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Review: Alight by Emma Adams

I was thrilled to find this gem of a series for the plane ride during my last trip to NM. I enjoyed Alight so much, I downloaded and began reading Arise the second I finished. What a great ride! Both books were filled with unique characters, a great setting and plenty of action. There were twists and turns, well-fought battles, great friendships–everything I love about urban fantasy. I was quite disappointed to find that book 3 wasn’t out!

Well…now it is! Aflame is out!!! WOOOT! And all three books are on sale for the release party!

If you like Urban Fantasy, you will want to pick this set up. From what I gather, the trilogy is the complete story–it won’t continue on with nine and ten books. I love it when a good story is told without dragging it on and on. I’m hoping for a perfect ending!!!

Highly recommended.

Wonderful covers too–the cover artist is Rebecca Frank.

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Really great deal on a font package — 84 fonts for 9 dollars!

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Posted: June 25, 2017

Pizza on the Grill

We’ve been trying to make a really excellent pizza at home for years. We have a pizza stone (two, actually–one flat one for the oven and another that is a stone with sides). We’ve come close a couple of times, but it involves such a hot oven and stone, it’s very difficult to achieve with any consistency. Most of the time, the oven never gets hot enough to produce a good crust even if we preheat and preheat.

Somewhere or other (I think it was Green Bag Lady) I read about just cooking the pizza on the grill. I took pictures of the dough before we put it on the grill (and then we ate the pizza so fast, that I forgot to take pictures of the result!) The first try burned on the bottom. We used a cast iron flat pan, pre-heated to VERY hot. The dough barely cooked through and was pretty solidly burned on the bottom. The next try we arranged the pizza on the cold cast iron, pre-heated the grill and cooked on the grill’s lowest setting. It was wonderful! Turned out great! We then tried a small pizza on the pizza stone with sides. It was wonderful too! We were able to assemble the pizza on cold surfaces which was VASTLY easier than trying to toss toppings on with smoke and heat assaulting us from the grill!

So, here’s the dough. You don’t get to see the finished pizzas because…they are all gone! But I highly recommend trying this method for home cooked pizza. It kept the heat outside the kitchen and the pizzas turned out much better than when we’ve tried them inside a normal kitchen oven.

We let the dough rise on the cast iron or stone respectively and then added our pre-cooked toppings right before sliding the whole thing on a hot grill. It takes a very short time to cook (6 or 7 minutes.) It’s quite delicious and the cooked crust is more like a really good pizza from a restaurant. We’ll be looking to tweak it to perfection!!!

Here’s a book with recipes (even a gluten free recipe!) Pizza on the Grill

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Posted: June 25, 2017
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Waking Hours

Dad called the other day. We chatted about this and that (yes, cows came into the conversation.) Dad mentioned that he was worried about his health because he accidentally slept all the way to six two nights ago. *headdesk* You see, Dad usually gets up at four (and this is a concession to getting up at 3, which he did in the summertime for years to beat the heat.) He gets up at four, makes breakfast and then reads his prayers. He used to be out of the house feeding animals by five, but these days, he putters and snoozes until six. Well, of all things, he didn’t wake up at four the other morning. To hear him tell it, he had one foot in the grave and the other was sure to follow shortly (as in, any minute.)

I think we had this same conversation a few years ago when he decided not to get up at 3 anymore. (He still gets up at 3 or 3:30 when he has to go up to brand, so don’t panic and start dialing 911.)

It is true that he has slowed down. He’s 79! He used to get up at 3 and be out of the house by 4, up at the far ranch by 5 or 5:30 (depending on what had to be fed at the house) and then cut wood for six hours. Well, he can’t take that kind of schedule anymore. Strangely (according to him) he can’t stay out splitting wood past nine o’clock anymore.

I’ve pointed out numerous times that he doesn’t have to split wood anymore. They do have central heat now. But he does it anyway and sells the wood to the neighbors who don’t have such heating. He says the neighbors are old and who is going to cut wood for them if he doesn’t help the one or two old widows who have always bought wood? He also claims it gives him something to do. Because yanno, a garden, feeding three cows at the house, fifteen cows at the near ranch that require watering in two locations, twenty-five cows at the far ranch, branding, keeping up with truck maintenance and yard maintenance really isn’t enough to keep a man busy…

Don’t worry. I reassured him that it was okay if he slept until six. He disagreed with me, but I told him so long as it didn’t happen more than once or twice a year, it was okay. He just grunted.

Gotta love him. What else can you do???

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Posted: June 23, 2017
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Spent all afternoon making adjustments to my embroidery machine…not what you’d call fun. Mostly it’s a waste of time, thread and cursewords.

In other news, I’ll be making soap and shampoo next week. I’m going to try an orange scented soap bar this time around. If anyone needs soap or shampoo, email me. The soap is 3.00 a bar for oval shapes (Easter egg print) 4.00 for bears and 2.50 for hearts. The shampoo is 12 dollars a bottle. Shipping runs about 7.25, but of course that varies depending on the order total. I can do lavender and pink lemonade scents and possibly orange, depending on how it turns out!

It’s hot here. The garden is dying back at an alarming rate! Most of you will just be getting started on BLT season. I’m already missing it!!!

One other question: Who are your favorite historical mystery writers?

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Posted: June 22, 2017

Rant: Do NOT Sign Me Up

Two months ago, I entered one of those “win a gift cert from Amazon” from an author site. There were seven or so authors listed in the “follow me” or “tweet” me” entry. I didn’t read the fine print. I usually do, but since I only saw a few authors in the list, I didn’t suspect that 150 authors were going to have access to my email. And put me on their newsletter lists. I am not kidding. After the “contest” ended, I had ten welcome emails the first DAY. Five the next. Six or seven the day after that–and SO ON FOR TWO WEEKS. I was unsigning up as fast as possible, but it didn’t stop. Some days it was one new newsletter, other days it was three or four. I just got ANOTHER ONE TODAY — a full two months after I entered. It isn’t the first one this week either.

Look, I’m an author. I sympathize that you need readers, but I assure you–participating with even 50 other authors to get sign ups IS NOT THE WAY TO GOOD READER RELATIONSHIPS. Sure, it’s cheaper when you all go in together to give away that high dollar Amazon gift cert. But you have not gained me as a reader. In fact, I was so angry, I sent off a few emails to more than one of the authors (some didn’t have unsubscribe buttons that worked.) And yes, I reported some of the emails to mailchimp as “I did not sign up for this list.” Is that mean? Yes. Because mailchimp will close accounts if they get enough of these reports. But the fact is, I DID NOT SIGN UP TO THESE LISTS. Even if it was said somewhere, I DID NOT SIGN UP. Don’t sign me up under the guise of a simple giveaway. One or two authors? Fine. Ten? Probably okay. After that, it gets murky, but after 15, it is downright obnoxious and annoying. And you’re going to get a huge number of “readers” who aren’t the least bit interested in books or reading so you’ve just wasted a lot of time and money.

I just met another author on FB who is giving up writing and going back to the day job. Sales are down for all of us. I’m working on doing the July New Releases list I told you about. I looked up favorite authors to make sure to include their books–four of them stopped writing. One or two stopped writing in 2010. Another in 2012. One never wrote more than one book. Writing a book, editing it, publishing it and finding readers IS A LOT OF WORK. But there are no shortcuts. Some of us are going to fail to find enough readers. That’s the way it is. Don’t make it harder by scamming ways to add to your mailing list.

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Posted: June 21, 2017

Bargain: Steampunk with Mages

Mission Improper
Standing between London and a deadly plot against the throne, are the dangerous spies and femme fatales that form the Company of Rogues… that’s if they don’t kill each other first.

Link: The Mind
Link: Finding Dorothy Scott

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Posted: June 20, 2017
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Review Sites

Always on the lookout for new review sites, here’s one for sf/f – West Coast Book Reviews.

Along those lines, an old favorite for fantasy: FantasyLiterature. Very fun site with occasional book giveaways and funny contests.

If you are a reviewer, feel free to post your site in the comments!

And completely unrelated, but someone ask about silicone soap molds (and bath bomb molds) that are round. I think these are used most often for making bath bombs, but I do put my silicone soap molds in the freezer for an hour to get a clean “peel.” I love using silicone. They are the best molds out there!

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Posted: June 19, 2017

Bargain: Women’s Fiction–with Dog!

Hard to resist a good dog story! Wish Me Home is on sale and the audio as a companion read is also on sale.

In her first work of contemporary women’s fiction, bestselling author Kay Bratt draws on her own life experiences to create a raw, yet inescapably warm, novel about friendship and a wary heart’s unexpected capacity to love.

A hungry, stray dog is the last thing Cara Butter needs. Stranded in Georgia with only her backpack and a few dwindling dollars, she already has too much baggage. Like her twin sister, Hana, who has broken Cara’s heart one too many times. After a lifetime of family troubles, and bouncing from one foster home to another, Cara decides to leave it all behind and strike out alone—on foot.

Cara sets off to Florida to see the home of her literary hero, Ernest Hemingway, accompanied only by Hemi, the stray dog who proves to be the perfect travel companion. But the harrowing trip takes unexpected turns as strangers become friends who make her question everything, and Cara finds that as the journey unfolds, so does her life—in ways she could never imagine.

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Posted: June 19, 2017
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Bargain: Women’s Fiction

One Season of Sunshine on sale for a very cheap 99 cents.

These adoption stories have always intrigued me. One of my best friends growing up was adopted and those questions really do linger.

Adopted as an infant, Jane Aaron longs to know the identity of her birth mother and why she gave her up. Her only clue is the name of the small Texas town where she was born, so she’s come to Cedar Springs for answers.

Handsome ad executive Asher Price lost his wife, the beautiful, mysterious Susanna, in a terrible car crash eighteen months ago. When he hires Jane as the nanny for his two children, sparks fly. Jane finds herself falling in love with both Asher and his children, but begins to suspect that Susanna was not the perfect mother and wife the family portrays her to have been.

As Jane gets closer and closer to finding out the truth about both her own and Susanna’s past, devastating secrets begin to emerge that may be more than anyone can bear. Will the truth bring Jane and Asher closer together or tear them apart forever?

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Posted: June 17, 2017
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