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One Good Eclair

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Executive Dirt

Moon Shadow Series:

Ghost Shadow

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Soul of the Desert

Just a Quick Note

I’ve added one more set of books to the July release list and if all goes well, I might be able to get my hands on one more great release tomorrow! Should I give you a hint about which author might be very close to releasing a book???? Hmmm. Okay, one hint. It’s a cozy. Okay, okay. Either the character or the author’s name is Barbara. Guesses anyone???

I’m off to pester authors. These people need to write faster! 🙂

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Posted: July 22, 2017

New Release Extravaganza

Remember when I promised you a list of new releases??

Well, it’s finally time. Some of these are on sale, some are not, but we’ve brought together some great new releases all in one place! Some of these reads are only 99 cents! There’s cozy mysteries, fantasy, young adult, geezer lit, historical mysteries, thrillers, romance–hopefully we have managed to find something for everyone. So let the treasure hunt begin–sort through and find the gems!

I’ve also read several of these titles so I know there are some great books in the mix! Obviously the rest are still on my To Be Read Soon pile! So check out the list and then come back here and tell me which ones you’ve read, which ones you couldn’t resist and whether you like this event well enough that you’d attend another!

Let’s talk books

Murder at the Courthouse – A good old-fashioned mystery. This was a lovely read filled with characters you quickly care about. The mystery isn’t easy to solve, but there are clues that raise your suspicions. Even when you think you know the culprit, the details and resolution are more tangled than you can guess. In many respects, it’s more heartwarming too. I was very pleased with this book. A gem of a mystery–highly recommended. The latest in the series is out. Check them both out!

Air and Ashes – A rollicking and fun urban fantasy! This one was a bit different, set out at sea. It’s also different in that the author is slowly developing the magic in this series. The main character doesn’t get to wave her magic wand–there’s a huge cost to magic and to her even having any. I loved this book, but it comes with a warning–it ends rather abruptly so if you read it, it’s designed to make you want the second right away to get “the rest of the story” because it leaves many points unresolved. It’s certainly novel length and has a wealth of characters and great pacing.

Lady Justice Takes a C.R.A.P – I’ve read the first in the boxed set and while I’d call it geezer lit, I’m sure the author would call it cozy. 🙂 This is a fun and funny book. There are a few crass guy jokes and some innuendos in this one, so if that bothers you, you’ll have to skim now and then. The mystery is interesting, and there’s enough suspense and action to keep you turning the pages. The boxed set is an excellent bargain.

I’ve read other books by Margaret Lake (romance), Mikaela Lind (fantasy) and C. Dale Brittain (YA and cozy fantasy), and I enjoyed them so I’m looking forward to the new releases from them!

Bookbag Giveaway
For those of you who leave a comment about the books (any books–your current read, your favorite, the ones you bought, the ones you wishlisted) you’ll be entered to win a free book bag. Yup, it will be one I’ve made so it’s one of a kind, possibly crooked, possibly with embroidery and possibly an odd looking contraption! Make sure your email is in the spot that asks for an email if you want to be entered. That is how I will contact you if you win.

Now then! Which of these lovely books have you read? Which ones will you read?

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Bargain: Romantic Comedy

Part-time Princess was recently rec’d to me so of course I’m sharing it with y’all!

Two Princes are in love with Lucy. Too bad she’s an imposter…

Lucy’s a down-on-her luck cocktail waitress desperate to find a job to keep her beloved uncle at Assisted Living. Lady Elizabeth hires Lucy to impersonate her for “ten days tops”, while she completes her pressing personal business in the States. The goal: keep Prince Cristoph of Fredonia’s wandering eye in check until the real Elizabeth can return.

In the mother of all makeovers, Lizzie’s people transform Lucy into a reluctant ‘Lady’, and she travels to Fredonia for her top-secret job. What could possibly go wrong?

Sexy, bad-boy Prince Nicholas of Fredonia, Cristoph’s younger brother — that’s what goes wrong!

Nick has a romantic history with the real Lizzie and wants to pick up the action with her impersonator, Lucy. She’s wildly attracted to him, but must resist—she can’t lose this paycheck!

Lizzie’s wild, party hard, well-intentioned Ladies-in-Waiting take Lucy under their wing, and get her in more trouble. Dreamy Nick’s courting her hot and heavy, but Prince Cristoph proposes marriage.

What’s an imposter girl to do?

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Semi-Finalists and Bargain

Remember when I told you that Under Witch Moon had made it to a round of semi-finals on a blog? Well one of the other blogs participating in the the contest has picked their final semi-finalist (all the blogs do things a little differently. They are each given 30 indie books and eliminate all but one. In my case, I made it to the final 4 on a blog and he has yet to narrow that down to one). At any rate, Booknest, one of the other blogs, has picked her finalist. This book will go on to be read by all the blogs in the contest and be judged against all of the others that make it that far!

Congrats to Shadow Shadow, a semi-finalist winning out against 29 other entries.

Harley Fox receives the worst present ever on her sixteenth birthday–a shadow box. The box gives her the power to trade someone to the shadows, meaning they will disappear and cease to exist. Harley can’t imagine doing such a horrible thing and is warned that using the box comes at a price. Unfortunately, not using the box can be even more costly. If she chooses not to use it, someone she loves will be taken by the shadows. Harley must make this life-altering decision as she discovers frightening revelations about the town she calls home.

In other bargains, Sheri Cobb South’s series is selling well in the New Releases Extravaganza. I recently noticed she has a prequel to the series, Pickpocket’s Apprentice, a long novella. I loved the premise so I added the book to the extravaganza (it’s only 99 cents!) and I’m sharing the title here as well.

When magistrate Patrick Colquhoun orders a habitual thief transported to Botany Bay, he doesn’t realize a fourteen-year-old boy has been left behind—not until young John Pickett is hauled into Bow Street for stealing an apple. Colquhoun arranges a job for John hauling coal, where John promptly falls in love with pert Sophy. At nineteen Pickett stumbles into a criminal investigation which will change the course of his life. [Prequel to John Pickett mysteries] Regency Mystery Novella by Sheri Cobb South; originally published by the author and Belgrave House/Regency Reads

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Posted: July 20, 2017
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Soaping and Shampoo Supplies

I’m sure you’re all wondering where I buy my supplies for making soap and shampoo. I get most of them from a place called SaveOnCitric that is also known as Chemistry Connection. Right now they are doing a facebook drive to get more likes. When they reach 500 likes they will be giving away gift certificates. There’s also a great list of businesswomen who sell bath bombs, soap and lotions. I’m one of the few who sells shampoo and the only one who sells books…so far as I can tell. So if you have a need for any of this stuff, join us on FB. It’s a great group and a wonderful company. We have fun talking formulas and products.

If you make mineral makeup, bath bombs, soap, lotion, shampoo, conditioner, laundry soap–it’s the best place, with the best prices on almost every single ingredient. They have two websites: saveoncitric and also makeyourownbuzz.

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Bargain: Mystery Anthology

Noir at the Salad Bar

It’s not my favorite cover, but I suppose when you’re going for Noir, you need some splashes of red! There’s a story from Karen Cantwell in here, a bit of a departure from her normal. It’s a good story–dark, but not too dark. More spooky, I think. I haven’t read any of the others yet, but there are 30 or more stories in this one!

Culinary Tales with a Bite is a crime fiction anthology featuring gastronomic mysteries. Inside are dark and varied tales with a common theme of food and drink. The contributing writers represent a mix of bestselling authors, brand new voices, and seasoned professionals from the crime writing community.

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Posted: July 19, 2017
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Another Winner! And Thank You.

April has won a sample gift pack of a Fairy Kissed conditioning shampoo and hand made soap! This was not an official prize, but those of you who have visited the blog in the past know that I like to throw a twist into things! I’ll send out your sample pack this week. Congrats, April!

I would also like to give a huge shout out to some blogs and individual authors who lent a helping hand to this promo. These authors were not even in the promo, but went out of their way to help spread the word. The blogs did a wonderful job of letting their readers know about the event. Thank you!

Fantasy Literature Review Blog – The best fantasy review blog out there. Great giveaways (usually paperback books as prizes).
DailyCheapReads – a book bargain site that brings you top titles at a discount.
Green Bag Lady – Check her site! She makes and gives away absolutely beautiful book/grocery bags! Leave a comment at her blog–she will have one running today/this weekend!!! FREE BAGS!
Calibre Ebooks
Harmony Art – The best organic fabric in the world!
TallTaleTv – Fantasy podcast – free!
Books and Pals fabulous review site, reviews all genres.
Gemma Halliday Publishing–great cozy books
mjb reviews a great cozy review blog
Two Ends of the Pen – book blog with many book news items

Karen Cantwell
Kate Baray
Frank Tuttle
John Levitt

Thank you to all the readers who spend time here on the blog, take time to comment and browse selections, and read and share fabulous books!

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Posted: July 18, 2017

Bag Winner, New Cozy Added

Our first book bag winner is LEO! Congrats, Leo! I will be sending your bag out this week.

There is still time to win a bag–comment on the first post above about any of the books you bought in the extravaganza (or any book) to be entered!

I’ve also added a BRAND spankin’ new cozy to the extravaganza–it’s a cozy and it’s 99 cents! Go check it out. (In case you missed other bargains, there’s a 99 cent book deal on almost every row.)

Oh, all right. I’ll tell you the name of the new book.

puppy Buy at Kobo
Buy at Amazon

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Posted: July 17, 2017

Orange Cat

It was a bit cloudy this morning. Not really dim, but the sun wasn’t fully out, sort of an extended dawn gray. Husband and I were sitting in our recliners enjoying coffee (husband) and chocolate milk (me). The living room window looks out over the yard, and there was Leo sitting in the grass at the end of the yard in front of the juniper tree.

Husband says, “There’s Junior just sitting in the grass.”
Me: “That’s Leo.”
Husband: “No, that’s Junior. Wait until he turns his face. I thought it was Leo at first too.”
Me, watching the cat: “No, that’s Leo. Look, he just turned this way.”
Husband: “It’s Junior! Clearly!”
I switch out my glasses to the ones that work better for further distance: “It’s Leo!” As I turn my head, I catch a flash of movement.
Husband: “It is not!”
Me turning head: “Oh, you mean the cat that is almost behind the tree blocking my view?”
Husband: “Of course I mean Junior.”
Me, leaning back out of his way a bit. “Look over by that other tree. That’s Leo.”
Husband starts laughing. “Yes, yes, it is.”

It would help if we were looking at the same cat!!!

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Posted: July 17, 2017

Review: Slouch Witch

Slouch Witch is the best book I’ve read all year. Possibly longer, although I don’t keep critical records. This book had it all–humor, wit, snark that wasn’t over done (your mileage will vary), a good mystery and a touch of romance. This was such a fun read. The mystery had just enough complexity to keep me emotionally and intellectually engaged–one part personal mystery, one part mystery/mystery. The characters morphed/grew enough through the book, along with their magic and curses, that I was thoroughly satisfied and delighted with the story. Highly, highly recommended, a five-star read.

And the best news is that book two is already out. I’m hoarding Star Witch for the perfect weekend!

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