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Soul of the Desert

Moon Shadow series:

Under Witch Curse

Margaret Lake: The Brave Heart

savingMargaret Lake has a new romance out! The Brave Heart is available at Kobobooks and Amazon (and other retailers too).

Margaret writes historical novels and sweet romances. Her romances are nice, quick reads for when you want a good comfort story. I like the theme for The Brave Heart:

October, 1917 – Lena Garson, 19 years old, daughter of an old-fashioned banker and his wife, thinks of herself as a very well-brought up young lady leading a quiet life with a predicable future. When Clarence Muldoon, son of the richest man in town, begins to court her, Lena feels her life is now going in the direction her parents want for her.

Jack Manning, born on the wrong side of the tracks but determined to make a better life for himself and his widowed mother, sees Lena as part of that life. All he has to do is convince Lena that love and laughter are worth much more than all the money Clarence Muldoon has to offer.

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Posted: October 21, 2014

Signed Print Copies

I’m getting ready to order a few print copies of my books. A “bulk” order allows me to get the price per book down and pass those savings on to readers. If anyone wants a signed copy of any of my books, let me know. The cost is 9 dollars (this includes shipping) per book unless you want more than one book. If you want more than one book, the cost is 8 dollars per book, shipping to one address. I use media mail shipping, which means it is slow shipping. It will take approximately three to four weeks from the time I place the order. (I order, they print, they ship to me. I sign, I ship to you.)

If you are interested, comment and leave your email in the space provided for it (the email address will not be seen by anyone but me). Or, you can email me using the email address on the left sidebar about halfway down. Those of you who have my regular email, just use that! I’ll contact you with the paypal payment instructions or you can mail a check. If you are buying the print copies as Christmas gifts and don’t want them signed, just let me know.

I am only ordering books that are already in print. In other words no print copies of DragonKin as there is no printed copy of that book. :)

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Posted: October 19, 2014

Kobo Sale Picks

Okay, we always go above and beyond here at BearMountainBooks. Well, unless we are sewing. I have sorted through the Kobo sale lists to find a few recommended authors. I have quizzed my friends on forums, taken polls, read reviews (okay, really I asked one person for an opinion). Here is what I came up with that looked interesting to me in the 50 percent off list or was recommended:


savingEvasion by Mark Leslie (Code: SAVE50)

The Pas de Deux: A Lora Weaver Mystery
by Katy Leen (SAVE50) OR the Lora Weaver Bundle at 35 percent off. (SAVE35)

And this one caught my eye as I was browsing in general. Try SAV50 (No “E” if you haven’t used it already):
Urban Fantasy (prequel):

savingThis Time Around by Mark Leslie

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Posted: October 18, 2014

Kobo is having a SALE

treasure_box_ereaderIt’s that time again–once a month Kobo selects veritable treasures and puts them on sale. This time, they have three different selections with three different coupon codes. Each person can use all of the coupons one time.

The sale is only good from today through Monday. The coupons are for 25%, 35% an 50%.

Here is the list of books that are 50 percent off with the code. The code is: SAVE50. Every genre appears to be represented–cozy, thriller, romance, historical, and so on. The list is quite long and you may have to “show more titles” when you reach the bottom of the page.

Here is the list of books that are 35 percent off. Use code: SAVE35. The list is quite long and you may have to “show more titles” when you reach the bottom of the page — lots of genres!

Here is the list of books that are 25 percent off with the code: SAVE25 Again, hit ‘show more results’ to see the whole list.

Enjoy the bargains!!! WOOT!

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Posted: October 17, 2014

Mystery Dinner

More Veggies NeededI was working up against a tight deadline yesterday so instead of worrying about having to make dinner, I pulled a large container from the freezer. That is the reason I make extra. Too bad I didn’t label the thing. Was it chicken stock for clam chowder? I hoped so. That was what I was in the mood to eat. Hmmm. No, it seemed more like maybe stew? Erm…it was frozen solid. *clink* No way to know.

You’d think by my age, I’d learn. But see, I always think, “Well, it will be obvious because what else would I put in this container?” Then by the time I fish the thing out of the freezer I’m thinking, “Oh, so this is where that container disappeared to. I wonder what is in it.”

It wasn’t thawing in time for lunch so I had to pull out some Chinese dumplings for lunch. By two, I was pretty sure it was beef stock with beef for soup. I could work with that. After I was relatively up-to-date on my project, I went outside and picked okra, a couple of tomatoes and dug around until I found some sweet potatoes. Those of you wondering about that giant sweet potato from the other day–it was DELICIOUS. Not pithy at all. We had sweet potato fries.

At any rate, I boiled up some barley and threw a bunch of veggies into a pot and we had beef barley soup. There’s even enough left for tomorrow. Good thing. I have more work to do!

Next time, I’m going to label the container. No, really!!!

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Posted: October 15, 2014

Books from Around the World

Green_dragon_holding_old_bookYou know I love books. You love books. Here are pictures, an entire page of places just for books!

More cool art:

I want to share a really cool art/artist that I found online. Ben Heine mixes pencil art with photographs. These are a combination of drawn art mixed with real photos. I really liked number 72 (which is the second at the top for me). Very cool concept of dove and guns. I’m not sure what it’s supposed to say, but it’s very cool. Number 68, the guy with the flowers, is pretty awesome too. This guy can do a book cover for me anytime! I think I like the concept for an urban fantasy cover. 81, near the bottom, captured my imagination as well.

* Remember all the pictures above are copyright protected — for artwork that is for sale for covers and the like, DepositPhotos is a good place to shop. I buy all my artwork there and I’m an affiliate. If you shop through that link, I receive a small commission.

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Posted: October 13, 2014

Junior and Cousin Leo

Not that Junior admits to any association with Convict Leo, but he has been tolerating him much better these past few weeks. Notice how Leo has to be the casual, cool frog looking convict while Junior is now the stately, dignified cat. Junior decided he was stately right after Leo showed up and overdid the foolish kitten thing. Never mind that Junior was known to romp and play and chase his own tail at one time. Nothing like a younger cousin showing up to make a cat decide to be the grownup.

Junior has never shown any interest in going on walks. Leo, however, thinks he wants to go with us when we head out.


He’s also very curious about the doorbell ringing and any packages that might be for him. Even when they are not for him.


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Posted: October 11, 2014


The garden can’t decide whether to slow down or get started. First it was hot and the okra was coming in like crazy. It cooled down so I planted onions, mustard and arugula. It heated up and killed the onions, but the okra got going full speed again. Some of the arugula didn’t fare so well, and half the mustard plants died.

I’ve been digging up sweet potatoes here and there. There’s been some nice ones. This morning, I saw one peeking out of the soil and tried to pull it up. It wouldn’t budge. I thought maybe part of it had grown under a rock because it was near the border. So I retrieved my hand trowel and carefully began clearing dirt. I had to clear a wider and wider portion. This monster was eventually unearthed.
Goodness. I hope it isn’t pithy inside. This is the largest root vegetable I’ve ever grown. Time to grill some burgers and make sweet potato fries! This is number 7 as far as sweet potatoes. I’d probably have gotten more, but was very conservative with the water. This one is so big it ought to count as two.

I only harvested two cucumbers this year, but I had the most beautiful plant. Figures. I harvest very few zucchini despite protecting the plants better than ever from the moth borer worms. Some years, you just don’t get a lot. I have more tomatoes coming in, but there will be a lull in there somewhere because it’s been too hot this week for the plants to set additional fruit. I’m still waiting for that bumper crop. I had plenty of tomatoes in the spring and early summer, but not enough to can more than six jars. So it’s okay if the three plants I have want to show up with that bumper crop!

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Posted: October 9, 2014

Waiting For Wrigley – Paul Sullivan

Most of you know I do editing jobs for writers on the side. I don’t highlight them all here on the blog because this is mainly a genre blog and I edit far and wide. :) There’s also not room for them all, and since I’m involved in the work that goes into publication, I’m probably biased.

wrigley_front_black_20But now and then I come across something that I think my blog readers will really like. Waiting for Wrigley is one of those books. It’s memoir and adventure, acceptance and part knocks of life. Plus it has a dog in it, and you may have noticed I have a small (very small–I’m a tough gal here!) soft spot for dogs and cats. And horses and maybe even bats in a “eat all the mosquitoes, please!” way, but let’s not get too far off topic.

At any rate, I think you might find a lot of things to like in this book so I am recommending it. Any and all pet lovers know how much animals contribute to our growth as people and Wrigley, well, he took on the job like all dogs do–with a giant heart, a growl of determination and a lot of enthusiasm!

At Amazon

At Kobobooks Try SAV50 for fifty percent off the purchase price. This coupon has supposedly reset and you can use it again! Worth a try! If that one doesn’t work (it works one time per person for one book) try this one for 35 percent off: Comeback5cr87

At B&N.

And this picture has nothing to do with the book other than it is a hilarious picture of the author’s wife with the herd. I am going to show this picture to Junior and demand that he start coming with us on our walks. What do you think? Do you think this evidence will sway him???

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Posted: October 7, 2014
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Favorite Ghost Stories

I’ve been in a reading slump lately, and this morning I was looking for a good–but fun ghost story. It’s October! I’m not all that into Halloween, but I do enjoy a good ghost story. Tell me your favorites!

There aren’t many books on sale lately either, but I did come across a couple of Michael Connelly books on sale at Kobobooks (I didn’t see them on sale at Amazon) if you read on a tablet/phone or have a Kobo e-reader. He writes general mysteries/thrillers. I’ve read at least one of the early ones and they are decent reads.

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Posted: October 5, 2014
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