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Bargain Mystery by Cara Black

Looks like the author of this series regained the rights (yeah, the cover is pretty basic) to this very popular series–and she’s pricing it right! This is the first in the Aimee Leduc series by Cara Black: Murder in the Marais I read one of these, but I think it was book 9. I was lost most of the time and felt I needed the background and was missing some of the character’s best moments. I just never got around to going back and getting the first because these were popular enough to be fairly expensive at the time.

Edited to add: Deal going on at B&N to earn $5!!

New Customer Offer – New users get $5 Credit Offer when you download and register the nook® reading app – limited time offer available for iPhone, iPad, or Android!

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Posted: March 4, 2015

Mark Knopfler – New Album

savingPre-order Mark Knopfler’s latest album and get the song Beryl downloaded today!!! The whole album will be available in two weeks (March 17). WOOT. I like the cover on this one. I wonder what in the world he is doing out in that empty field. Must be there for inspiration. I think nature provides the best inspiration there is.

I have this one on order already. I’m a HUGE Mark Knopfler fan. I can’t really pick a favorite album, but here is one possibility: Roadrunning (Mark with Emmylou Harris)

VERY awesome.

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Posted: March 3, 2015

Smashwords Exclusive Sale

For those of you who know how to mail books to your kindle or sideload, Smashwords is having a large, author-supported sale. Books on sale will have a coupon underneath the price. The coupon will let you download the book for free, for 75, 50 or 25 percent off. Some of the books are epub only, but many are in kindle format and you can mail them to your kindle (they will not one-click there, free or not. You have to save the file to your computer and then email it to your kindle if you don’t know how to copy it to your kindle.) Every kindle has an email address. You can find it under your manage kindle page.

Here is the link to the Smashword’s sale.

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Posted: March 3, 2015

David Baldacci on Sale

Total Control, a thriller by David Baldacci is on sale for $2.99. If you like Robert Crais or Lee Childs, you might like Total Control!!!

His books typically cost 8 to 9 dollars.

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Posted: March 2, 2015

Black Forest Cake with Raspberries/Blackberries

Cake image

I’ve had black forest cake that I like, but usually they are far too sweet. This recipe doesn’t have any liquor and uses raspberries instead of cherries.

6 eggs
scant 1 cup sugar
1 tsp vanilla
½ cup flour
½ cup cocoa powder
½ cup margarine or unsalted butter


2 ½ cups heavy cream
2 tablespoons confectioners’ sugar
½ tsp vanilla

1 to 1 ½ pounds of fresh blackberries or raspberries or mix of both

To decorate:
Grated chocolate (take a high quality milk chocolate bar–such as Lindt Milk Chocolate-and grate little frills. Sprinkle frills on the cake).

Preheat oven to 350 degrees. Grease two round 9 inch cake pans. Mix eggs, sugar, vanilla and beat with electric mixer until very thick. Sift flour and cocoa and fold in lightly. Gently stir in melted butter. Divide the mixture between the two cake pans. Bake for 15-20 minutes until cakes are springy. Cool for five minutes and turn onto wire racks and cool completely.

Using a hand held mixer, whip the cream until it starts to thicken and then gradually beat in the confectioners sugar and vanilla until the cream holds it shape.


Spread whipped cream on bottom layer of chocolate cake. Spread a thick row of berries across the cream. Add second cake layer and spread with sweetened cream. Spread the sides with cream as well. Lightly decorate the top of the cake with berries. Sprinkle the side of the cake with the grated chocolate. Add a few berries around the plate and you have a masterpiece!

Time Saving Note: You can make a boxed chocolate cake instead of making chocolate cake from scratch. Another good chocolate cake that can be used in this recipe is: Buttermilk Chocolate Cake. Simply make the cake in two pans instead of one, and substitute the whipped cream and raspberries for icing.

Note: For the more traditional Black Forest Cake, after they have cooled, prick the tops of the cakes with fork and drizzle with 1/8th cup of Kirsch. Use fresh pitted cherries instead of raspberries or blackberries.

For more decadent recipes with chocolate, including tortes, magic chocolate mud pudding, chocolate brioche, and chocolate lemon tart, I recommend The Ultimate Encyclopedia of Chocolate. It’s a lovely hardback edition that includes 200 recipes, wonderful pictures and some history on chocolate.

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Posted: March 2, 2015
Filed in Desserts

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Posted: March 1, 2015

Doctor’s Office

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I hate the doctor’s office. You know how in mystery books they have those scenes where a mysterious caller phones and says, “If you want to solve the case meet me alone at midnight at the boat dock?” You know it’s a trap!! Same thing when you get that reminder call from the doctor’s office. “Your appointment with vampire services is at 10. Be there. Or else.” Okay, so it’s more like the mafia when the doctor’s office calls, but it’s the same thing: A TRAP.

You know they will take blood. And who does that other than vampires??? They wouldn’t take so much if they weren’t planning on a full seven course meal either so don’t give me that “running tests.” The only test is the taste test, I bet. I have proof that all testing can be done with one drop of blood. Right here. Why doesn’t my doctor’s office have that??? Vampires, I tell you, vampires.

Then when you get there, even if they have seen you recently, they give you a form to fill out asking all kinds of nosy questions. “Are you feeling depressed? Nervous? Paranoid?” Well, YES, I’m in a doctor’s office! “Do you get angry when left sitting in a room when you have an appointment and it’s two hours later and the doctor hasn’t come in yet?” –YES, YES, I DO.

Okay, they don’t ask that last one. But that’s the one question I want to answer. I mean, seriously. If I’m ten minutes late, you people want to charge me extra or reschedule. We both know the doctor is two hours behind and hasn’t a chance in hell of seeing all the patients here (I was there one time and watched no less than 3 people leave after two hours of waiting). If I’m on time, I better have my kindle, a lunch sack, water and a snack. The real reason doctor’s offices don’t make you pee in a cup anymore is that no one could hold it that long. By the time the visit actually starts, you’ve been there so long, you’ve set up a tent and started selling your extra set of clothing because winter has passed and it’s now too warm for the three jackets you brought in the dead of winter. You’re hoping to offset the cost of the visit, but the doctor wants the profits from any sales too! You’ve gone to the potty eighteen times so by the time they call your name, you couldn’t potty if your life depended up on it (and who knows, it may). Plus the second you go in the bathroom someone knocks and if that doesn’t set you back, nothing will.

And do not tell me my blood pressure is high. Of course it’s HIGH. I’ve been sitting here stewing for an hour and a half because you guys are “running late.” Running late implies you had a plan for running on time–which you did not, and we all know it. You know it’s a bad sign when you make your appointment and try to schedule the first appointment of the day–and there isn’t a first of the day available for THREE MONTHS OUT because everyone knows the doctor runs chronically late and we are all desperate to get the early appointment where you’ll only be half hour late. I’d say I need a new doctor, but they’re all the same. “Meet me at midnight. Don’t bring a weapon. You’ll be too tempted to use it.”

Bah. I’m taking one anyway. There are vampires there. Only an idiot goes to the boat dock unarmed. We’ve read the book!

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Posted: February 28, 2015

A Random Cozy – Confession is Murder

savingI found this bargain this morning whilst trolling along the books on Amazon. Confession is Murder by Peg Cochran. Has anyone read it? Opinions???

And I think coupons will work over at Kobo, where it is also a bargain price!

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Posted: February 27, 2015

Police Fiction – Stand alone Bargain

Came across this on one of the bargain forums. I like stand alones at least as much as series although I may be alone in that (bad pun intended). The cover is nothing special, so I’m not posting it, but the blurb sounds good. It’s on Kindle countdown for two more days. Farewell Performance by Joseph Flynn

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Posted: February 26, 2015

Ebay Deal

EXPIRED Ebay has a gift card deal going on–buy a 50 dollar gift card for 45 dollars (for use on Ebay). If you don’t see the ad when you go to ebay click “deals and gifts” tab on the right side of the menu bar that runs across the top.

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Posted: February 23, 2015
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