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Doctor’s Orders

cattoyThe vet told us that Leo was not to do any jumping or running. Gosh. I wonder if the vet told Leo that. He doesn’t seem to have heard those orders or perhaps he doesn’t actually understand that all this playing he does includes “jumping” and “running.” Maybe when you play, it doesn’t count.

As for Junior, he came inside for treat this morning after staying outside all night (that is not his usual routine). We figured he’d bolt for freedom as soon as we gave him his treat/medicine, but before he could even finish his bowl of treat/medicine, Leo ambushed him. The little kitten can be a real pain in the ass hopping on everything in sight. He also has no ethics. The little convict will happily steal Junior’s treat if Junior walks away.

Once trouble started, Randy picked up the little convict and put him in the back room and closed the door.

I got the medicine/treat back in front of Junior, but he was having none of it now that peace had been disturbed. He went to the back door and demanded his freedom. About that time, Leo figured out the bedroom door was closed, and he started caterwauling, demanding to be let out.

Junior stopped meowing as soon as he heard the kitten complaining. He tilted his head. He listened carefully for a second or two and then jogged down the hallway. What’s up with that?

Junior found the bedroom door closed soon enough. He yelled, “Hey. The little convict is trapped in here. Did you know this door was closed? Meow, meow. He can’t get out! Oooh humans! He’s trapped!”

*headdesk* The two of them continued to complain until we released the kitten.

THEN Junior refused treat again and demanded to be let out.


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Posted: August 22, 2014

Leo the Convict

leoWe might have to rename Leo. He needs a criminal enterprise type name. Something that fits his mafia image. We’re thinking “Shorty” is about right. He likes to engage in criminal activity including murdering crickets and bringing the carcasses inside where he can brag about his “accomplishments.” Sure, he eventually disposes of the bodies, but he seems a tad too pleased with himself to be a plain, ordinary “Leo” type. He also likes to dodge right at Junior like a short nightmare of kitten cuteness–and he knows darn well that Junior doesn’t like his cute ways. Shorty doesn’t miss the fleas, and he climbs trees, sharpens his claws, generally causes chaos once or twice a day and eats like a fiend.

Our wonderful vet at Premier Hospital agreed to take on Leo aka Shorty and gave us a discount since he was a “rescue.” Shorty isn’t admitting to his age, but he weighed in this morning at close to 5 pounds! What a pig! He was only two pounds when we rescued him two weeks ago. We dropped him off this morning. We’re hoping that this little day spa thing helps Junior like him better.

Scamper still hasn’t stopped by to offer her opinion on the kitten or his criminal activities. This absence isn’t unusual for her; in fact, if she determined ahead of time that a new kitten was around, she may have started avoiding the area. She’ll have to check him out eventually, but she might delay.

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Posted: August 21, 2014

New Nook Tablet (with Samsung)

Pretty cool news out. A new Nook–developed with Samsung.

Introducing Samsung Galaxy Tab® 4 NOOK® for just $179 with $20 Instant Rebate!

Samsung has a good reputation, and they almost got this Nook out in time for back-to-school!

I guess the 20 dollar rebate is so you have some money to spend on books! :)

For those of you who buy one, come back and tell us what you think!

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Posted: August 20, 2014

Bargain Romance – It’s in the Sign

savingMargaret Lake has a new set of romance bundles out. I have read some of her other romances and I’d describe them as “comfort food” — the type of thing you read when you just want a good story without too much angst or stupidity; a journey to happily ever after! If you read the freebie by Misha Crews (it’s still in the store — scroll down if you missed it), Margaret’s work is similar in scope and nature. Margaret’s books are available at Kobo, B&N and Amazon. Here are some links:

Kobo (coupons work with these books–try Perkopolis at checkout for forty percent off!):
Air Signs
Earth Signs
Fire Signs
Water Signs


Water signs
Fire Signs
Air Signs
Earth Signs

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Posted: August 20, 2014

New Kobo Trivia Contest

kobotrivia Coupons and prizes! The odds for a 75 percent off coupon are a bit stiffer this time, so play, play, play and share your good coupons here if you can’t use them. Yes, Dragons of Wendal and DragonKin both qualify for coupons. (And DragonKin will be moving to $3.99 on Wednesday, so today and tomorrow are the perfect time to buy using coupons!)

NOTE: Contests usually start at 1 o’clock. I’m wondering if maybe this starts tomorrow here in the states…will let you know when I see it go live!

Note 2: Nothing yet…crickets. Maybe at 1? Maybe…next month? Maybe...

Note 3: This contest is now scheduled to start tomorrow at 1:00!! Get your list ready! I’ll be featuring some books at Kobo books that take the coupons!

savingJulie Moffet’s paranormal books (3 in the series) are eligible for the coupons! The first is: The Fireweaver. Coupons should work with all of Moffett’s books.

(The books are also at Amazon, but coupons do not work: The Fireweaver at Amazon.)

And Fireweaver at B&N!

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Posted: August 18, 2014

Update on Leo

Well, we figure that Leo is now about 10 weeks, maybe a bit more. We’re going to have to go by weight, and he’s nearly 4 pounds, which we think puts him in “any time now he can be neutered.” I’m going to start calling again on Monday, getting prices and dates. Junior still doesn’t like Leo. Today is the first day Junior actually stayed inside, and it was in spite of Leo, not because Junior is giving any ground. It was over 100 degrees outside again yesterday, and I think Junior was getting stressed from the heat, so today he opted to (finally) come in and get some real sleep. He is hiding somewhere in the bedroom. We’ve locked Leo out of there because, yes, Leo instantly wanted to follow Junior.

Meanwhile, you can see he is doing all the usual kitten things and then some. He has this frog pose he does with both his legs straight out back. I’m guessing in a few more weeks his spine might not allow him to lay like that, but I’m not a cat. Or a frog. He’s very helpful, as you can see. He tried to stop my sewing mistakes, and he’s very interested in the stories I write. An avid reader, so long as something is moving on the monitor that he can follow with his eager little eyeballs.




That’s what I’ve been up to. How about y’all???

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Posted: August 17, 2014
Filed in Project - Cat

Who Pays That?

sewing machineSo there was a little accident involving spilled coffee and me grabbing the first thing I found on the washer. Turns out that coffee stains do not come out of pillowcases. The pillowcases, being cotton, did a great job of soaking up the coffee, it’s just that I no longer want to sleep on them.

So I started shopping online for fabric, but wasn’t having much luck finding percale (weave) in 100 percent cotton. It’s my favorite weave for sheets and pillowcases. It’s supposed to be one of those weaves that helps keep you cool because it breathes well. All I know is it’s nice and strong and soft. Washes and wears well. The only fabric I found was this one at Organic Cotton Plus. It’s nice, although it kind of shouts, “HERE I Am, Huge Flower.” It is also too expensive for my sewing skills. I use up most of a yard to make one pillowcase. I tried getting two pillowcases out of one yard and it was a disaster. Both were just that bit too small…

Anyway, I took myself off to the mall to see if I could find a couple of pillowcases, all cotton, percale. How hard could it be???

Well, let’s just say that Penny’s and Macy’s made the above fabric look like a bottom-basement-super-clearance sale. I saw one “pair” of pillowcases marked 69 dollars. SIXTY-NINE DOLLARS??? Are they self-washing? Do they come with a personal bodyguard so that no one steals them (or you while you sleep?) Okay, so I haven’t been to the mall in…well, years. Probably, uhm. About six years. Maybe more.

I browsed around and checked the sale racks. 29 dollars on sale. WHAT???? FOR PILLOWCASES?? Okay, those probably don’t come with a bodyguard. Listen Liz (as in Claiborne) and Martha (as in Stewart) I’m a writer. I know y’all have to make a living and have to split proceeds with a couple of cotton growers and the store. BUT THESE ARE PILLOWCASES. Without a bodyguard!!! My head will sleep naked before I pay that kind of money for pillowcases.

You and I both know there is a bin somewhere with stuff that didn’t sell. Mismatched, to be sure, but bottom-fishing prices. I’ll get the hook and start fishing.

When I finally found said bin, there were no pillowcases in anything other than “whoops orange” but…there was a nice blue full sheet, percale, 400 count, 100 percent cotton for 13 dollars! SOLD to the lady shouting, “I’ll sleep…never mind.”

I have no idea how many yards are in a full-sized sheet, but I’m sure I can get two pillowcases out of it.

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Posted: August 15, 2014

Book Sale at Kobo

salepostitThis is mostly a romance sale, but there’s a last category for those not in the mood for romance! Kobo has selected a number of books where the coupon ROMANCE30 works for 30% off!

You can also try Perkopolis at checkout if, for some reason, the Romance30 doesn’t work. One or the other should work on the selected books! There, now you have weekend reading!

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Posted: August 15, 2014

DragonKin Official Release Day Party

baby_dragonWell, I don’t know about the rest of you, but we’re having CAKE! Come on over!

There are already three four five! reviews up at Amazon for DragonKin, and I’m thrilled to say they are good ones. Thank you VERY MUCH for posting!

I was also invited to do a guest post over at My Guilty Obsession where I reveal important secrets, including: Are there dragons in heaven?

DragonKin was also reviewed over at DailyCheapReads by none other than April the Dragon. Feel free to add your thoughts, here, there, anywhere!

And by all means, have cake!

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Posted: August 12, 2014

There Be Dragons


If you’re out and about the web today, keep your eyes open for dragons today. DragonKin is priced at $2.99 for the first 10 days. After that, it will be $3.99. DragonKin and Dragons of Wendal are both fantasy/romance novels.



DragonKin at Kobobooks. (PERKOPOLIS at checkout should work to give you 40 percent off!!!)

DragonKin at BearMountainBooks store

and finally! I apologize for the wait. There was a glitch in the system and it had to be cleared by B&N support. But! Here it is:

at Barnes and Noble

DragonKin Book Description
Dragons of Wendal Book 2

Drissa needs a place to hide, and she needed it yesterday. Wendal, with its rumors of inhospitable shifters, unknown terrain and wild magic, is not a territory many want to explore, making it the perfect place to disappear. Now, the last thing Drissa needs is to adopt more trouble, but what can she do when it hatches at her feet and then insists she drag it and a half dead stranger to safety? But she’ll do whatever is necessary to survive, because her younger sister can’t wait forever to be rescued. Of course, Wendal and its inhabitants aren’t necessarily interested in her long term plans or her survival.

About the Author

Maria saw her first dragon while gardening. She asked the gnome to take pictures, but dragons are shy and very fast. One of the fairies finally snapped a shot, but just as she handed it over, the dragon came by and flamed it to ashes! Neither of us wants to get our fingers burned a second time so, sadly, there will not be pictures any time soon!

Reviewers, there is still time to request a copy of DragonKin or Dragons of Wendal (Book one: At Kobobooks, At Amazon, At B&N).

If you have read either book, feel free to post the review! And don’t forget to add the book to your goodreads shelf. Thanks to everyone who already has added the book to their shelf.

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Posted: August 10, 2014
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