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Some Dresden on Sale

The Dresden File series by Jim Butcher is quite popular in urban fantasy circles. I know April the Dragon loves the series. Today, one of these usually quite expensive books is on sale for $2.91. No, I don’t know why that price is so odd…maybe the sale is based on the European price.

Dead Beat

If you’re reading this series, now is probably the time to pick this one up!

dogThe Dog Listener is also on sale this weekend (or at least today) for $1.99. I like these books that have training tips and discussions on what animals are probably thinking. You’ll notice, however, that no one has written one for cats…

Posted: April 19, 2014

Free Audio Books

Random House (the publisher) has decided to try and entice readers to listen to audio books. They have a limited selection of free audio books you can download here. They have one book from most genres, but for mystery, they picked a general/thriller, not a cozy. Jack Reacher books aren’t bad though and on audio, the faster pace of the story makes them easy to listen to. Check it out. You might find something you like!

Posted: April 17, 2014

A Cozy and a Romantic Thriller

easyDeath on Eat Street is only marked down a couple of dollars, however, one of the cozy blogs I followed LOVED this book and swoons over its very mention. So of course I had to check it out and tell y’all about it. It has a good cover and sounds good!

iceAnd in the “cover all genres at once” we have what sounds like a post-apocolyptic futuristic urban fantasy, romantic thriller, we have Ice Diaries, which received a nice review from another review site that I’ve really been enjoying lately: Big Al’s books and pals. This book is a bargain price at a mere $2.99. Weirdly, the paperback is on sale for about the price as well.

Posted: April 17, 2014

Bargain Cozy!

forgetForget Me Knot by Mary Marks is on sale today for $1.99. Comes highly recommended by one of the cozy blogs I follow.

If you are into YA urban fantasy, Blog follower April the Dragon suggests taking a look at this book that is on sale: Skulk by Rosie Best

Posted: April 15, 2014

Kale: The Superfood

I have one kale plant that grew this winter. I started eating kale about a year ago. It didn’t impress me much at first, but the standard way to prepare it is to stir fry or steam it. The thing is, Kale doesn’t have a lot of taste. It’s green (or purple). It’s full of vitamins, but even with garlic, salt and pepper, it doesn’t impress. It might very well be one of the most boring vegetables out there when eaten on its own.

One day, I decided to use up what I had in soup broth. Hmm. Very good. Even better when chopped and served IN the soup. It adds a little extra flavor to the broth, one of those “secret” flavors where you don’t know what the taste is because it just blends in. It makes a richer broth and as a soup addition it provides color and crunch, holding up much better than spinach.

I’ve found I like it even better when I add it to chicken or beef casseroles. The Kale provides more depth to the dish, and yet it doesn’t have any overwhelming flavor so you don’t even realize you’re eating it. It’s a sneak vegetable, not one that should necessarily be eaten on its own. Forget using it to make a salad. It’s okay to put a few leaves chopped in with the lettuce, but it’s a bit too thick to stand as a salad on its own.

If you decide to try kale, buy it fresh, not frozen. Cook it in with any hamburger or chicken casserole and see what you think! It’s good in sloppy joes, chili, beef soup, chicken and rice soup, chicken noodle casserole and even alfredo sauce.

One cup of Kale provides more than your daily needs of vitamin A, C, and K. It’s higher in Omega 3 than Omega 6 and we all need more Omega 3 oils in our diet. It has a lot of minerals too–copper, zinc, maganese and so on. Next time you’re too tired to cook and you throw on ramen noodles or one of those envelopes where you “just add water” throw in some steamed kale. You’ll up your vitamins and nutrition by leaps and bounds–and your food might just taste better too!

Posted: April 15, 2014

Win: Soul of the Desert

soul_front_flatname120If you haven’t already read Soul of the Desert, here’s your chance to win a free copy (ePUB or mobi)! OpenBookSociety is having a giveaway! To enter, leave a comment, tweet or follow on facebook. Easy! Contest runs for about a week.

For the next sixty days, Soul of the Desert is available exclusively at Amazon–so if you have a ePUB reader, this is your chance to get a copy for your reader early!

Enter and tell all your friends about the giveaway!

Posted: April 14, 2014

Bargain: Interesting Historical Jane Austen

foodI came across a review of this book on one of the sites I follow. Sounds like an interesting offshoot of the famous Jane Austen book–kind of a fill in on some of the foods of the day: Jane Austen and Food by Maggie Lane. Sure, it’s possible in caught my eye because of the word “food.” :) But I thought it was an interesting idea and a good way to work some historical information in about the times.

Posted: April 13, 2014

Bargain: Free Cozy

darcyI haven’t read this one, but it’s free today, and I liked the cover: Death Comes to Town by Emrick

Anyone read it yet?

Posted: April 12, 2014


Some bluebonnets for you!


Happy spring. I hope you find smiles and flowers with just enough gentle sunshine to warm your soul.

Posted: April 11, 2014

Gardening Like Crazy

Most of the garden is in, but of course, that means the work is just beginning. Three or four tomatoes have set and can be seen with the naked eye! The cucumbers aren’t faring very well this year again. I think there is a virus in my garden that the bugs spread. It happens.

The squash are growing like crazy. On the other hand, the onions aren’t having their best year. The green onions are doing well, but the larger variety (1015Y) are either slow or have bolted. (Bolted means they have started a flower head. This means the underground onion part will no longer grow). The last two years onions have not been a major crop in my garden. The weird temperatures just haven’t convinced them to grow.

The sweet potatoes have refused to start as well, but the regular potatoes look very good this year. The radishes are putting on a good face, but I can’t actually SEE the radishes under the ground. They might be there.

The okra is also up. Pretty small plants yet, but they are coming along. I decided to grow okra because it can take the heat here. Beans just don’t do well and I’m tired of trying to convince beans that they really do want to grow!

If you haven’t started seedlings yet, get going! You’ll be wanting to eat before long.

Posted: April 10, 2014
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