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mic smileyOh, the things I do for no good reason. Okay, it’s because my brain is always coming up with half-baked schemes. It’s like I’m dreaming when I’m awake, putting together bits and pieces of unrelated garbage and waking up with an idea that isn’t well grounded. In short, it started with the thought that it might be nice to have Executive Lunch in audio. That’s not possible because of the cost of paying someone to perform the audio, but that got me thinking about the challenges involved. I’ve always wanted to have one or two of my short stories in audio. Sure, I’d like ALL the books in audio, but a single book can cost 2500 dollars to record. But because I am crazy, this weekend we spent some time testing the equipment we have –various microphones, mixers and computers — to see if we had any of the right gear to record a short story. No, we don’t. Well, the mixer is okay and there was some other box that husband talked about that is useful. We need a quiet room (closets with clothes that deaden sound count) and a decent microphone (no, the one that came with those cheap speakers in the “all-in-one” computer 15 years ago doesn’t count. Who knew?) and apparently I can’t read right from my laptop because there is a cooling fan that blows that makes it sound like I’m reading from the prow of a ship in gale force winds. Personally, I think wind makes for a soothing background music, but we don’t really want readers to fall asleep (or call their hurricane center to check the weather).

Just so you know. I’m always plotting. It’s just a matter of what my brain cooks up next.

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Posted: October 4, 2015

What’s In That?

For the last four days or so we have passed a spilled bin of nachos on the edge of the street while on our walk. It’s one of those plastic bins from a deli with tortilla chips and another round bin of the orange oil they refer to as cheese sauce. What is interesting to me, is that despite being there for three or four days and getting scattered by the wind of passing cars, nothing has attempted to eat any of it. No ants have tried to harvest the chips or the salty orange stuff. No birds. No insects. NOTHING will touch the stuff. Just what is in there that is so noxious not even insects will eat it???

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Posted: October 3, 2015

Review: Slice of Life by Margaret Lake

slice Slice of Life at Amazon by Margaret Lake is one of those romances that you WISH were true. :) Very heartwarming and sweet, a light quick read. If you like authors like Debbie Macomber and Misha Crews, you will definitely love Slice of Life. It reminds me of the old Christmas Harlequin books that used to come out seasonally–comfort romance reads that made you believe there really are wonderful people out there waiting to fall in love if the right circumstances and right people come along. Click to download your free copy.

It’s also available in audio: A Slice of Life audio.

This makes the good bargain reads for under 5 list!

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Posted: October 2, 2015
Filed in Book Reviews, Under $5

Junior to the Vet

It was time for Junior’s shots this morning. I had no idea he could howl that loudly. He’s usually a very quiet cat. Half the time he tries to meow, no sound comes out. Well, put him in the cat carrier, and he can light up the whole neighborhood with his yelling. The only good news is that the vet didn’t care for the noise, so they took him in right away and got his shot done in record time! Yes, he howled the whole way home, although he was a little quieter at the traffic lights.

Ten seconds after getting home, he settled down. Me, I had to have scrambled eggs and bacon before I even considered relaxing. Sheesh.

Okay, coming up this month we will have a couple of cover reveals! No, not for my stuff! I am on a long hiatus from writing while I take on paying work. BUT! I have two authors on the docket who have new covers. One of the authors needs your help–he wants to know what you think of the cover and the fonts. So there will be a POLL! I know I can count on y’all to give an honest and worthy critique. The other author has gone with some pro covers and they are beautiful works of art. You’ll love them!

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Posted: October 1, 2015

Updated Dry Eye News

I haven’t done a post on dry eye in a while. I posted about how eating walnut oil, walnuts, avocados, fish and other foods high in Omega 3 can help alleviate the itching, burning and dryness. Well, for the past year or so I’ve found that Cod Liver Oil (with the vitamin A) and foods high in vitamin A help even more than Omega 3! I also happen to grow sweet potatoes which are very high in Vitamin A so it’s been easy to add that vitamin to my diet. Give them a try. If you already take fish oil for dry eye, try switching to a cod liver oil pill that doesn’t have reduced vitamin A (I’m not sure why, but some brands are marketed as low Vitamin A). I get mine at Swanson’s Vitamins and I buy the double-strength cod liver oil. You can, of course, also order that brand at Amazon.

If none of those sources sound appealing, you can also buy Red Palm Oil. I use it in cooking and one tablespoon provides more than double what you need. It’s also already in oil form, which is the form you need to absorb the Vitamin A properly.

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Posted: September 30, 2015

Mark Knopfler and Band 2015

saving Mark Knopfler in Austin – Sept 25, 2015 The Tracker Tour

The Moody Theatre is small enough that it felt like the band was playing in my living room. Mark Knopfler’s charisma could be felt all the way across that theatre. From the moment he stepped on the stage with his guitar, the air became charged with energy, warmth and soul. The band is at such ease, there is a personal feeling to every song. By all rights the place should now be roofless because the talent on that stage built into a near explosion. Knopfler and his band always take music to a whole new level.

I’m pretty sure John McCusker is either an elf or a leprechaun the way he dances and plays that fiddle. He can’t possibly be a mere human to play like that. His talent all by itself was enough to cause the entire theatre to hold its breath hoping to somehow cling to each flawless note.

And the Irish bagpipes!!! Is there anything Michael McGoldrick can’t do??? When he played the pipes on Father and Son it resonated like droplets of water against your skin. McCusker and McGoldrick together on various wind instruments just made those whistles scream.

It was wonderful to hear Guy Fletcher singing background and harmonies and see him play the guitar. I knew he played, but had never had the chance to witness it. Told husband I fully expected him to emulate Guy Fletcher and start playing guitar and then reach over to play the keyboard when needed. WOW. (Husband does not need to wear shirts like Guy. I mean, sure, they are colorful, but they look like Guy took them out of the bin from that lady at the end of the block, the one who wears housecoats out on the porch.)

Ian Thomas never missed a beat. Worked those drums like he was part of them. He played so fast and hard one of the sticks went flying–one-handed the guy can still outplay entire bands.

I didn’t know Jim Cox played accordion and wished I’d figured it out much sooner. And background singing too! His piano playing is the stuff of legends.

Who knew the sound of a sax could be so haunting? Nigel Hitchcock’s was simply divine with a sound that went right through you, came back, hit you again and left you on fire.

Glenn Worf and Mark play together like they’ve been playing together their entire lives. I couldn’t believe the size of that upright bass. I’ve never been that close to one. Glenn wears a cool facade as if he is an undercover agent on stage with instructions to make sure every single person stays in perfect rhythm. Nerves of steel; the coolest of the cool dudes. He and McCusker did a bass/violin duet during Marbletown that gave creativity a whole new name.

I thought the guy sitting next to me was going to cry during Romeo and Juliet. Left us completely slack-jawed. If we’d had socks on, the music would have blown them right off.

Richard Bennett on guitar and every other stringed instrument– he often refers to himself as a second banana, but the guy is an entire fruit salad doused in rich chocolate and caramel.

Mark Knopfler and the entire band didn’t just play, they wove a magic so special it is now permanently in our hearts. The soul of music came alive and danced. Mark writes great stories and then lets the music take over and become so much more every time he and his special band plays.

Thanks for a great night! Every man put on an incredibly amazing show.

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Posted: September 27, 2015

Amazon Prime on Sale

yrmtlionschneider20Today only, Amazon Prime is 67 dollars (instead of 99). Expired! If you order a lot of gifts from Amazon at Christmas time, you might want to consider this deal!

With prime, as you probably know, you can do things like upload photos and borrow one book a month for free. Three of my books are currently available via prime. If you are an Amazon KU subscriber, you can borrow them through your subscription:

Under Witch Moon
Soul of the Desert
Year of the Mountain Lion

These books can still be purchased at Amazon as well!

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Posted: September 25, 2015

Leo is Mad at Me

A few days ago, Leo rang the cat doorbell and demanded to be let in with his mouth full of a tiny grey wren! Not only did I not allow him inside, I went outside and made him drop his “prize.” I then called husband to take Leo inside while I hid the bird in the front yard. It was a pitiful little thing, nearly dead from a heart attack, but it did perk up when I set it on a branch.

Then this morning, Leo was hopping about the yard like a possessed cat. I just knew he had a lizard in his sights! I marched out there and caught him halfway up a tree just as HE caught Mr. Lizard. I carried them both to the garden (well, I carried Leo. He did the lizard-carrying). Once in the garden where there were lots of nice rocks and plants, I coerced Leo into dropping Mr. Lizard. Leo was very displeased. I could tell because I picked him up and he immediately began squirming and looking over my shoulder to keep Lizard in sight. The dumb lizard was still sitting in the open on a rock. What, he thinks now is a good time to sun himself???? GIT. I had to go and convince the lizard he wasn’t yet dead. He finally scrambled under a rock.

I let Leo go, but not until we were waaaay over by the trees. Not that it stopped that single-minded kitten! He raced right over to the garden. He dug around the rocks for fifteen minutes and then parked himself there for a good hour waiting for that lizard to show himself. I just hope the lizard lives, and that I don’t find a mummified carcass there when I have to get the garden reading in the spring!

It took Leo several hours before he came in and forgave me. But, KITTEN! Could you just eat out of the food bowl and stop hunting down all the creatures outside that eat bugs????

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Posted: September 23, 2015

Review: Regan O’Reilly, Private Investigator

savingRegan O’Reilly, Private Investigator is part adventure, definitely part romance and has the warmth and likable characters I’ve come to expect from the author, Margaret Lake. This is a quick “pulp style” read and is more of an introduction to the players than a full mystery or full romance. Regan does get involved in at least one investigation, but there’s more action/reaction than sleuthing. She saves the day and then finds herself very interested in the man she helped. She’s not sure falling for him is a good idea; she’s already had enough loss in her life! Margaret’s strength, in this as well as others I’ve read by her, is characterization. You never mind spending time with the people she creates. The story is told a little bit like the 80s Harlequins where you get the POV of the alternate characters now and then, but it’s mostly told from Regan’s POV. I don’t see that style much anymore and it’s not really back and forth, just the occasional thought by another character.

Regan gets her next case before the end of this intro, but doesn’t begin that case until the next book. Looks like if we want to know whether she “gets her man” we’ll have to read the next book as well!

For a short time this first novella is on sale for 99 cents. For the whole set (and no doubt that HEA) there is a boxed set.

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Posted: September 21, 2015

Seriously Mum, What’s an Alpaca?


Well, now here’s an unusual find: part memoir, part inspiration, Seriously Mum, What’s an Alpaca? by Alan Parks — The life-changing journey of a couple who decided to leave the UK and move to rural AndalucĂ­a, Spain to raise alpacas. They live in an old Olive Mill, off-grid, with a menagerie of animals. It’s a three book series and all three of the books are on sale for 99 cents each all weekend. Check out all three here.

You only live once! That’s what Alan and Lorna learn when they move to Spain and become alpaca ranchers. It’s easier said than done, but this couple won’t give up on their dream in this uplifting true story.

These are lighthearted memoirs in the style of Driving over Lemons, A Year in Provence or A Streetcat Named Bob.

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Posted: September 19, 2015
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