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Soul of the Desert

Moon Shadow series:

Under Witch Curse

Kobo Weekend Sale

E-book and its contentI think this is a bonus sale because they usually only have sales once a month. Or I’ve been missing out! From this list, you can buy unlimited books for 35 percent off! Use coupon code: UNLIMITED35

I haven’t looked through the list yet, but will report back on any that look good to me!

So far, this cozy looks decent: Dangerous and Unseemly. Somehow anytime I see that a woman is known in earlier times ‘unseemly’ I have to go and find out just what smart thing she did. :)

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Posted: October 31, 2014

Cover Art

clock_spiral_sm In getting ready for the cover poll for Ghost Shadow (Moon Shadow book 4), I thought I would share some images and ideas with you. Sort of a teaser and to stoke the imagination to see if you can guess what the cover will look like!

Here’s the blurb for Ghost Shadow (expected release December 2014):

Shadow is stuck In Between, dead, but not gone. Martin insists she isn’t dead and doesn’t belong here, but so far as she can tell, the trip was a one-way ticket. She can’t even remember her real name or how she ended up here.
In Between is dangerous enough without wasting time peering through the weave at the living and dreaming of what might have been. Of course, if Adriel the witch and Lynx the cat insist on trying to help her, she can hardly refuse to meet them at the edge. But if magic can’t find her living body, how can one stubborn cat do the impossible? And is there really enough magic in the world to bring her back over?

Some images:

A Gargoyle

A Witch’s Hat

A Hour Glass


My thoughts on software that doesn’t work the way it should.

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Posted: October 30, 2014

One-Eyed Peg-Legged Trolls

You may recall quite some time ago our attic was invaded by a One-Eyed Troll with a Peg Leg. I’m not sure if it’s good news or not, but Leo and Junior did their duty this morning to make sure that no new trolls were able to make it to the attic. For squeamish readers, you’ll want to stop reading now.

I walked out the back door to garden this morning. Leo was playing with something on the back porch. He is always tossing something about with great abandon and glee. Only this morning…it was a headless juvenile rat. What???? Is that really necessary, cat??? I mean, really????

He tossed it in the air, rolled it around…and I slammed the back door closed. No way was he bringing that thing in my house. Not in this lifetime. Not that he had time to notice me. He was too busy frolicking with his…toy.

Disgusted, I went to the garden, but kept an eye on him and Junior. Okay. They started to eat the thing. OHMY–ICK!

What if it had been poisoned!!! Someone was going to have to take that thing away from them because it could be dangerous!

“HUSBAND!!!!” I ran inside (shutting the door behind me). “I need your help. Junior is eating a rat and what if it’s–”


“It’s a small one and what if it’s been poisoned? I think we should get it away from him.”

And we all know who “we” is.

“I’ll get a plastic bag,” I offered. “There are gloves on the stand in back.” The truth is, I’ll kill them without hesitation, but disposal of a headless rat?

“I need my shoes,” he muttered.

By the time we got outside, half the thing was…gone. ICK. Seriously, cats? WE FEED YOU. And I appreciate that you’re, uhm, keeping the house free and clear of the things, but couldn’t you just bury it in the ditch??? Or…something, elsewhere??? GAH!

It’s been disposed of. I’m mostly grateful to the cats for keeping the area free and clear of vermin. And I’m REALLY grateful no part of that thing made its way inside on its own or as a prized toy by either feline. Luckily they are greedy. They don’t believe in bringing me gifts and that is just fine by me. Ick.

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Posted: October 29, 2014

For the Record – Remembering Chocolate

chocolateIf chocolate really helped with memory as some studies claim, I’d have a photographic memory. Chocolate, including very dark chocolate and cocoa, are part of my daily meals. As far as I can tell, it hasn’t helped me remember a darned thing.

I eat 72 percent dark chocolate on a regular basis. I don’t buy anything less than 60 percent. I have chocolate milk almost every morning with breakfast–and this is a cocoa mix I make myself with far less sugar than commercial brands.

I still forget where I put things, can’t spell certain words and can’t remember the words to some of my favorite songs. I don’t blame taking a wrong turn while driving on memory, because in those cases, I’m just busy working storylines and don’t pay attention to where I’m going.

Well, I’ll keep eating chocolate, just in case.


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Posted: October 27, 2014

Bags, Kindle, Phones, Purses

Every so often, the topic of purses, wallets, bags and how to carry everything pops up on my radar. On one of my forums, there was quite a discussion going about how best to carry all the things we need and yet be sleek and mobile. Turns out a lot of us like smaller bags, including wrist bags for those quick trips where we only want a phone and wallet. That led to some pretty cool finds. The most popular? By far, Vera Bradley:

bagsWristlets got a lot of attention and I can see why. These look great for a phone and credit cards. The various links even tell you what types of phones will fit in there. A lot of people just read on their phone app when they are the go.

bagsThe All in One Crossbody was mentioned several times as a favorite–this bag can be a shoulder strap, wristlet or crossbody.

bagsIf you have the iPhone 6 or want to carry an actual ereader (or even a paperback!), various hipsters were highly recommended. I really liked the Little Hipster The wallet is on the side so you can access your credit cards and the like, yet still have just enough room for a book or an e-reader!

There’s even a mini-hipster.

Found some offers/coupons in the associate listings!

Free Shipping on US Orders of $75 or more. 10/28-11/3

Get the Ditty Bag for $5 with Any Purchase! October 25th-31st

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Posted: October 25, 2014
Filed in Associate

Ghost Stories

Just a reminder–there are SEVERAL freebie ghost stories at the bottom of the blog store–there are stories by myself, Karen Cantwell and if I recall correctly, the Christmas one by Misha Crews has a ghost in it! Margaret Lake’s story has a witch in it. All of the freebies in the blog store are good!

In addition, very soon, the only place you can download Under Witch Ghost will be from the blog store. It’s a free read and you can send it directly to your Kindle. I originally wrote it as 3.5 in the Moon Shadow series. It was a short story that served to introduce the characters a bit and I gave it away free. But these things take on a life of their own. Under Witch Ghost has morphed into something new. It will soon be the prologue in the upcoming novel, Ghost Shadow. Ghost Shadow will be out in December. Stay tuned to participate in a cover poll!

As a side note, Executive Affairs, a Sedona O’Hala humorous mystery short will also be going away from retailers. At present it is only available from Kobobooks. Soon it will only be available for free from the blog store.

If you are looking for some good Ghost stories, I recommend:

savingSaving Gracie by Nancy DeMarco. A WONDERFUL story that MIGHT have a ghost in it–but it’s a mystery. Is it really a ghost? Or just someone who thinks she sees ghosts? Loved this book.

houndsThe Hounds of Ardagh by Laura Underwood (at Kobobooks–same low price as Amazon, coupons may work.) (B&N)
The Hounds of Ardagh by Laura Underwood has a great ghost (plays the part of a mentor) in it. This is a fantasy novel with a side of mystery. Really good stuff.

castletonI also thoroughly enjoyed a set of interesting ghost stories by David Bain: The Castleton Files. This is a little like my book, Tracking Magic, a set of investigations all involving the same investigator. The Castleton files are darker and spookier than my stories; I wouldn’t say these were cozy. But they aren’t overly violent either. In some cases, I thought the author was close to capturing the atmosphere of a Frank Tuttle’s ghost story (such as Dead Man’s Rain). These are good, solid stories although you might not want to read them in an empty house on a cold, dark night…

And, of course, Frank Tuttle’s Cadaver Client has ghosts!

Under Witch Moon (Moon Shadow Series) the first novel in the Moon Shadow series makes a great Halloween read! Amazon
Amazon UK
Barnes and Noble
Kobo Books

Tracking Magic has some great humorous Halloween ghost stories. The Max Killian stories rely on humor, serendipitous discoveries, a lot of luck and a little magic.

At Amazon.
Tracking Magic (at Kobo books)

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Posted: October 23, 2014

Kobo Trivia Contest!


Starts today at 1 pm! Play to win a coupon towards books or to possibly win an H2O. You can use the Kobo app on your phone or tablet if you don’t have a reader. Don’t need all those coupons? Post them here! I can use them. Er, readers of the blog can use them! Coupons are good for one person, one time. Post your unused coupons for everyone to share! (If you are in Canada or the UK, your link is this one.)

Here is a 35 percent off code thanks8_6cl87 Use at checkout AFTER you pick your payment type. Watch for the spot that says Promo code (it’s on the screen after you hit pay the first time.)

Tell us what books you’re buying (Kobo or elsewhere. We always want to know about good books!)

Here is a link to their readers, including some bargains on factory refurbished units. The brand new H2O, a waterproof model, is my favorite!

SomeLikeitHaunted1600For those of you looking to buy Karen Cantwell’s new book (A great Halloween cozy read with ghosts) here is the link! Coupons work with Karen’s books!

Some Like It Haunted at Amazon!!!

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Posted: October 22, 2014

Margaret Lake: The Brave Heart

savingMargaret Lake has a new romance out! The Brave Heart is available at Kobobooks and Amazon (and other retailers too).

Margaret writes historical novels and sweet romances. Her romances are nice, quick reads for when you want a good comfort story. I like the theme for The Brave Heart:

October, 1917 – Lena Garson, 19 years old, daughter of an old-fashioned banker and his wife, thinks of herself as a very well-brought up young lady leading a quiet life with a predicable future. When Clarence Muldoon, son of the richest man in town, begins to court her, Lena feels her life is now going in the direction her parents want for her.

Jack Manning, born on the wrong side of the tracks but determined to make a better life for himself and his widowed mother, sees Lena as part of that life. All he has to do is convince Lena that love and laughter are worth much more than all the money Clarence Muldoon has to offer.

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Posted: October 21, 2014

Signed Print Copies

I’m getting ready to order a few print copies of my books. A “bulk” order allows me to get the price per book down and pass those savings on to readers. If anyone wants a signed copy of any of my books, let me know. The cost is 9 dollars (this includes shipping) per book unless you want more than one book. If you want more than one book, the cost is 8 dollars per book, shipping to one address. I use media mail shipping, which means it is slow shipping. It will take approximately three to four weeks from the time I place the order. (I order, they print, they ship to me. I sign, I ship to you.)

If you are interested, comment and leave your email in the space provided for it (the email address will not be seen by anyone but me). Or, you can email me using the email address on the left sidebar about halfway down. Those of you who have my regular email, just use that! I’ll contact you with the paypal payment instructions or you can mail a check. If you are buying the print copies as Christmas gifts and don’t want them signed, just let me know.

I am only ordering books that are already in print. In other words no print copies of DragonKin as there is no printed copy of that book. :)

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Posted: October 19, 2014

Kobo Sale Picks

Okay, we always go above and beyond here at BearMountainBooks. Well, unless we are sewing. I have sorted through the Kobo sale lists to find a few recommended authors. I have quizzed my friends on forums, taken polls, read reviews (okay, really I asked one person for an opinion). Here is what I came up with that looked interesting to me in the 50 percent off list or was recommended:


savingEvasion by Mark Leslie (Code: SAVE50)

The Pas de Deux: A Lora Weaver Mystery
by Katy Leen (SAVE50) OR the Lora Weaver Bundle at 35 percent off. (SAVE35)

And this one caught my eye as I was browsing in general. Try SAV50 (No “E” if you haven’t used it already):
Urban Fantasy (prequel):

savingThis Time Around by Mark Leslie

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Posted: October 18, 2014
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