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Health Services

This service isn’t available in Texas where I live, but I wish that it was and hope it comes here someday. We need more of this type of service to cut health care costs and make it easier on all of us. If you are in Arizona, Florida, California, Washington and a few other states Lemonaid is over-the-phone health care for some basic prescriptions (sinus infections, UTI, etc). I hope they add blood pressure medications and thyroid and cholesterol someday. Any of the routine care that usually requires an expensive doctor visit (time and money) and most people just get the same prescription over again. There are doctors involved to ask you the same questions you’d answer on a visit. I hope someday they can even order vitamin level testing so that we can keep up and check our own levels of important vitamins.

Pass it along and feel free to share with your state legislatures. That is where these types of services must be approved. These types of companies are starting to work with corporations too as part of their health plans. (So if you work for Company X, and they work with Lemonaid or their parent company Telemedicine, the 15 dollar fee would be covered under the insurance plan.)

Meanwhile, EAT RIGHT and GET EXERCISE!!! 🙂

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Posted: December 7, 2016

Print Book Promo at Amazon


Get 5 dollars off any $15 dollar order of print books!!! Use promo code GIFTBOOK at checkout.

If you need help selecting those books, just let me know!!

Audio Deals at Amazon
If you are more into Audio, you can get two free audio books (there’s a free 30 day trial).

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Posted: December 6, 2016

New Aimee Gilchrist – Part of a Series

savingThere’s a Hawaii series out called Aloha Lagoon. Each book is written by a different author. Book 5, Mele Kilikimaka Murder is by Aimee Gilchrist! You may remember how much I loved her Tell Tale Con. Right now Mele is only 99 cents! These apparently don’t have to be read in order, but the first is Ukulele Murder.

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Posted: December 6, 2016

Kobo Aura on Sale

Kobo Aura now only $99.99 from now until Dec 25 for $99.

$3.99 and Under – Romantic reads under the Mistletoe

If you’re new to Kobo, Get a $5 credit Today when you sign up and buy a book.

Remember I keep a running page of Kobo coupons (good on select books only). I fully expect these to expire at year end. Hopefully there will then be great new ones!

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Posted: December 6, 2016

Book of the Year – April the Dragon

I’ll be doing a series of “Book of the Year” posts. This book was submitted by April the Dragon as the best book she read all year. Yes she lobbied to be able to list more than one. But, I was cruel. I limited it to one. So she submitted seven!! I had to let Leo pick one from the list. Junior argued with him over it too, so I was the tie breaker.

Maaaaybe I’ll ask for the top three at a later date! But here it is:

savingUprooted by Naomi Novak. April is in good company. This book has won a LOT of awards.

Also there is a deal on Dropbox/Amazon right now — if you buy a Dropbox subscription, you get a 50 dollar Amazon gift certificate!

Fast and Furious is the Amazon movie collection of the day (7 movies).

(There’s a paddleboard on sale too–normally a thousand and something–half off!) Buy two. They’re small… 🙂

I’m also now a Google Affiliate so when you buy books, movies or TV from google, if you go through my links, I earn a small commission.

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Posted: December 5, 2016

Music is Writing

I know not everyone who reads this blog is into music, but I love the stuff. The creation of a song is similar to writing a book in many ways. There’s layers, nuances, varying skills, lots of editing and lots of hard work. Husband sent me this article written by musician John Bohlinger. He was trying to learn an important song for the Country Music Television Awards. What struck me most is how he wasn’t really able to learn the part as perfectly as he wanted. He had to fall back to “Do what you know.” The arts involve a LOT of this type of “failure.” Sometimes we aren’t skilled enough to pull off a certain type of story. Maybe we fail a secondary character because we don’t develop the character enough. Maybe we fail the reader because we aren’t quite funny enough or don’t take the plot line where the readers want to go. We writers are always learning. We go back to the basics, we study technique, we try again.

The thing is, we have to write what we CAN. We can’t always find the perfect nuance. We have a performance to pull off. Most of us have deadlines, whether they are self imposed for financial reasons or just to keep our sanity. You can only work on a book, a song or a piece of artwork for so long. At some point, you have exhausted your skill level, your patience and your ideas. That is not the same thing as lazy writing, which is a whole different topic. As an editor, I know what lazy writing is. It’s when the author whines and says, “I could add that, but isn’t it really okay the way it is?” Not usually, no. Or worse, the writer says, “Just change it. I don’t care how you fix it.” Uh, no. YOU are the writer in this case. I am the editor. I don’t write FOR you. Yes, I’ve had clients actually ask me for a price quote to “finish the story. It’s all there except the ending, but if you finish it and edit it, we can put your name on it too.” Doesn’t work that way. I have my own projects. I don’t want to write your story. (After that kind of offer, I don’t even want to edit for that writer and will not edit for that writer.)

When people ask me how I turn my ideas into a book, I don’t have a good answer because it isn’t a pretty answer. Writing a book involves an enormous amount of failure. There are so many imperfections–some that I see, but choose to live with and many that I don’t. You put the book out there hoping the reader is satisfied and doesn’t see that extra word that isn’t really necessary. You hope they like the cover enough to buy the book and give it a chance. Maybe they decide against the book because the font is too curly or not curly enough. You hope that little writing trick you used flows, but it might be more like sunlight bouncing off a mirror. There’s no other band members to help carry you or cover up your flubs. It’s just you, Miss Grammar and the reader. In music, you hope the listener doesn’t have big ears. In writing, you hope the reader falls into the story and forgets to look for stains, scratches and imperfections. Music isn’t as easy as it sounds. Neither is writing a novel.

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Posted: December 3, 2016
Filed in Editor Advice, On Writing, Writing Links

Leo and His Big Ideas

Two nights ago, Junior didn’t come in at bedtime. Husband closed the door, turned on the cat doorbell and went to bed. At 1:30 Junior was still a no-show. So husband got dressed and went into the yard to look for Junior. Leo helped, but neither found him. I stayed in bed because I knew that if Junior was in the yard, he would have come in when Husband turned on the porch light. I was worried that the foxes or owl we saw got Junior, but if that was the case, what good would it do to look for him?

At two-thirty, Junior showed up and rang the cat bell. We asked him, “What the hell?” He barked out something about having fallen asleep.
“What, in the ditch halfway across town?”
No answer.

Anyway, we were short on sleep that night. So LAST NIGHT, Leo decided to “help.” Since it has gotten colder, he has taken to sleeping on the bed again. MY SIDE. And he doesn’t curl up like a cute cat, either. No, he sprawls out in this stretched pose that reaches from the bottom of the bed to halfway up. OR he does this across my legs. If he wants to curl into a ball, he tries to do it under my chin. No, he doesn’t fit there. Not even a paw or two!

It got down to 35 last night so when Leo got cold or bored, he came up on the bed. He went from one pose to the other. FINALLY, he left. Well, he must have noticed that Husband and I often check the thermometer by the window. He apparently thinks that the thermometer can CHANGE the temperature because he proceeded to beat on the thing, slapping at it. I am pretty sure that did not help change the temperature. He decided to give it some time. He left to eat and get water, but came back and beat at the thermometer again. Didn’t help. Still cold. So he came up on the bed. I pretended to be asleep. He patted my face with one paw, claws out, just in case I WAS asleep and needed to be threatened into waking. “Meaorow,” he said. I interpreted this as, “The thermometer is broken. It’s not warming up out there!”

“That’s not the way it works, Cat. And no, you cannot go outside and check. Pipe down. You can wait until at least 4 before going out.”

He tried to curl up under my chin. He then took up half the bed by my legs. In less than the prescribed hour, he went and checked the thermometer again! He beat on it several times. Paced. Beat some more. Then, back on the bed. Pat, pat. “HEY YOU. THE THERMOMETER IS BROKEN.”

“Listen, Little Dude Cat. It is not 4 yet and you are not going out until 4. PIPE DOWN.”

He huffed at me and decided that I could just pet him until four. Even when he was a kitten, when he wanted to be pet, he would stuff his head under your hand. Never mind whether the hand did any actual petting or not, he would stuff his head there anyway and just wait. So last night he stuffed his head under my hand and purred away.
Very funny, cat.
When it was five til four, I let him out. Good Gad. What does it take to get some sleep around here???

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Posted: December 1, 2016
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Fonts for December

Hungry JPEG has their December Bundle on sale. Huge number of fonts this time. It’s also the last day for the Laura Worthington Bundle. You already know I think she designs awesome fonts. Highly recommended.

One of my fabulous blog readers has recommended author Vicky Delany – The Molly Constable series. The first in the series, In the Shadow of the Glacier, is on sale today for 99 cents! LOVE the covers on these.

Pet Toys are on a big sale at Amazon today. This one is cuter.

bearpixabyNeed a teddy bear to deliver that 150 dollar gift card to that special someone? Well, if you have Prime at Amazon, they will throw in a teddy bear with the gift card. As bears go, that is a nice one. And anyone is bound to love the 100 dollar (or more) gift card!

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Posted: November 30, 2016

New Fashion Trend

So what’s with this new fashion trend? Lately, every time we take our walk, some lady or other is out in her pjs. The lady up the block has this fluffy blue jumper one piece with a hood type pj. You know, the kind you wore when you were three. And she walks to the mailbox, aaaaaall the way down the block in them. She goes out to her car in them and the other day, I swear she was just getting back from Starbucks–in her pjs! Then, on the other side of the block, one of our neighbors waved us over from her front porch–in her nightgown and bloomers. Yup. Frilly bloomer bottoms sticking out the short nightgown. We chatted and answered her question, but I thought it very odd. Not only would I not go on my porch in my nightgown, I sure as heck wouldn’t wave the neighbors over. Maybe if there was a medical emergency, but generally speaking, you really don’t want to see me when I first get up, whether that’s 3 a.m. or 8 a.m.

On the south side of our walk, we ran into another neighbor walking her dogs…barefoot and in her giant night shirt. I didn’t think it was warm enough to be out without pants on, never mind barefoot, but no one asked me. Today, I headed for the grocery and another neighbor was walking barefoot in her pjs. She was with her two toddlers. It was 1:00 in the afternoon and 54 degrees out.

Now, I love my pjs as much as the next gal, and mine are actually just a t-shirt and pair of linen pants, but truth to tell, I’ve actually owned Minnie Mouse pj bottoms. I have never worn them outside, not even in the backyard with the privacy fence. I do go outside barefoot now and then, but not in my pjs. That’s what sweatpants are for! You get to be comfortable without looking like you are outside in your pjs! The make them in many styles–thick, thin, with elastic ankles and with regular ankles. You can buy them to be form fitting or super relaxed. They come in nice plain colors so that no one mistakes your pants for pjs. I know the good cotton ones can be hard to find, but they are out there. No really! You just have to shop around a little bit.

Then again, I’ve never been at the top of the fashion game. Maybe pjs are considered all the rage.

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Posted: November 30, 2016

Font Sale

Cyber Monday Only (today) Jen Wagner fonts are all 50 percent off! Some really nice fonts.

If you roast your own coffee beans, Sweet Maria’s is having a sale TODAY only on green beans. You must log in to see the 15 percent off deal. We buy all our coffee there (I’m not an affiliate).

Cyber Monday Books at Amazon.

I’m not finding tons of other spectacular deals today, but if I do find good ones, I will post them, so check back!

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Posted: November 28, 2016
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