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Soul of the Desert

Black Friday and Weekend Deals!

Camera Deals
I’ve seen this Nikon coolpix, 16mp, zoom camera a couple of places. It looks like a good deal at half off. However, with nearly the same features, there’s a Canon for 20 dollars cheaper! We have a Canon and love it.

KOBO reader Deal
Save $20 off Kobo Glo HD eReader, Plus Get Free Shipping! (During past sales, there has been a limited number of these–when they are gone, they are gone.)

While you are there, check out the Daily Deal and they have a list of books at 80 percent off.

Print Books at Amazon
30 percent off any PRINT book on Amazon–enter code: HOLIDAY30 Deal is good in US ONLY.

In case you need a cute green lantern (solar) for your porch during the Christmas season, reader Karen, pointed this one out. I think she meant it for camping or some foolish, outdoor, FREEZING endeavor, but I think it makes a nice Christmas ornament.

And, of course, if you plan on ordering a lot of Christmas presents from Amazon, you might want to sign up for Amazon Prime now to get the free shipping on many of their products.

Native Deodorant Sale
Native Deodorant is on sale through Sunday or while supplies last – up to 40 percent off if you subscribe for regular delivery. All orders can get 10 percent off and depending on how much you buy, you can get up to 30 percent off a regular order!

EXPIRED Kindle Fire 7 on sale for 34 dollars today only. still working on Sat morning.

Your next best bet for a kindle is now probably this one.

Green Coffee Beans for Home Roasting
EXPIRED DEAL As you know, Husband is a big coffee drinker and he roasts his own coffee from green beans. That means he orders a lot of coffee from Sweet Maria’s (no relation to me). Well, Sweet Maria’s has a 15 percent off sale today only on many green beans!!! Enter blackcoffee as the coupon code!

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Posted: November 27, 2015

Thanksgiving Day Deals

See’s Candy Sale!
EXPIRED Happy Thanksgiving! Take $5 off your order of $35 or more at See’s Candies! Offer automatically applied at checkout. Hurry, valid 11/26 only! They also have their flat rate of 5 dollar shipping running right now!

I love chocolate!

Kindle Fire 7 on sale for 34 dollars today only.

Print Books
30 percent off any PRINT book that is 10 dollars or under (most of mine should count) on Amazon–enter code: HOLIDAY30 Deal is good in US ONLY.

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Posted: November 26, 2015

Happy Thanksgiving!

turkey I hope you all have a great day with delicious food and wonderful company. Happy Thanksgiving!!! (Turkey is from last year. Not ready yet for this year!)

Husband is tracking mud in. Glad I didn’t mop yesterday!!!!

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Posted: November 26, 2015

Deals and More Deals

The deals are starting early this year, as you knew they would. Here at BMB, we scour out a few oddball ones and a lot of reader ones!

First up: Harry Potter is now out on audible. There may be someone on your list who wants to have the audibles for their collection.

savingHere’s one that I was pleased to see because I always like to see authors able to bring their backlist back to life and in this case, putting the paperback out again means no more paying 15 dollars for a used mass market copy! Room with a Clue is the first in the Pennyfoot Hotel mysteries series, and is a very reasonable 3.99 for kindle and just under 10 for paperback.

savingHere’s a possible new cozy find: The Mystery of Waverly Island by Jane O’Brien. I like the cadence of the blurb. She has a few other books out too and they are all reasonably priced.

And for those of you who need a new Kindle or who have finally decided to get one, the “Black Friday” deals have started. It’s becoming more like “Most of November” deals, but you have to take the bargains when you find them! Many Kindles are 20 to 30 dollars off TODAY through Nov 30.

boxed setsedona2_smlIf you happen to be looking for a boxed set (in PRINT), I expect to have the first three books in the Sedona series (Executive Lunch, Retention and Sick Days) available for 25.99 — with FREE SHIPPING in the US. The “Boxed” part of this is actually a book bag, not a box and it will only be available via my blog at this special price. (Add the fourth book to complete the series and it ships for $34.99).

I also hope to have some more exciting giveaways coming up–perhaps a very special canvas book bag with extra detailing…and maybe some print copies of books…and other goodies!

Depositphotos. 15 percent off: Enter code CS5569281

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Posted: November 22, 2015

The Sound of Christmas

Ah yes, I know y’all are thinking carols and bells, whispers of snowflakes…but the reality here in my little corner of Texas is the shrill beeping of the cherry picker that the people a block away rent. Yup, for one solid week, sometimes two, they rent a cherry picker so they can install lights and decorations to rival the Mall of America. Oh, it’s not too bad. The beeping only happens when they back the thing up. The rest of the time it’s the motor revving. A few years back, they were cited and had to stop running the thing at 6 in the morning. They agreed to keep it between something like 8 a.m. and 8 p.m. and turn off the speakers that they installed at the top of the streetlights. I kid you not, they had giant speakers perched on the top of the streetlights blaring out music of all types, not just Christmas music. One year they dared to do karaoke. WOW. We nearly called the police because, honest to God, I thought someone was under attack. We didn’t realize it was music until we heard the guitars. The guy “singing” sounded like he was either dying or trying to kill someone. We have installed windows that reduce outside sound, but even with those we sat there stunned for several minutes. It was surreal.

Another year they got into a bind because the weather was bad. Two weeks wasn’t enough so, despite their promises, they ran that thing to 11 p.m. to get those last minute decorations up! The one house had an entire Santa and reindeer, complete with a nice looking coach for Santa to ride in. I always wonder if their roof will one day give out from all the decorations. The neighbors two doors down from us have a two story that overlooks that block. They had to put in special dark privacy blinds to cut the light streaming in from the Christmas lights. They gave us the name of the installer in case we needed some. Thankfully our little one story only gets partially blinded from the lights. Once those lights go up, I can hang laundry out back at midnight it’s so bright out there. Whew.

Anyway, we’ll be getting ready for Thanksgiving this week. I’ll post some good “turkey leftover” recipes so check back if you’re wondering what to do with all that turkey!!! My favorite is turkey noodle soup. Or turkey with wild rice soup. Or turkey curry. But right now, I’d settle for turkey with mashed potatoes and gravy. CAN’T WAIT!!!

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Posted: November 21, 2015

Book Review: From Newsprint to Footprints

savingElisabeth brings us another review! She just finished reading From Newsprint to Footprints by Elaine Orr and loved it:

Full disclosure: I have loved everything of Elaine Orr’s that I have ever read, so I came to From Newsprint to Footprints with high expectations. Fortunately for all of us avid readers, all my expectations have been more than met.

From Newsprint to Footprints at first appears as a leisurely cozy mystery written by a skilled author who has a delightful way with language. A book written for easy going moments, when you are reading for sheer pleasure. One passage that describes a minor moment serves as an example. Just a couple of sentences captures the scene. It’s not a momentous scene, but it fully brings to mind the moment:

About a mile from Keosauqua, a large maple tree lurched into the water. More of the river bank had fallen in since I’d last driven this way. Pretty soon there wouldn’t be much land between the road and the river, so there would be some fancy engineering to reinforce the bank. Still, it would be cheaper than moving the road.

However, about half way through the twists and turns of plot the book turns into something more, I don’t know, real, on a deeper human level. It’s not terrorizing or creepy, just more touching I guess. A much more satisfying read than one usually finds in a cozy. The plot proceeds to unexpected places before the resolution.

Elaine Orr is a joy to read. From Newsprint to Footprints is no exception. The characters grow in subtle ways that are not demanded by plot, but adds to the richness of the novel. Individuals are not obviously good or obviously bad, and figuring out which is part of the experience. I’m thrilled Ms Orr is gracing us with a new series and I can hardly wait for more installments. If you like cozies without on screen violence, if you like authors with a full command of their craft, you’ll love this book.

Thank you, Elisabeth!

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Posted: November 21, 2015

Update on Giveaways

FullSizeRenderRemember to sign up to new releases and giveaways!
If anyone has any questions, don’t hesitate to ask!

You can subscribe to my blog via Kindle or receive a free email when I post to the blog (I post every other day or so).

Don’t want to receive blog email, but want to know when I have a new book, a new short story or a giveaway? Sign up for an email that only goes out when there is a cover poll, when I release a new book or when free short stories/giveaways are added to the blog! (Generally this means one email per quarter).

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Posted: November 20, 2015

New Kobo Trivia Contest!

New Trivia contest at Kobo! Chance to win coupons or an e-reader. If you pick the wrong answer, keep guessing and you will get a coupon for kobobooks. Coupons not valid on all books. Coupon good on one book only; play every day to get a new coupon!

Thanks everyone who stopped by and participated in the giveaways this past week! Brenda won a copy of Executive Dirt and a bag. April the Dragon won a bag! We’ll have the winner for the year’s subscription to Native Deodorant on Monday!

I hope to do more giveaways after Thanksgiving!

Edited to add: Kobo is also running a nice 30 percent off these special books over this weekend!

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Posted: November 18, 2015

Book Bag Giveaway

FullSizeRenderEDITED: This giveaway is now ended!!! I know at least ONE of you won a bag!!! Tell us if you won in the comments!!!

Bag giveaway begins now!!! Head on over to the GreenBagLady for the rules and to enter. Remember to leave your email and country name for this giveaway. The grand prize winner will win a copy of Executive Dirt AND a book bag. If you are in the US, you will have your choice of a print copy of Executive Dirt OR an ebook. (International grand prize winner will win an ebook copy). There are also 11 other gorgeous book bags to be given away–anyone can win, international or US! Thank you, Teresa, for sewing the bags and thank you, HarmonyArt, for the organic cotton, fabulous fabric!

front_dirt4Here’s a little bit about Sedona and her sewing for those of you new to the series:

Like any author, I engage in intense research for every single book I write. No task is too big or too small. Learn to shoot a gun? Not a problem. Hike the wilderness in search of just the right setting? Boots on, let’s go!

Learn to sew? Well, erm. When Sedona needed to learn to sew for the plot of Executive Dirt, I knew I was in trouble. That one didn’t go so well.

You know how MacGyver could fix anything with duct tape and a paperclip? Well, I’d like to see him fix my attempt at sewing a new pair of shorts. I’ll even give him organic cotton thread, and he can use my sewing machine. Yes, I decided to tackle finishing those shorts I started making six months ago. Oh, we all knew there wasn’t much hope. I can buy nice fabric with the best of them. I’m high class–in what I’d like to own, if not in actual results. The good news is that these shorts turned out to be in my actual size. They are long enough, unlike the last pair which became a pair of short underwear with pockets. And when was the last time anyone needed underwear with pockets???

These shorts fit around the waist…er, well…no, no, they fit. I do kind of have to tuck this extra bit of material up under the waistband on one side so that it doesn’t poof out as if I got caught with a cheese roll and stuffed it in there to hide it. No idea how that air pocket ended up there. And it is true that the waistband doesn’t exactly cover up the seam where the shorts and the waistband meet. I take it that in real shorts, that seam is up under the waistband so that it doesn’t appear here and there like secret sanskrit writings. So I’ll wear a long shirt.

One pocket sags. The other pocket…well, I had to fold over the seam to make the back fit to the front. See above where I said I’ll wear a long shirt.

The fabric is really soft. It’s stretchy too, so I can sit and stand without bunching. Then again, that could be because some of these seams have rather more give than not. That happens when instead of sewing all the way around or up and down complete seams, you stop after a short section and then remeasure and start again a quarter inch over. After the third or fourth try you give up and just fold the damn fabric to get it to fit. I call it a “gather.” Then I wear a long shirt.

I haven’t hemmed them yet. But I know how to stand if the legs aren’t exactly the same length. Oh yes, I will too. This is really nice, soft material and I am not going to waste it. And maybe someone in the grocery store will give me a referral for an inexpensive seamstress. Even if the seamstress wanted to charge me a lot, after she sees these shorts, she might just make me a pair for free. It’s that or call the cops because she thinks I robbed a homeless lady. But I didn’t. I swear. I made these myself.

I wonder??? Will Sedona have any better luck with her sewing projects in Executive Dirt? Does it matter so long as Sedona solves the murder mystery or are these dangerous tasks somehow entwined???

Executive Lunch is the first in the series.

Executive Dirt, with sewing instructions included, is the fourth.

There is a boxed set available that includes the first three in the series.

Maria Schneider also writes the Moon Shadow series (paranormal mysteries–a dash of magic, humor and romance) and the Dragons of Wendal series (fantasy that includes dragons because dragons are nearly as much fun as cats).

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Posted: November 15, 2015

Giveaway: Native Deodorant!

Native Individual-1Enter to win a year’s subscription to Native Deodorant! To enter, follow the link and enter your email address. It’s that simple!

I talked more about the deodorant in yesterday’s post, but here’s the basic premise from their site:

Unlike traditional deodorants which are often made using harmful chemicals, Native Deodorant is a safe, nontoxic and effective deodorant made from entirely natural ingredients, like coconut oil and shea butter. We guarantee you’ll love it, or we’ll take the deodorant back (at our expense) and give you a full refund, no questions asked.

The contest/giveaway runs for ONE week, US mailing addresses only, so get your entry in! Thanks goes out to Native Deodorant for sponsoring and handling this giveaway. A special shout out and thanks to Julia for all her hard work on the project!

So far, testing of the deodorant is going great. We aren’t in the middle of a Texas heatwave or anything, but the deodorant did its job during the two-mile morning walk. Yes, you are going to have to rely on my opinion of how I smell. I am NOT getting independent noses involved here. Although that might make for a good Sedona story…

Feel free to comment on what you like (or dislike) about your current deodorant. No project is too smelly for this blog! Erm. Well, let’s not get carried away!

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Posted: November 15, 2015
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