. I’m pulling up my zucchini plants. They just don’t make it through the summer here with the vine borer moth. It will make more room for the sweet potatoes which are creating vines like crazy. The okra is growing well and we’ve eaten a few batches. AWESOME flavor.

Y’all have a great weekend.

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Posted: July 18, 2014

Sedona’s Latest Outfit

Okay we’ve talked about what car Steve Huntington will be driving in book four…and you know I never stop researching. Only the coolest of the cool, only the best for my characters. It is true that Sedona can be a bit of klutz. It is also true she needs to drag around various gadgets to get the job done…and that can be awkward when you’re a heroine trying to juggle a gun, a phone, your car keys…and when you need to jump over fences to avoid attack dogs and burly bad guys, well, maybe this would all be easier if she just had the right t-shirt.

And I’ve found it: A tee with pockets! Not only that, the pockets are nearly hidden. You could wire Sedona to go in with a recorder and no one would see the wires! It’s possible that if Mark Huntington gets around to teaching Sedona to pick locks, she can now carry the lock picks without fear of discovery. Oh, the possibilities!

A most excellent cotton T-shirt with pockets

pocketmap_cshirt_xray (Click for larger picture or go to the link above to see the same shot at ScotteVest website.)

ScotteVest also has some pretty nice jackets and pants. Nine pockets in the pants. Nine! I could carry more in there than I can in my fanny pack. For that matter, I wouldn’t even need my fanny pack if I had these pants! Oh wait. This is about Sedona. Right. We authors tend to lose our focus when researching.

Of course, ScotteVest has the obligatory detective trenchcoat because how can you create this type of clothing without having a trench coat? Markhat is going to need one. I may have to write Frank Tuttle to tell him about these. He’ll be green with envy.

On the weird side–and you just knew there would be a weird side…they have underwear with a secret pocket. I am totally not going to comment on that because as you know, around here, certain sewing experiments may have resulted in bermuda shorts that accidentally turned into unwearable underwear with pockets. Besides…really?

I already have a scene in mind for the t-shirt. Let’s hope Sedona doesn’t have other plans…sometimes she goes off and does her own thing. I can only hope the t-shirt is rugged enough to keep up with her!

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Posted: July 18, 2014

Win a Kobo Glo

I kind of miss the days when blogs were giving away kindles left and right. Well, here’s a chance to win a KoboGlo! Author Tanya Anne Crosby is giving one away! I know it’s nearly impossible to find the proper place to leave a comment in order to win (took me a few minutes of hunting around). But nothing stops me and this blog — so here is the magic page to leave a comment. It’s the first post on that page.

Go on over and win one for the team!

savingAnd because it’s coupon season, now is a great time to check out Tanya’s books–Kobo coupons work with her books!!! Let me know if you need a coupon. I have some for about 55 percent off and I haven’t played the trivia yet today!

Her books are also available at Amazon and one of the boxed sets at 9.99 is a good deal! All three Highland Bride books for 9.99.

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Posted: July 16, 2014

Buddy Read: One Damn Thing After Another

savingBonus Sunday post! I started reading Just One Damned Thing After Another! and was enjoying it thoroughly. So when April the Dragon wrote complaining of a lackluster reading schedule I suggested we both read this book and do a buddy read for the blog! Join us! It’s got humor and good characters and I guess it’s cozy sci/fi for the genre. Very fun so far. I’m not quite halfway.

There are likely to be spoilers in the comment trail!

Another Book to check out in the sci/fi arena:
X-Novo at kobo
(coupons work so this is the best deal of all the retailers) a dystopian adventure by Ken Hadgal. I’ve started this one and it reminds me of 1984 told from the woman’s point of view and rather than 1984, I guess it would have to be 2194? 2694? Who knows when civilization will next get itself into trouble trying to control everyone else??? This is a world run by women, a flip-a-culture-on-its-head view. One of the things I noticed right away is that women complained that men/aggression/testosterone were the cause of a lot of problems. But so far in this world run by women, it doesn’t appear to me that they are doing anything much different than the men did! I’ve often found the strict “feminist” POV interesting in that many seem to tout that women are better than men and that somehow men aren’t all that attractive an option–pretty much their main complaint being the man think they are better than women. It’s an interesting concept. There’s some good action possibilities here as one of the women begins to question the various mantras.

At B&N
At Amazon

If anyone needs a coupon for Kobo: 45% off – 8ZqUHy Enter the code at checkout!
Here’s one for 55 percent off: 5mMcbp

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Posted: July 13, 2014

Famous Art Photoshopped

Birth_of_Venus_BotticelliAnd in the art category, I found this article absolutely fantastic. What if Famous Paintings Were Photoshopped to Look Like Fashion Models?

Scroll down past the header photo and hover on the first photo–watch it change from the original to the photoshopped version! Fascinating. There are several examples in the article.

Warning: These are mostly nudes, so if that offends, don’t click through.

If you are into sweepstakes, See’s Candies is having a promo sweepstakes. Their summer lollipops are on sale too.

Enter the San Francisco Sugar Rush Sweepstakes for See’s Candies Prizes! Enter Between 7/5 – 7/20 For a Chance to Win!

B&N has a sweeps going on as well:

Enter for a Chance to Win a Deluxe Behind the Scenes Studio Tour with a Trip for 2 to Los Angeles PLUS a $1,000 B&N Gift Card – 7/18-8/10

Tiger Direct has a sale this weekend only:
TigerDirect Sitewide Promo: Receive $15 off Your Order of $100 Or More Only At TigerDirect

Kindle Daily Deal
The Diane Tregarde series by Mercedes Lackey is on sale today for Kindle’s Daily Deal–each book in this four book series is ONLY $1.99! Huge deal for those who love UF. I really enjoyed this series when I read it years ago. That was before UF was even a genre.

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Posted: July 12, 2014

DragonKin Update and Other News

kinegg_frontHere’s a blurb for DragonKin, book two in the Dragons of Wendal series. You didn’t know Dragons of Wendal was going to be a series? Me either! I sort of figured it out as I started writing book two. Yes, I run a tight ship around here. Every last detail is planned out…except when it isn’t!

Book Description
Dragons of Wendal Book 2

Drissa needs a place to hide, and she needed it yesterday. Wendal, with its rumors of inhospitable shifters, unknown terrain and wild magic, is not a territory many want to explore, making it the perfect place to disappear. Now, the last thing Drissa needs is to adopt more trouble, but what can she do when it hatches at her feet and then insists she drag it and a half dead stranger to safety? But she’ll do whatever is necessary to survive, because her younger sister can’t wait forever to be rescued. Of course, Wendal and its inhabitants aren’t necessarily interested in her long term plans or her survival.

I haven’t released excepts in the past, but let me know if y’all are interested in that sort of thing. It’s possible I could be talked into it.

In other news, I won a prize pack from one of my favorite review sites–FanLit. This is a fantasy review site covering urban fantasy, cozy fantasy and science fiction. It’s a fun place to find good books and they have a book giveaway once a week or so. If you like fantasy, you should check it out–especially on Thursdays when they ask about your best read of the month before.


I love the dragon on the t-shirt. It was drawn by author Janny Wurts.

Kobo Trivia Contest for coupons and free Kobo Readers!

kobotriviaSeveral of you have been asking where I get coupons for kobo. Well, a new trivia contest is about to start! I’ll update the link when it goes live (right now it says coming soon). The link IS NOW LIVE!!!

Remember, if you get the wrong answer try again. No one knows if you have to get the right answer first try to be entered for the grand prize. If you have coupon codes you won’t be using, feel free to post them in the comments and we can share them around. Feel free to share answers to the trivia as well. You can play once a day and you can go back and play days you forget to play! Coupon codes are SINGLE USE ONLY so enter them and verify that they are still good before you complete the purchase. I will delete coupons from the comments if I know they have been used!

Get your book list ready!!! (Major publishers usually do not play. See the comments trail from the post a few days ago to learn how to check to see if a book will be eligible. The post is the one with the book covered in greenery with the ladder.)

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Posted: July 9, 2014

Bargains and Bells


savingBook 3 of the Calamity Jayne books is 99 cents Sale at Kobobooks. If you picked up book one for free, now is your chance to get book 3 at a bargain. I enjoyed book one! It’s very zany and full of the improbable, but it’s funny. Also at Amazon for 99 cents!

savingAlso Julie Moffett of the Lexi Carmichael humor mysteries has brought back one of her parnormal/historical/romance/mystery series. This just came out this week. If you like her other work, you might want to check this series out. There are three books. The first is: The Fireweaver at Amazon. Also available at Kobobooks. Coupons should work with all of Moffett’s books.

One hundred years after the witch trials in 1792 Salem Massachusetts:
Bridget Goodwell is the daughter of one of Salem’s most prominent Congregationalist ministers. Although Bridget is almost twenty-one years of age and long past the prime age of marriage, in three months time she will finally wed Peter Holton, a wealthy law student from a respectable family. Bridget’s future seems secure and bright. Except for the fact that Bridget is hiding a terrible secret. She is able to set things on fire by willing it so. All of her life she’s successfully hid her unnatural ability from family and friends. But just three weeks before her wedding, her secret is threatened when her childhood nemesis and first true love, Benjamin Hawkes, sails back into town with trouble on his mind.

Urban Fantasy Treat
And for Urban Fantasy fans, a HUGE treat. A series I loved long before Urban Fantasy was even called that has finally been brought to Kindle. The great Mercedes Lackey series: Diana Tregarde is now an ebook. Children of the Night is only $1.99 at Amazon. It saddens me greatly that this book is so far only on Kindle and not up at Kobo books and other retailers. But if you like UF or great mysteries with wonderful characters, this was a wonderful series.


savingAnd a James Lee Burke Freebie at Kobobooks!!! A Dust Bowl Tale of Bonnie and Clyde

UPDATED This story is no longer available for free.

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Posted: July 7, 2014
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