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Thursday Bargains

I’ve read a couple of these and they’re decent, but they fall outside my normal reading. The price is right though.

Monster Hunter International – Larry Correia – Very much a tough guy book; lots and lots of battles. The gore isn’t really upsetting because it’s all pretty impossible and over the top. Excellent plot nearly obscured by being too long and too battle-filled with “must one-up” each battle.

The Keepers by Donna Augustine This one is quite excellent in many aspects, but the plot is nearly obscured by the immaturity of both protags when it comes to dealing with one another (which may be realistic but makes them unlikeable at times). The character growth is uneven and often over explained. The mystery is a bit rushed towards the end, but makes sense in the scheme of things. The cover is a bit obnoxious; just ignore the “in your face” aspect.

Three Parts Dead by Max Gladstone is half off. This is one of those expensive books that I watch in hopes of a sale. Urban Fantasy.

Dead Man Talking – T.M. Simmons – looks cozy and involves ghosts!!!

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Posted: May 21, 2015

Leo the Convict Strikes Again

Leo thought it would be funny to bring a live juvenile dove into the kitchen. I was not amused. Leo seemed confused by our reactions. Mug shots below:





Click on the picture for a slightly larger version. If you see this cat, I suggest you check for nefarious activity, trouble, or plots involving birds, snakes, bugs, moths, roofs, counter tops and stolen contraband.

In other news, the lilies I bought because we had company coming in January (I thought they’d look nice on the table) finally bloomed. Not only is the plant too large for the table, the blooms are several months late!


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Posted: May 19, 2015
Filed in Project - Cat


logoA new book site has sprung up! Leafmarks is a book site where readers can keep track of books they have read, rate them, share them, catalog them and find buy links to various retailers. It’s similar to other sites like LibraryThing and Goodreads and more robust than Fictfact.

It’s pretty new so there are some quirks yet to be worked out, but it’s kind of nice. It has a “newsfeed” much like Facebook, but it shows everything from those you follow or friend rather than just arbitrary posts.

A huge thanks to Debbie’s Spurts for the warm welcome and for helping me find my way around. I imported all my books from goodreads so I didn’t have to do any manual updating (of course, I promptly finished reading a book and had to review it and then I found another book I had read, but that wasn’t in my list…) I didn’t even know I could export my goodreads list to a spreadsheet, but Leafmarks told me how to do it! It worked great. I like the idea of having a spreadsheet. I can make private notes if I want and port it wherever I want.

If any of you join and look around, be sure to friend/follow me so that I won’t be wandering the halls by myself.

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Posted: May 17, 2015

Kobo Weekend Sale

E-book and its contentKobo is having a sale this weekend — 35 percent off on a special list of books! Don’t be fooled by the various banners either–“thrillers” includes Cozies. I wish they’d give cozies their own category. Or even call it “great mysteries” or something. I tend to read cozies and general mysteries with only an occasional “thriller.” Oh–you need to add code: May35 at checkout!

I’m off to browse…

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Posted: May 15, 2015

Vitamin Alert!

I have mentioned before that eating right and getting the right level of vitamins is very important! I’m a big believer that it’s hard for most of us to get enough vitamin D because we aren’t a culture that enjoys the great outdoors often enough anymore. Most of us don’t eat enough fruits and vegetables either. Well, today’s advice is actually about a vitamin that is mostly found in meat–but it’s been shown that taking a certain form of B3 (nicotinamide) is helping lower the rate of new skin cancers. Here is the article. B3 is often found in the B complex liquid, under the tongue formulas. As we age, some of us don’t absorb vitamins readily by just eating (or swallowing pills). The B complex liquid is held for 30 seconds under the tongue and the vitamins are absorbed while you stand there doing nothing! If you take a B12 complex, try to get one with Folate/folic acid as well. Your body needs both of these vitamins together.

So give yourself a treat today–get some sunshine, eat a large salad and enjoy some grilled or roasted chicken. If you don’t eat meat, have some healthy nuts. Finish the feast off with fruit.

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Posted: May 15, 2015

More Book Signing Stuff

I mentioned I’d have a candy bowl at the book signing. Remember it is an outdoor event–any idea what kind of candy should be in the bowl? Suggestions welcome. Remember it may be 85 to even 90 degrees. It could be cooler and probably will be at the start of the event.

At any rate, I will also be taking along bookmarks and some of my homemade lotion. The lotion is really just a conversation piece as well as a way to highlight Soul of the Desert — the label says, “Soul of the Desert Lotion” and the colors mimic the book cover. The lotion is a mix of desert jojoba oil, hemp, shea butter and scented with desert sage and pink grapefruit. Here’s a picture:


When I release Executive Dirt? I will probably do a giveaway of a small lotion. I guess in that case I will have to label it with a Sedona sticker! I have already ordered some from Vistaprint –they did the current stickers and postcards you see in the picture.

For anyone signed up to receive an email for giveaways or new releases, you’ll be entered into the lotion giveaway (and any other goodies I give away at the time). I’ll probably have the sign up at the top of my blog during the book signing so that new people to the blog can find it and sign up. It will look just like this:

This list is only for a cover poll, when I release a new book, or when free short stories/giveaways are added to the blog! (Generally this means not even one email per quarter).

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Posted: May 13, 2015

New Kobo Glo is out!

As I mentioned in an earlier post, Kobo has a new e-reader out and it’s now available in the US.

Introducing the new Kobo Glo HD – the clearest, most book-like 6″ HD E Ink touchscreen!

I personally still want the Kobo H2O, which is more like the Amazon Voyage only better because it’s waterproof! BUT as a high-end reader the Glo would definitely work as well.

Here’s their latest selection of “Next” books:

Find terrific titles at bargain prices. Discover new authors and series with Kobo Next for Less!

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Posted: May 13, 2015

Book Signing in June

I may have mentioned that my Mom signed me up for a book signing at a winery festival in June. Yes, I write cozy books. No, it turns out my series has nothing to do with wine making, wine drinking or … well, the winery is in New Mexico and several of my books are set in New Mexico. Of course, Mom didn’t get any actual information about whether I’d need to provide my own table or chair or how many books or much of anything. But I have rallied to the cause and made myself a sign and sewn some book bags for the event. I have postcards for my books and those of several other authors. I was soooo pleased with the way the sign turned out. Check it out:


Isn’t it Beyoooooutiful???? Vistaprint did a great job with it. When using so many colors, you can end up with some of the colors washing out or looking odd–but they did a fabulous job with this poster. It is very lightweight, has a magnetic backing (the winery is obviously outside–I could not use a paper poster as the wind my blow it away and I don’t have an official booth where I can protect it from the elements.) The front is glossy so if dirt DARES besmudge my poster, I can wipe it off. The background has a bit of a leather look befitting the New Mexico elements and specifically the book, Soul of the Desert.

It’s raining today (yay, garden!) so the lighting wasn’t perfect, but I think you can see all the elements.

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Posted: May 11, 2015

Covers! Bushes on Three, PLEASE

Some cover re-enactments using real people. These real people need to get some sunshine. And there’s at least two shots where I’m pleading for more grass or bushes. There’s strategic planting and then there’s “I don’t care if the bush looks fake, just PUT IT IN THERE.” GAH!

Also, how about some more water gushing in that one scene? And…

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Posted: May 9, 2015

Harvesting Seeds and Herbs

Okay, let’s face it. Harvesting seeds is just not as great as harvesting actual food. It’s that time of year to harvest arugula seeds so that I can plant some later. Some of the seeds are already falling and germinating, which is great because the arugula plants themselves are devoid of the leaves I dearly love to eat. But the seeds are not actual food. And while I love sage in a dish or two, harvesting and drying it is not actual food either. Meanwhile, the tomatoes are taunting me with their growing green orbs. The cilantro has gone to seed as well, but they aren’t dried enough to harvest. So the plant is really in the way while I wait. And I can’t eat it, which is a bummer. I’m all about food.

For those with wildflowers, it’s time to harvest those seeds too. I have been lazy and have not harvested the Indian Paintbrush seeds. I need to do it, but it’s muggy and muggier when it isn’t muggiest. I’m a whiner, I know. Did I tell you the tomatoes were mocking me???

Well, if it doesn’t rain today, I’ll harvest more arugula seeds tomorrow. I only did one batch today. I might grab some more when I’m out there checking to see if any of the tomatoes are turning red yet…

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Posted: May 8, 2015
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